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"The real story behind the Gannon/Guckert-Bush media scandal is, of course, Gannon’s connection with a homosexual pedophile ring..." 

Above the Law, Below the Radar!

Posted March 24, 2005 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

If anyone ever needed more evidence that “There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties!” as reflected upon by former third party presidential candidate, Governor George Wallace, when running against incumbent then-President Richard M. Nixon, current events have now certified and sealed that observation as rock-solid fact.

Consider the recent presidential election. Was there any real difference between Bush and Kerry other than Bush being the incumbent? And if the media exhibited an overly “liberal” tolerance in addressing Clinton’s possible treason as regards his questionable dealings involving military secrets and the Communist Chinese, compare how they are now overly “conservative” shilling for George Bush and the possible treason he is committing in securing Israel’s military advantage in the Middle East. What is the status of the investigation concerning the AIPAC spy scandal? Where are the headlines, the journalistic curiosity, the fair and balanced reporting from a free and independent press?

And what about the further effrontery accepted by the press by obviously condoning the Jeff Gannon/Guckert leak? Where was the standard outrage from Mr. Kurtz of The Washington Post? When Gary Webb allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head, Kurtz wasted no time denigrating his recently departed media colleague because of his “attacks” directed at the CIA and other government debacles. [Scroll down the latter hyperlinked article to “Mocking Webb.”]

The real story behind the Gannon/Guckert-Bush media scandal is, of course, Gannon’s connection with a homosexual pedophile ring that is making the rounds on the periphery of Internet websites. Jeff Rense carried an account by investigative Internet journalist Tom Flocco, the latter, who in a previous exposé, reported the conflict of interest involving 9-11 Commission head and former New Jersey Governor, Tom Kean, and Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law. How did that connection fail to make the radar screen of the American media?

With all the recent superficial media focus on the deaths of such celebrity-type journalists as Webb and Hunter S. Thompson, one would think something would surface in either news magazines, newspapers or network/cable television news. And considering the persecution of reporters in the unlawful outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA operative and the resultant murders of CIA agents, as well as the fact that Gannon/Guckert is the most likely journalistic suspect considering his carte blanche access and close relationship with President George Bush, the apathy of The New York Times in not investigating and reporting this scandal only allows one of its own reporters, Judith Miller, to be further engulfed in the corrupt Bush judicial system.

These astonishing events that would easily splatter the front pages of newspapers all over the world and occupy cable and network televised news 24/7, are amazingly being suppressed. What more evidence is needed that the “free and independent” press of the freest and most militarily powerful nation in the world is not free and independent at all? 

Consider as well that the first reports involving the homosexual pedophile ring operating out of the White House in our nation’s capitol was reported by the “conservative” Washington Times! The original story was broken 16 years ago by Paul Rodriguez and George Archibald, the former now editor of the weekly conservative news magazine Insight. Considering that the story first aired in a conservative media outlet, and the fact that it involved activities during the Reagan-Bush White House, this blockbuster news event, reinvigorated even the more by recent events, is being summarily ignored by the media, even at the expense of their own Bush administration-persecuted journalists.

And the numerous indisputable reports of ties between the members of the Bush family and Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany and the Bush family violations of the Trading With The Enemy Act, wherein the U.S. Government froze Bush family assets in 1942, still continue to be reported, but not by our bought-and-paid-for national press. Our bought-and-paid-for media has been purchased by our corrupt bought-and-paid-for politicians, the latter seemingly owned, operated and controlled by Israel! 

Not only did the Bush patriarch, Prescott Bush, avoid jail time and financial ruin for his bankrolling Hitler and the Holocaust, but through the clandestine operations of the Bush-controlled CIA, moved most of those assets well after WWII to South America. Afterwards, Prescott Bush was elected to the United States Senate, and his partner in the financial war crimes against humanity, W. Averell Harriman, was elected Governor of New York! 

Clearly, the Bush family’s ability to get away with crimes that others were hung for, gave them the green light to do whatever the hell they pleased! So did the recent presidential election! Think about this and how the “American” media continue to spike the real news! Think also about 9-11, PNAC, Iraq, Israel, along with the White House pedo ring! 

It’s obvious that America has neither a press nor headlines that matter. BoobUS AmericanUS has ample information, however, on those major American gangsters: Martha Stewart and “Jacko!” The former was convicted of being a rich female that supported Democrats, and the latter is only small potatoes as concerns homosexual pedophilia. And speaking of Democrats, where are they? Should we give ‘em a call? 

No problemo! Got a dime? 


© THEODORE E. LANG 3/21/05 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.



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