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Cover The Uninsured Today, 45 million Americans have no health insurance, including more than 8 million children. Eight out of 10 uninsured Americans either work or are in working families. Being uninsured means going without needed care. It means minor illnesses become major ones because care is delayed. Tragically, it also means that one significant medical expense can wipe out a family's life savings. is doing something about it. Please visit this site for important information.
Download document in pdf format.

Grass Roots Issue Ad Campaign I'm Robert Millman, a guy from upstate New York and and along with another guy in Florida named Frank Howard and some friends, we put together three sixty second radio ads to target the staggering failures of the Bush administration. The topics are simple: Deficit Spending and Oil Dependence. More

Hi, it's The People's Email Network again! We logged 12,000 submissions on the first page you linked to on election fraud- We now have a new one click page that automatically looks up your members of Congress and emails your personal message to all of them, plus the minority House Judiciary Committee. The new question is whether Congress should contest the election. Conyers wants 1,000,000 emails. Let's give them to him.

Protest Calendar Information, Activism, and Resistance to U.S. Militarism, War, and Corporate Greed, Linking with Struggles Against Racism and Oppression within the United States the New Voter March website for peace and anti-war movement, with Protests Calendar, Action Alerts & Anti-War resources, News Links,  Links to Anti-War Groups.

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Information, Activism, and Resistance to U.S. Militarism, War, and Corporate Greed, Linking with Struggles Against Racism and Oppression within the United States International Action Center

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Uncle Sham Wants You...
To Give Your Social Security and Medicare Benefits To Investment Banks and the Private Securities Industry.
     They say that "Social Security is in a financial crisis and will begin running a deficit in 15 years". They want to frighten and confuse Americans into letting Wall Street take over the role of our trustworthy Social Security system.
     In reality, the alleged crisis has been manufactured by those who would reap gigantic profits if they gain control of the American peoples Social Security retirement benefits.

(sham) n. 1. Something false or empty that is purported to be genuine; a spurious imitation.  2. The quality of deceitfulness; empty pretense.  3. A person who assumes a  false character; imposter: "He a man! Hell! He was a hollow sham!" (Conrad).

Stealing Social Security, the Biggest Corporate Raid in History


There is no question that government securities under the Social Security system are the best investment one can make. Social Security insures that every American receives a secure retirement benefit, regardless of their financial status or the actions of the stock market.

All Americans have the opportunity to risk their spendable income in the market, but there must be a base benefit separate from the market for working men and women who will rely very heavily on that benefit when they retire.

Securities and Investment firms proclaim the S&P 500 index has averaged a 7-1/2% return over the past seventy years and if one includes dividend reinvestment, returns could reach 8-3/4%. They say this is better than Social Securities 6.8% return, and Social Security cannot be inherited or passed along in a will.

The Securities and Investment firms aren't telling Americans that private retirement accounts must be annuitised in order to receive monthly benefits. Like Social Security funds, annuitised accounts cannot be touched or removed. For the majority of Americans private retirement account savings would be minimal. In a private retirement account the consultancy fees and the cost of maintenance range between 1% and 2% a year. If the additional costs and fees were 1%, this would result in 20% being removed from a benefit savings account in a 40-year period. If the costs and fees were 2%, 40% would be removed, and this does not include the cost of setting up the annuity which is an additional 15% to 20%. Potentially 60% of a private retirement account could be spent on fees and maintenance!

Statistically people are better off with Social Security, which has a maintenance cost of 1%, or 20% in a 40-year period. Social Security has a lower rate of return than the stock market, but without the high privatization costs, the amount of money available at the time of retirement is an additional 15% to 40%.

Every American from the day they enter the work force is insured by Social Security and can receive disability benefits. Millions of American families have suffered the loss of a breadwinner when the children were young. Social Security survivor benefits support the family and pay for the children to attend community colleges, and state universities. For the majority of working American this is the best form of security for themselves and their families.  


Clandestine organizations like the Cato Institute serve only the interests of Securities and Investment firms whose primary focus is to privatize Social Security. They say that "Social Security is in a financial crisis and will begin running a deficit in 15 years". They want to frighten and confuse Americans into letting Wall Street take over the role of our trustworthy Social Security system. In reality, the alleged crisis has been manufactured by those who would reap gigantic profits if they gain control of the American peoples Social Security retirement benefits.

According to the House Ways and Means subcommittee on Social Security, if we take no action at all to maintain our Social Security system, Americans will continue to receive 100% of their benefits until the year 2028, and 88% until 2075. Bush and his advisors ignore these facts, pushing ahead with the privatization initiative. His so called Social Security commission held their first meeting on June 11, 2001. Their goal, to give partial control of the American peoples Social Security retirement holdings to the insurance companies, the banking industry, and the investment firms.

In recent years these greedy corporate entities have spent tens of millions of dollars on slick advertising and so-called public education campaigns targeting young people, women, blacks, and low-income workers. They repeat the same lie endlessly, that a crisis exists - that Social Security won't be there for twentysomethings.

Republican leadership in Congress, with powerful backing from investment and banking interests, proposed scrapping the 65-year old social insurance program and replacing it with individual investment accounts.

The Securities Industry Association and the Investment Company Institute, representing investment banks, brokers and the mutual fund industry, are playing an extensive role. According to The Nation magazine, large firms like State Street Boston, Paine Webber, the SIA, and Pete Peterson of the Blackstone Group, are openly backing privatization. Others, like Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, American Express and ICI, are quietly, financing academic studies and providing technical expertise to Congress and the White House.

Four years ago, the idea that Social Security might be privatized was confined to a tiny group of radical conservatives and libertarian ideologues like the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Dallas, Texas based National Center on Policy Analysis. Leading the attack is the Cato Project on Social Security Privatization, a corporate front organization that churns out a steady stream of propaganda and lies called policy papers and Congressional testimony. Cato also conducted background briefings for members of Congress and the Washington policy community, spreading misinformation and pushing their privatization agenda. The Cato project, financed by Wall Street donors including Salomon Brothers, Prudential Securities, T. Rowe Price and American Express, recently recruited a team of executives to head up their advisory committee on Social Security privatization.

The Securities and Investment firm's paid political cronies are pushing hard to immediately privatize one-sixth of the Social Security system, funneling at least $80 billion a year into privately held accounts, investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and money-market accounts. Of the $80 billion, some 5 percent - $4 billion, would immediately be used for investment management fees. The financial-services companies and investment houses alone would receive $1 billion each year.

Once privatization of Social Security begins, pressure would quickly increase to complete the process. If the Securities and Investment firms gain control of the people's Social Security money, current retirees will see their benefits cut drastically to cover the new fees and administrative costs. Recent privatization bills introduced in Congress raise the retirement age, cut guaranteed benefits, and reduce cost-of-living increases.

Speak out against the theft of your Social Security. If the idea of going back to the pre Social Security days of soup lines and tent cities worries you, write to your senators, congressman, and state representatives. Cato's e-mail, phone, and fax numbers are provided below. Open a prewritten and addressed letter to,

The Cato Institute Project on Social Security Privatizaton and,
Cato Institute web site editor Jerry Brito,

1000 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20001-5403 • phone: 202.842.0200 • fax: 202.842.3490

"I stand for peace and justice"

Posted March 14, 2005

Endorsed by:

"I stand for democracy and autonomy. I don’t think the U.S. or any other country should ignore the popular will and violate and weaken international law, seeking to bully and bribe votes in the Security Council... I stand for a policy that redirects the money used for war and military spending to provide healthcare, education, housing, and jobs." add your name to the list of endorsers.

"The Cost of Freedom”
Posted May 31, 2005

Seeking stories about those who have fought the Bush government over the past several years.

I have a book publisher who is interested. Can you help me to find the folks — the true heroes of this country?

The following regarding a book project entitled: “The Cost of Freedom”.

I am not one of those who “supports the troops”. I do not think they are protecting our freedom. I do not consider them heroes.

To me, the real heroes of our country are the folks who have weathered the storm, with a flimsy poster board sign, on the street corner, in a stiff wind.

Since George W. Bush has been in power in the United States many people have opposed him, fought for truth and for democracy.

These folks are scattered around the world, from Berkeley to Bismarck to Buffalo — to Berlin. They have held signs in freezing temps on a freeway in Bangor; they have sat alone at a kitchen table to write intrepid letters to the editor in Blacksburg, South Carolina, and they have prayed aloud for peace in Bagdad, Arizona.

All around us are stories of people who have displayed extraordinary courage in these dark times. They personify the image of #lighting a candle in the darkness — in the rain — on Main Street — sometimes all alone.

It's not easy, it's often terrifying, and it's absolutely necessary.

Please contact me:

Mike Palecek
702 6th Ave.
Sheldon, Iowa 51201

Grass Roots Issue Ad Campaign  I'm Robert Millman, a guy from upstate New York and and along with another guy in Florida named Frank Howard and some friends, we put together three sixty second radio ads to target the staggering failures of the Bush administration. The topics are simple: Deficit Spending and Oil Dependence. 

I know there are a lot of issues fighting for attention, but If you look at the underlying causes of the Bush war in the Middle East and underlying agenda of the Bush domestic policy you will find two simple things: Oil Dependence and Deficit Spending. 

A small group of people in Albany, NY and another in Tampa, FL are going to run these ads on right wing talk radio stations where we live. We're hoping other people will join in. 

Our ads will run from March 14 to March 18, 2005. We want people across America join us. We want regular people in towns and cities across America to jump in and do the same where they live. 

Anyone can run an issue ad, and these ads are available to anyone. I created them and offer them to anyone for full and free use. 

I would describe my personal politics as progressive, and I'm registered as a Democrat, but this is not about being Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. This is about two issues that America must face if our country and children are going to have a future. I want America to be the best it can be. A country with a future. A country that leads by example. 

I'm tired of playing defense, I'm tired of the Bush administration media spin. I'm going on offense; and for me that means--Talk Radio. 

So please join me and stand up for our country for five days starting on March 14 . If enough people place an ad, just one ad each, then together I believe we could make a difference. Together we can get America to start discussing real problems, and real solutions. 

For more information go to this url where the ads/article are:

Robert Millman 
Glenville, NY 

I can be contacted at this e-mail ads(-at-)

1$ Sticker


Dear friend, Bush was the first president since Herbert Hoover to snub the NAACP, because he didn't need the black vote. Bush rolled back thirty years of environmental laws and protections because he didn't need the votes of environmentally conscious Americans. Bush announced plans to privatize Social Security because he didn't need the votes of retired people, the disabled, or working Americans.

When the election process is rigged it doesn't matter what the people think. The only constraint held by the people over politicians has been removed. Now they can loot Social Security into bankruptcy and wage endless unjust wars for oil and corporate profit without repercussions from the American electorate.

When the votes of the people no longer reflect the true will of the people, they no longer have a government that represents them. Such governments are not governments at all, but oligarchies and dictatorships.

Members of Congress are demanding an investigation into this most recent rigged election. Join in supporting Congress at:

Send this letter instantly simply by clicking this link .

Old Issues
Shut Up! Shut Up! 56k The Federal Trade Commission and Congress must act to prevent Fox News from using the deceptive and misleading trademark 'Fair and Balanced.' You can now ask the FTC to order Fox News to stop misleading consumers. The FTC's job is to protect consumers from deceptive advertising on the part of big media companies. Please enter your name, email address, zip code, and your personal comment below. We'll deliver these messages to the FTC and to other political leaders.

Kraft's genetic experiments on us. Kraft's genetic experiments on us.

We need to ensure that actions by our government uphold the principles of a democratic society, accountable government and international law, and that all decisions are taken in a manner consistent with the Constitution. indefenseoffreedom

People For the American Way

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