"Who will now stand up for our military? Who will speak for our 1,600 dead, our 15,000 wounded, and over 100,000 plus innocent Iraqis who were horribly murdered with napalm and by carpet bombing? Who will punish the conspirators for disgracing our military and using it to torture, maim and kill defenseless people in captivity? Who ordered this?"


Bush Angles and Tangles

Posted May 26, 2005 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

Remembering your basic geometry, complimentary angles total 90 degrees. An angle of more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees is an obtuse angle. An “angle” of 180 degrees is a straight line. If a second straight line intersects the horizontally drawn straight line at its center, assuming a beginning and an end for the base line, it takes on the appearance of a speedometer needle. The horizontal line can be thought of as the diameter of a circle. When so imagined, the top of the perfectly curved line does indeed give the appearance of the upper half of a circle that can simulate a speedometer, or for that matter, any gauge displaying gradations, such as a voltmeter, pressure gauge or even a thermometer.

Clearly, the angles created by the slanted straight line intersecting the straight base line are those of an obtuse angle and an acute angle, unless we have right angles created by a perpendicular line to the base each composing 90 degrees and totaling 180 degrees. The purpose of this simple and clumsy explanation of a basic principle of geometry is to help explain my frightening progress in understanding both the magnitude of deception and secrecy necessitated by the unsavory and immoral activities of the Bush administration. 

For the most part, these can only be speculated upon precisely because of the unprecedented secrecy redolent of this administration by its almost total dependency on the complimentary divide of facts and the truth on the one hand [the acute], and secrecy and deception on the other [the obtuse]. Said another way, truth and knowledge are pitted against falsehood and ignorance. It is the case of the acute angle looking to grow itself ever increasingly to a perfect right angle, challenged by the greater magnitude of the obtuse tending towards horizontal inaction.

The Bush administration wallows in secrecy and deception; it has to! All we are allowed to see are the end products of these immoral activities and manipulations: abolition of habeas corpus; abolition of the entire Bill of Rights; torture and murder of both civilian and military prisoners, many of whom were totally innocent; abolition of the Geneva Conventions and a total disregard for international law and the conduct of a God-fearing moral nation. Add to this the complicity of the establishment corporate media, and it’s obvious were in a lot of trouble.

Think of the growth of the tiny acute angle of knowledge and truth. First, it was that Saddam and Iraq were the center of terrorist activities; no direct proof was needed of involvement in the 9-11 terrorist attacks. We were told that our government had irrefutable evidence, provided by our incomparable, laudable intelligence operations, proving that not only did Saddam have weapons of mass destruction, and even nuclear ones, but that there was an intent on his part to use them in his newly-identified role as the world’s number one criminal mastermind. 

Please recall precisely those vignettes of that so-called evidence: aerial photos of weapons installations; photos of mobile missile launchers; photos of flying drones; and an aerial photo of an airliner fuselage purportedly used to train terrorists in air hijackings, and so on. All these are now proven to be part of a deliberate, massive, and conspiratorially-arranged effort to fool the American people and its Congress. 

President Bush, in giving the constitutionally-mandated State of the Union message to Congress and the people, stated very emphatically that Saddam had the weapons, the motivation, and the ability to harm US, thereby establishing the legitimacy of his request to Congress for war-making powers to justify preemptive attacks on any and all terrorist nations deemed as such by him alone.

And when it was disclosed that Saddam did not have WMD, did not intend to attack US, was not the center of terrorist training as the complicit media offered, what was the excuse? Bad intelligence! But that didn’t matter – we needed regime change anyway. Bush doesn’t like Saddam.

But now we have the London Sunday Times report of the leaked British memo, stating unequivocally that the Bush administration tailored those “mistaken” intelligence reports in advance of even making his war powers request to Congress! Then the Bush administration followed up this conspiratorial effort with after-the-fact false evidence and doctored photos! Secretary of State Colin Powell presented this false evidence to the United Nations. Where, by the way, is Colin Powell today?

Consider the outrage when WMD weren’t found, when it turned out that the French, the Germans, and the entire UN were right for not buying into the Bush administration’s fraud justifying invasion. Where’s the outrage now? As FAIR has noted, where are The New York Times and the Washington Post? 

Congressman John Conyers and 89 other Democrats have signed a letter of inquiry demanding that the Bush administration explain its actions. Obviously, since the Republican Party is in the majority, the criminal Bush administration will now blow them off. What are they going to do about it if there’s no press coverage and therefore no public outcry?

The complicity of the two largest political events-oriented newspapers in the United States in precluding public notification and outcry is despicable! It smacks of police state fascism and communism in blatantly manipulating and spiking important events absolutely necessary to maintain a democracy, let alone a constitutionally-limited republican form of government.

But the largest newspaper in New Jersey, The Star-Ledger, with a daily circulation of over 400,000, did run the story, thereby providing the foundation and basis of evidence necessary to launch public support of Congressman Conyers’ inquiry. Perhaps we can now grow the acute angle of knowledge and truth to shed a greater degree of the light of awareness upon the obtuse.

I was at an Armed Forces Day event for which New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg appeared and at which he recited a solemn speech commending our dead and wounded war veterans. Indeed, it was fitting and proper to do so. But what of his outrage on the floor of the Senate a while back, when he attacked the Bush administration citing the neocon PNAC cabal as “chickenhawks?” Obviously, even then, he suspected that we were manipulated into war. What about now?

To be certain, we must attest to the valor, the bravery, the dedication of those who gave their all for “duty, honor and country.” But where is the “duty, honor and country” reciprocity of the United States Congress? How are they honoring and celebrating the sacrifice of the fallen and the wounded, whose only intention was the protection of, and service to, the American people? According to the London Times, America didn’t need protecting from Saddam and Iraq – we now need protection from the Bush administration! And so does the whole world! When will Congress assume its role?!

Who will now stand up for our military? Who will speak for our 1,600 dead, our 15,000 wounded, and over 100,000 plus innocent Iraqis who were horribly murdered with napalm and by carpet bombing? Who will punish the conspirators for disgracing our military and using it to torture, maim and kill defenseless people in captivity? Who ordered this? If we wanted regime change, well, we now have it! What are we accomplishing by continuing military operations there? Is it our new strategy to bring about population change? 

The service provided by The Newark Star-Ledger and the London Times is this: the families of our military and the families of the 9-11 “terrorist act” victims can be given this information in black and white, and perhaps a momentum can be started to bring this evil, immoral and deadly regime to justice!


© THEODORE E. LANG 5/21/05 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.