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"these votes demonstrate that top-down class warfare in America is real, and that raises some questions. When are the rest of us going to start fighting back?"


Lessons For Progressives From Passage Of The Debt-Slavery Bankruptcy Bill
Posted April 27, 2005 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Evan Augustine Peterson lll, J.D.

Christmas came early this year for credit-card corporations, courtesy of Capitol Hill. After an eight-year, multimillion dollar lobbying blitz by financial-industry giants like MBNA and Citicorp, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed their heinous "Debt Slavery" Bankruptcy Bill (S. 256/H.R. 685) by a lopsided vote of 302-126.

Members of the House briefly debated this important matter before they voted. However, the speeches on both sides tended to be surprisingly simplistic, given the complexity of the bankruptcy bill. Why? Largely because the Republicans' majority leaders chose to display their contempt for democratic processes by:
* disallowing votes on the 35 amendments the Democrats had proposed; * ordering the House Rules Committee to allocate only one hour -- far too little time -- for substantive debate on this complicated 500-page bill; and * ordering the House moderator to rudely interrupt every Democratic speaker when they lined up one-by-one to register their objections to the bill in brief biting statements.

When the shallow-but-acrimonious debate ended, 229 Republicans (98.7%) and 73 Democrats (36.1%) supported the bill by voting "yes," whereas no Republicans (0%) and 125 Democrats (62%) opposed the bill by voting "no." Additionally, three Republicans (1.3%) and four Democrats (1.9%) abstained. [1]

The Senate passed the same bill in March by an equally lopsided vote of 74-25, during which 19 turncoat Democrats voted with the Republicans and Senator Hillary Clinton abstained. Finally, a gloating Mr. Bush signed it on April 20th. Hence, the most reactionary re-write of the federal bankruptcy code in 28 years will become this nation's law six months from enactment. Any financially-desperate person who is seriously considering filing for bankruptcy would be well advised to do so before then. [2]

What's It All About, Progressives?

Progressives are understandably discouraged because their nationwide grassroots lobbying effort against this bill was ignored, for the most part, on Capitol Hill. Moreover, this is the latest in a long series of legislative defeats for the American progressive coalition. Progressives are asking themselves, "Why are the Republicans so united, and the Democrats so disunited?"

The likeliest answer is that Congressional Republicans lack freedom of conscience. They slavishly adhere to the instructions of their party's extremist neocon leaders because they fear political retribution from both the White House and their Religious-Right base if they vote their conscience. [3] Of course, another distinct possibility is that we have a sociopathic Republican majority which altogether lacks conscience, and simply does not care about the interests of the beleaguered middle and the downtrodden lower classes.

Contrastingly, the Congressional Democrats lack accountability. At best, they feel free to vote howsoever they please because they know they'll never be held accountable by their party's rightward-drifting "Bush-Lite" leaders or their Democratic base. At worst, they feel free to join their fellow silver-spoon plutocrats in voting for the stranglehold of upper-class interests at everyone else's expense. Hence, neither party promotes representative democracy. Instead, they both promote a corrupt bribe-ocracy that's controlled by moneyed special interests -- like, for instance, the financial industry.

After the House voted for this terrible bill, Democrats.com President Bob Fertik said: "We must ask: Where was [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi before today? Why did [House] Minority Whip Steny Hoyer support this outrageous bill? Why did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid even try to take credit for this Republican bill? And why did 'New Democrats' Ellen Tauscher, Ron Kind, Artur Davis, and Joe Crowley push this bill on their colleagues? What party do they imagine they belong to? Who do they think elected them to Congress?" [4]

These questions are worth considering! If the Congressional Minority Leaders and the "New Democrats" are really bought-and-paid-for Democrats In Name Only ("DINOs"), why do their seemingly-clueless Democratic constituents continue to re-elect them? [5]

Furthermore, consider these disturbing indicators of widespread defection on the left. These groups within the House Democrats voted FOR the Republicans' bankruptcy bill: 32 out of 35 "Blue Dog Democrats" (91%); 25 out of 37 "New Democrats" (68%); 13 out of 22 members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (59%); 10 out of 40 members of the Congressional Black Caucus (25%); and even 2 out of 51 members of the Progressive Caucus (4%)! (There is some overlap, however, because several Democrats belong to more than one of these groups). [6]

Therefore, Progressive Democrats of America Executive Director Tim Carpenter wants more political accountability: "We will remember who voted against the Democratic base. Those 73 House Democrats and 18 Senate Democrats have a year in which to try to make up for this. It's hard to see how they'll be able to do it, but we'll be watching and remembering, and we'll be ready to promote challengers in 2006."

And NOW President Kim Gandy said of the Republicans: "Once again George W. Bush and his Congressional enablers have rewarded their corporate allies at the expense of low- and middle-income working people, single mothers, minorities, veterans and the elderly. This bill further shreds the safety net for even the most financially troubled people. It is a reckless move for Congress to squeeze families in economic and health crises while providing loopholes for corporate executives to skirt their debts. These payouts to big business must stop immediately." [7]

Overarching Conclusions: Morally Bankrupt And Deeply Divided.

First, the lopsided House and Senate votes favoring this bill -- 302-126 and 74-25, respectively -- were tantamount to a Congressional declaration of MORAL BANKRUPTCY. Why? Sadly, "money talks and social justice walks" inside the Capitol Hill bribe-ocracy.

Our Congresspersons knew full well that this unjust bill would allow the financial industry's predatory credit and lending practices to continue unabated, and yet would sharply limit individual access to debt-liquidating personal bankruptcies. They knew this bill was calculated to push our most vulnerable people into debt slavery. That might be the correct formula for winning political support from the financial industry, but it's certainly NOT the politics of social justice.

They knew that the foreseeable social consequences of this bankruptcy bill over time will be that millions of financially-desperate Americans will either commit suicide because they can't see any way out of debt slavery, or be forced into the homeless underground, or be pressured into a life of crime. These extremely-destructive social consequences are the REAL legacy of this so-called "compassionate conservative" bankruptcy bill. [8]

Second, their votes on the bankruptcy bill provide a microcosmic view of what Congress has become concerning domestic issues -- A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF: * The 70% majority is a Corporatist Greed Uniparty, consisting of Slavish Drone Republicans and Spineless Collaborator Democrats, who support Social Darwinist Dubya's one-way class warfare on behalf of the few filthy-rich "have-mores." * The 30% minority is a Socioeconomic Solidarity Party, consisting of Progressive Democrats and Independents, who defend the besieged interests of the many just-barely-hanging-on "haves" and downtrodden "have-nots." [9]

Third, these votes demonstrate that top-down class warfare in America is real, and that raises some questions. When are the rest of us going to start fighting back? Do we really think "fresh start" relief from crippling indebtedness is a PRIVILEGE that should be reserved for elite CEOs like Enron's Ken Lay during their corporate meltdowns, or is it a universal human RIGHT that ought to be made available to everyone during their financial meldowns? The Biblical-era Hebrews clearly thought it was the latter -- see Deuteronomy 15:1-11 and Leviticus 25: 8-34.

The Bottom Line: Political Accountability Is A Moral Value.

The philosopher Santayana correctly warned that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." If progressive Americans really want Capitol Hill to advance the interests of the middle and lower classes rather than the elite corporate bribe-ocrats, they must hold their Representatives and Senators personally accountable for every vote they cast in favor of this terrible bankruptcy bill. Folks, this is a very important form of nonviolent noncooperation with evil! [10]

And that requires us to collectively remember the bitter taste of this legislative defeat long enough to REMOVE those Spineless Collaborator Democrats and Slavish Drone Republicans from office in 2006. We should REPLACE them with principled progressives who will actually respond to our grassroots lobbying efforts, NOT ever-rightward-drifting "centrist" plutocrats. In the final analysis, it is the people who are sovereign, so we are the leaders we have been waiting for. [11]

In short, remember the Debt-Slavery Bankruptcy Bill!


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About The Author: Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D., is the Executive Director of the American Center for International Law ("ACIL"). ACIL steadfastly opposed the "Debt Slavery" Bankruptcy Bill because it would undermine Chapter 7 provisions that wisely allow desperate individuals to receive a "fresh start" -- which concretizes one important economic right within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. © 2005 EAPIII EvPeters8@aol.com



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