"If our government’s real motivation was the protection of our nation and we the people, how could any truth be a “threat to national security,”


Prosecution Versus Prevention

Posted June 7, 2005 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

- George Washington

At a roundtable discussion conducted at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, on September 16, 2002, and sponsored by the Department of Political Science there, the following remarks were recorded: “I was shocked like everyone else, but to be honest, I wasn't surprised,” said Bassa. He went on to describe the advent of what he called ‘modern terrorism,’ which ranges from the first plane hijacking in 1961 to an eerily prescient attempt in 1994 to fly an Air France jet into the Eiffel Tower. He dismissed as ‘patently false’ claims that we had no warnings of our own attack, citing the letter by FBI Agent Colleen Crowly.”

The speaker continues: “If headquarters had given the field office more authority,” said Bassa, “they would have been able to crack [terrorist Zacharias] Moussaoui’s laptop, get to the other hijackers, and prevent this crime.”

Another panelist offered: “Passed on Oct. 29, he said the [USA PATRIOT] act ‘augmented the power of the attorney general like never before.’ It also granted sweeping new powers to intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, while cutting some of the judicial supervision of these same agencies. He cited domestic surveillance as an example, stating that the government can now tap your telephone and monitor Internet activities without probable cause and, in the case of computer tapping, without any accountability.”

The second speaker went on to question the legal status of Jose Padilla and Yaser Esam Hambi [sic], “who bear the nebulous label ‘enemy combatant’ and are still in a military prison. ‘As U.S. citizens they are entitled to a trial,’ Atkinson said, but that has not happened yet.’” Hamdi has since been deported to Saudi Arabia after being illegally confined by the United States Government for three years.

M.W. Guzy points out, “Obviously, the government has a duty to protect the nation from its enemies. This case [Padilla], however, brings to mind the favorite adage of a former law instructor: ‘when you change the facts, you change the law’ applicable to them.” 

In his article entitled, “Why Jose Padilla Matters,” Guzy begins: “When Allied troops stormed the beaches on D-Day, they headed for Berlin. Nobody knew when – or whether – they’d get there, but it was generally understood if the city fell, the German Reich would fall with it. In the war on terror, no correspondingly distinct benchmark for victory exists. That's because we're combating an abstraction.

Of all the so-called failures of intelligence, or the alleged bungling of government alphabet agencies, none stands out more than the Colleen Crowly incident. And when matching this to the ruthlessly suppressed desire by former FBI linguist/translator Sibel Edmonds, it becomes clear that at least at the field level, there are many dedicated and patriotic government workers. The internal rot now destroying US originates from within and starts at the head of “our” Government: President George W. Bush!

The issue in the Crowly incident is that the FBI field operatives had Moussaoui’s computer, but because of concerns for his rights AND the ability to prosecute him should they find evidence of wrongdoing, the case could have been compromised if legal investigative procedures weren’t followed to a tee. That’s why the reliance on legal procedures – it was a matter of prosecution versus prevention of a serious crime that could harm many Americans.

And of course, we can sympathize with the FBI somewhat; after all, they represent a law enforcement agency. Regrettably, however, new information has come to light in spite of the news-suppressing and spiking “American press.” The FBI and the Department of Justice’s astonishing and frightening campaign against Sibel Edmonds seems to point to only one very embarrassing possible “secret” – proof of the total domination of all levels of the federal government by Israel.

If our government’s real motivation was the protection of our nation and we the people, how could any truth be a “threat to national security,” unless that truth proved conclusively that our government was disloyal to US and totally subservient to the government of another nation? Read carefully the third paragraph from the bottom of Edmond’s piece, “Gagged, But Not Dead,” and the horror of the treason of the United States government begins to reveal itself. It is not a matter of protection versus prosecution, but a matter of protection from prosecution of the crime of treason! And it all points to the Bush administration!


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