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"Supportive of America’s destruction necessitated by the movement towards a globalist one world government, are the actions of the Bush administration; specifically, the actions and behavior of one Mad George II." 


Destroying America

Posted February 10, 2005 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

It has been previously written about, and much discussed – there appears to be a movement in the United States, within the United Nations, and evidenced by the European Union, to create a “New World Order.” Conspiracy theories abound, most evolving around the Rothschild-Rockefeller international banking conclave and manifesting themselves overtly in the Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations and Bilderberg. The bankers are commonly referred to as “The Illuminati,” and are devoted to the concept of Zionist internationalism.

A strong indication that some sort of conspiracy exists, or at least that a well-coordinated and harmonically orchestrated series of seemingly coincidental international actions and events occur within some pre-arranged design, thereby providing recurring and consistent evidence of the real likelihood of such a conspiracy’s existence. Clearly, such conspiracy is hard to prove unless a key member within it exposes the plot. It is always an insider’s breaking ranks that exposes detrimental plotting and planning within a tightly-knit group.

It is unlikely that an insider within the Rothschild-Rockefeller international banking cartel will ever come forward; the group is very small, very tight in their resolve, and obviously acutely aware of the “weakest link” syndrome that would permanently destroy their lofty objective should the people of the world learn of it. We are, therefore, left to sift through only a limited amount of circumstantial evidence that finds its way past the American government-controlled corporate mass media.

In consideration of the foregoing, it is now necessary to consider why the Illuminati, or a conspiracy-like coordinated thrust, desires a new world order, and what obstacles stand in its way. The NWO will surface as a one world government, and that government will owe all its debt, as well as its soul, to the profiteering beneficence of the One World Bank [OWB]. As the Rothschilds have amassed their enormous wealth, approximated at just slightly less than half the wealth of the entire world, by financing war, after war, after war, enough debt to them now exists which can easily be transferred to a OWB without further financing continued bloodshed. This aspect of the NWO concept is, in all likelihood, the basis for the argument promoting world peace.

That which stands in the way of a NWO-OWB is national sovereignty and the constant worldwide struggle for self determination in emerging Third World nations. Self-determination has always provided an opportunity for communism and fascism, but these movements are waning. They served the globalist movement due to their dependency upon strong centralized national governments that can easily be commandeered, bribed and bought. 

The United States has always been seen by the world as a bastion of freedom and the greatest example of true economic success populated by a people of free will and goodness. The United States, therefore, stands out singularly as the greatest threat and obstacle to the NWO because of its government, its military might and the independent individual nature of its freedom-loving people. It is primarily the independence of the American people and the efficate sovereignty of the United States that represent the main stumbling blocks to a one world government and its central bank.

The mission, therefore, of the globalists, is threefold as regards the required disposition of the United States: the centralization and takeover the US government; the destruction, debauchery and debasement of America’s military; the debasement, debauchery, impoverishment and dumbing-down of the American people. And the agents for this destruction of America are George W. Bush, the Republican-Democrat Party, and the Christian Zionist fundamentalists supporting Israel’s imperial design of nation-by-nation warmongering in the Middle East.

Supportive of America’s destruction necessitated by the movement towards a globalist one world government, are the actions of the Bush administration; specifically, the actions and behavior of one Mad George II. More than one writer has pointed out the Bush administration’s lunacy in invading Iraq for oil and Israel, as well as the impending lunacy of invading Iran, next on Israel’s list for air attack and bulldozerization.

Returning to the focus of the Bush administrations’ actions, and the massive contribution that our destruction lends in order to create the disorder for the New World Order to legitimize itself, consider the need to debase our once-respected military to a brutal military of invaders and torturers. Consider the debasement of our national sovereignty in the eyes of the international community by renouncing the principles of the Geneva Conventions, the latter dating back in time and history to our very founding as a nation. Consider the enormous debt that has already been created, and which will be increased exponentially even more by the continued Iraqi invasion and the rest of the scheduled Middle East incursions. Consider the debasement of our economy and the rapid devaluation of our money against our promises to repay such debt.

Consider the attacks upon property and wealth via government taxes upon our freedom-sustaining middle class by the Bush regime, along with the hidden tax of impending skyrocketing, war-induced inflation and national debt. Consider as well the open borders available to illegals from Mexico, which promote lower wage standards and working conditions, and perpetrated to dilute our language, our national character, our customs and social mores. Consider the resulting increased crime as well as the increased social services and law enforcement costs. Our nation is on the “eve of destruction!”

Loyalty to a one world government as the Bush regime is displaying is treason! That’s what disloyalty to one’s own nation is called. It is not simply a matter of differing political opinions, but one of unilaterally renouncing one’s oath of office without so stating. It is a matter of hiding behind the oath and prestige of office in order to avoid accountability to the people whom the president is supposed to represent. It is profiteering while in government office, denigrating and destroying the political, economic and moral values of the people who cast their ballots. Is such behavior really madness, or is it purely and simply treason? What is the purpose of airport strip searches of old men and women, nursing mothers and children, if our borders in the Southwest remain unprotected and an invitation to criminals, drug traffickers and potential nuclear terrorists?

Is George Bush mad? Is the upcoming invasion of Iran madness? Can it be accomplished and camouflaged by air strikes conducted by Israel? Unless some politically powerful element concerned with the future survival of America and its charge to export individual freedom by example rather than by force doesn’t assert itself soon, our destruction as a nation will be assured. And we will never regain that which we have been made to lose by our own government when we are subsequently subjugated by an even larger government, a government ready-made in the absence of traditional morals, established customs and the consent of those being governed. We will become a people who once enjoyed individual freedom and political efficacy.


© THEODORE E. LANG 2/9/05 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.



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