"It is clear to the world's citizens that there is a special arrangement between the US and Israel: Israel attacks and slaughters while we warn all others not to interfere; and then we destroy and slaughter with the resounding approval of Israel." 


America's First Jewish President

Posted October 25, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

If Bill Clinton was America's "first black president," then President George Bush can be judged our "first Jewish president." Only about three percent of our population is deemed Jewish. In a nation of about 285 million people, that would come out to about eight or nine million citizens of the Jewish faith. But Zionism, which includes a contingent of about 20 million Christian fundamentalists, encompasses neither all Jews nor all Christians. Many of the Jewish faith, both in America and Israel, oppose Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and vehemently disagree with his apartheid and genocidal policies. But Bush and his PNAC neoconservative warmongers support Israel's policy of mass murder and racist relocation and apartheid, and all our military and foreign aid efforts in the Middle East are based strictly upon this madness.

It is of course for this reason, that Bush can be identified as Jewish, even if the majority of American Jews oppose both him and Israel's Prime Minister Sharon. Nonsensical accusations by Bush directed towards Islam offering, "They are jealous of our freedom and wealth," constitute nothing but empty and idiotic rhetoric. The Bush family has not only singled out Islam, but unjustly waged war against the secular regime of Saddam Hussein. The only way this connected disconnect makes sense is when the Bush administration's actions are viewed against the backdrop of Israeli imperialism in the Mid East. And of course, the bottom line is oil!

Previous American policy in the Middle East favored peace between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors, even though our government showed favoritism towards Israel. This favoritism hasn't gone unnoticed by Arabs. A series of terrorist acts against America, the 1993 WTC bombing, the US Marine barracks in Lebanon, the attack on the USS Cole, all gave our government strong indications of a terrorist mindset plotting against US. These, along with actual statements from terrorist leaders, including Osama bin Laden, indicating their displeasure both with our alliance with Israel as well as the presence of elements of the American military in sovereign Arab nations to protect America's oil interests, are what is driving anti-American terrorism globally.

These obvious truths constitute the real, basic and easily understood motivations of the terrorists. International organized criminals shouldn't be allowed to intimidate our government and people. And the whole world was naturally sympathetic towards us for coming under sneak attacks by ruthless and brutal terrorists that caused such a great loss of life on the part of innocent American citizens. Retaliation was to be expected, but then the world asked: But why against Saddam? Almost immediately, the people of the world and their governments recognized why America reacted the way they did; the answer was Israel.

Even a cursory study of the history of the Bush family will disclose its past ties to the international Rothschild banking cartel and that Zionist organization's ties to Hitler and the Nazis. The Bushes acquired most of their wealth investing in Nazi Germany's war manufacturing industries. Today, the Bushes are key investors and stakeholders in the American military industrial complex's Carlyle Group, their present day warmongering and profiteering venture. And the bottom line is oil!

It is clear to the world's citizens that there is a special arrangement between the US and Israel: Israel attacks and slaughters while we warn all others not to interfere; and then we destroy and slaughter with the resounding approval of Israel. The carnage continues unabated and the war crimes committed by the United States, Israel and Great Britain continue to mount. Christian and Jewish Zionist websites then whine about a growing international hatred of all Jews, which has always served as Zionism's fallback protective shield.

There is a simple solution to the terrorist threats directed at America by Islamic jihadists - we must end our military invasion and occupation in Iraq and create real diplomatic solutions in the Mid East in general; then follow up by pulling our troops from these occupied lands; and put an end immediately to our one-sided support of Israel. Each day that we delay in affecting such devolvement will convert to another day of atrocities against Islam that will morph into retaliatory terrorism based upon a blind motive for revenge rather than mere guerilla tactics undertaken by a weaker people to resist and impede invasion and occupation.

It is said that no one can serve two masters; this includes George Bush. He cannot possibly serve US as he should, and puts every American at risk by primarily serving the interests of Israel.


THEODORE E. LANG 10/21/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.