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"So, my friends we are all on the 'Titanic', but it's really called 'Democracy, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness'. This ship is sinking. The corporate military industrial complex has a choke hold on this country, it's poor people and it's hopelessly corrupt government."

"Democracy freedom and the pursuit of happiness'. This ship is sinking."
Posted February 24, 2005 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: the editor 

It has been four years that I have administrated thepeoplesvoice.org. I started this site after the 2000 election. Many people felt a sense of hopelessness after the election, but I believed there was still a chance to make a difference. On the Mission page I said; "The strength of the radical 'right' and their ability to rape the planet and enslave humanity lies in the ignorance of the American people. Only 'we the people' could empower this handful of maniacs who rigged our election process and stole our country. It was we who allowed the neocon gang to wage wars based on lies, and only 'we the people' have the power to stop this madness and take back our government and our country. But we can only do it if the veil of ignorance is lifted." 

I informed as many people as I could about the real news. I gave ordinary people the chance to speak out which they did. Most were not professional journalists, but that didn't stop them from expressing themselves, and some were quite eloquent. I think the site made a big difference. I know that statistically I reached over hundreds of thousands of individuals. I hope that some of the enlightened thoughts and ideas contained within the site influenced those people. I know that this site and many other sites definitely had a collective affect on the election, however with a rigged paperless voting system and a myriad of dirty tricks my efforts and the efforts of thousands of others were negated. 

With the exception of technical help from a friend and the occasional contributions of a few people I have shouldered 100% of the web administration duties and 90% of the financial costs. I have done this while living well below the governments officially established poverty line. Now with the prices of everything constantly rising I can no longer afford the basic necessities of life and the cost of operating the site is literally taking the food out of my mouth.

Throughout the entire struggle I had hoped that other people with greater financial and technical means than myself would see what I was doing and step forward and help. It never happened. Although I have the word 'Donate' at the top of every page on the site, people didn't donate. I made a sticker called 'W Rigged 04', and advertised it on all 1000 pages of the site. I didn't sell a single one.  

Personally, I thought this was a great site. It received nearly a thousand visitors each day. It would make a great newsletter or magazine. It's the only site that I know of that gave everyone the chance to speak out against the many injustices that humanity and the environment now face. It doesn't take a journalist to point out the facts and the horrors of Depleted Uranium, or that the news media is a sham, or that the war was based on lies.

But now I realize that the site's financial problems are connected with the changes taking place in the thinking of the American people. Like the Titanic, our American way of life, our morality, our standards, and our humanity are fading fast. Twenty years of corporate dumbing down has produced generation 'Y'. In extensive high school testing 50% of generation 'Y' believe that the news media is too free and all news articles and stories should first be approved by the government. Under Bush's 'no child left behind plan', these poor American children are not taught music, art, or how to sign their names in cursive. They are not taught about our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, or Civil Rights and in four years they will soon be voting for the terminator- Arnold Schwarzenegger or some other fascist lunatic. They do not know what America once stood for and they will not know what we have lost. 

So, my friends we are all on the 'Titanic', but it's really called 'Democracy, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness'. This ship is sinking. The corporate military industrial complex has a choke hold on this country, it's poor people, and it's hopelessly corrupt government. The corporate military industrial complex isn't going to stop with America though. Quite simply they mean to rule the world. Their intent is total military and economic domination achieved ultimately through the ownership and militarization of space. 

At this point the game is over. All arguments within our rigged fascist political system are only academic. I can no longer run up and down the deck of this sinking ship trying to warn people. I must now try to save myself. I will only continue the thepeoplesvoice.org web site and the struggle for my country, and the planet if there is somebody out there who has the financial wherewithal and moral fortitude to help me.


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