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Americans in Portland, Oregon, assembled in the thousands to stand in peaceful protest against George W. Bush. They were clubbed arrested, and hosed down with pepper spray by riot police. This grandmother being choked with a nightstick thought she had constitutional rights.

Our Mission at thepeoplesvoice.org
Posted May 16, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: the Editor

Mission: The mission of peoplesvoice.org is two fold: 

To inform the public about news and information which the corporate media aligned with the Bush administration will not. 

To provide people with a way of expressing their views publicly concerning issues that effect; the quality of life, our freedoms, and our environment. Other areas of interest also include, but are not limited to; articles which involve politics, human rights, economic, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues.

Message: Unless the people stand together and take back their country from this handful of megalomaniacs who have stolen it, their freedom will be lost and everything that America once was and once stood for will also be lost. America will be reduced to the economic level of the 'third world' in a mad Social Security looting neocon power grab. Using Iraq as a model all state and federal services are to be privatized. The neocons and their corporate masters are planning on carving up America and enslaving the American people. They intend nothing less than the total subjugation of every man woman and child in a fascist military industrial hell state, quite similar to the one described by George Orwell in his prophetic novel - '1984'.

Bush gleefully envisions a horrific neocon future of "Never ending war". America, once a great nation which stood for 'freedom' and 'justice' will be transformed into a nation based on violence and death. America's young people and hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of innocent men women and children around the world will be slaughtered by the neocon gang in their blood soaked quest for power and profit.

The strength of the radical 'right' and their ability to rape the planet and enslave humanity lies in the ignorance of the American people.

Only 'we the people' could empower this handful of maniacs who rigged our election process and stole our country. It was we who allowed the neocon gang to wage wars based on lies, and only 'we the people' have the power to stop this madness and take back our government and our country. But we can only do it if the vale of ignorance is lifted. We at thepeoplesvoice.org are working to remove that ignorance.

Request: We are asking concerned individuals to join us in our efforts to reach more people with the important news and opinions being ignored by the corporate media, please donate.

editor@ thepeoplesvoice.org

The corporate destruction of the earth will fail if we refuse to buy what they're selling. - Free Speech TV



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