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Posted November 6, 2002

By: the Editor features news, information, and opinion about issues which affect our freedoms, the environment, and the quality of life. Now, more than ever 'we the people' need to be aware of the issues and the actions of our leaders. The strength of the radical 'right' and their ability to destroy the eco system and enslave humanity lies in the ignorance of the American people. 

Thousands of small voices like can break that hold of ignorance. With your contribution we can grow and reach more people.

Mission: exists to inform the public about important news and information which a corporate media aligned with a corrupt government will not. We provide people with a way of expressing their views publicly concerning the injustices perpetrated against humanity and the planet. 


So that we may be free to speak out on the political issues of our choice, is not an IRS Section, 501 c-3, charitable organization and your contributions are not tax-deductible.