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"Bush with his father working the Globe multiplies this hypocritical deaths sentence by killing from 10 on up to 10,000 of their enemies for every one American death." 

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Posted March 29, 2005 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Paul Dawkins

Iím not against Bush, just not for him.

I wish they taught us a lot more about love in school, law book and to Love is when two people or thing is stronger together than they are apart, that can work with nations too. What other word in the world is more important than love. If you do not love what you do, you can not master life.í

In school, stories like Christopher Columbus inspirited me to evenly explore 90 countries. One day I built a Sunken Treasure Museum in Florida and loved it. George Bush Show asked me to build a war sculpture. My first thoughts were throwing my Army toys away as a boy, with caution I said no and sent my love anyways. I think of Columbus and Bush as Pirates base on history facts. Iím not for uniting the World in fear and hate by any obsessive group thinking of any kind. Itís a disservice to Me, Community and the Greater good. Besides people have always been the true leaders in oneness. I would rather see more kindness in this world than more religion or righteousness of us against them 

Iíve been told I donít have a bad bone in my body, so I canít see other peopleís bad bones when they victimize me. I hope this letter helps others from being victimized in a much greater picture.

What might be closest to God Centro would be the kingdom of heaven within, similar quote in most other religions. What works for me is Love, self reliance, networking and a little bit of everything and a bit of Jesus in my soul with God. From Columbus to todayís America, the USA has the highest number of genocide deaths in world history. Working Texas, the current death penalty Guinness World records holder is George Bush. So Just kill them, to prove to us, killing is wrong. Bush with his father working the Globe multiplies this hypocritical deaths sentence by killing from 10 on up to 10,000 of their enemies for every one American death. Not one Iraq person has been proven of killing an American on any part of America's soil, nor one Iraq person was on any 9/11 crushed plane. Who wins this mess, guns, soldiers, lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, homeless services, mainly rich white men and delusional freedom fighters? Bureaucratís who ignore Godís law, over rule our flesh and blood to harm any one person wail being unforgivably. That Leader is no public servant or friend of mine. 

Do you put your faith, culture and life on the line to have them use wars to protect us, which solves nothing, and it only protects themselves and their fungus jobs. Popular, like McDonaldís, a War President with a smoke screen religion says war will help the economy. Thatís old familiar story to other war stories from over 10.000 years of such savage history. Bush is out of power in three years. My growth will continue for another 50 years in loving what I do, and so will many other people. Christianity gone from 98% in North America to 70% today and Europe has less. The expansion of most of the third World economy is growing well because of the web, and they are equal and spiritual beings like us. Regardless of Bushís fear, there are far less wars today, we live a lot longer. Many more opportunity. All signs show, spiritually age is slowly coming.

Cavemanís first enemies would likely been of weather and animal. People started following spiritual leaders that judged what they thought were godlike order and or evil disorders to exclaim unknown fears. Religion boomed 5000 years ago and the expanding of Christen crusader killed over 50 million people in the name of God. Taking large control, Christianity soon came into the many North America hemispheres by first pioneer Christopher Columbus a seaman explorer. He was sent to find gold and later our culture and slavery came too. 100 million American natives were killed by Guns, illness and other control culture method and left about 2% of American native population ďmany fell it was an invasion, genocide, Ďecocideí and exploitation. Jesus is very spiritual and intelligent man it would be inconceivable he would be for this. How could the church be so very misinterpreted of Jesus to allow nor be blinded eye to such form of schizophrenics and double morales? Today many Americans throws another blind eye with Bush, maybe because he seem OK.

Today USA bureaucrats allowed these passionate pirates and slavery to bills to lead us to another World largest religion, Materialism. Democracy crusaders try to change 75% of the world. It won't work because Hitler had better order with disorder of self proclaim leader of the extreme right of democracy. Take all the money given the Catholic Church it is undoubtedly the world's largest multinational corporation and on of the worst run corporations in the world. How dose this grow into oneness in an over ego world too?

After USA losses of trillions of US dollars and poorest record for people since the great depression later. Are we any safer from Bushís spending for combining of murder, war, security and terrorist deaths? Suicide deaths alone are greater than these combined deaths. This combination equals only a drop in the bucket feared deaths compared to drugs, obesity, depression, occupational crime and pollution which are much ignored issues at home by over righteousness or over exclusively veiws.

Canadaís not that well neither, with its low energy ways of killing by over controlling the living dead. It not how you die, but how you live that matters. Canada just pays the bills with great lack of passion. Most the third world is growing much faster than both Canada and the USA. We are deteriorating faster since the time of the Great depression. True leaders have always been the peopleís love; call it God if you like. Uncivil fear and depression, add hate to leader who run out of ideals and kill for entertainment or lack of creative growth to most other issues. Why suffer when there is always a Middle grounds on earth. Jesus/Allah/Jahweh/Rama/Elvis and God would not sit around a table and talk about war of mass destruction or pass the ammo. 

If love and God is all powerful then -

Satanism statistic leaded by our own minds. Do not really exist, except in the minds. 

We will slowly change leaded by the heart, shortly followed by the mind in time. 

Love Peace


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