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"...even after pointing out the oneness of Democrats and Republicans in this year's presidential election, a third party alternative to rescue our worse-than-useless voting process is now just as much a futility as our two-flavored, single agenda Democrat-Republican Party..."



Voting and Accountability 
Posted July 1, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

I now firmly believe that voting is pointless. Although I've been a loyal Republican for forty years, and have voted in all elections with the exception of the 14 years following Richard M. Nixon's resignation from office under the threat of impeachment, I reiterate that there isn't a dime' s worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans, or between Bush and Kerry. But if one must continue to yield to the bad habit of voting, founded as always upon the principle of choosing the lesser of two evils, then by all means, vote for John Kerry.

Here's why voting for Kerry is better than four more years of Bush. The extremely disquieting rise to the super dictatorship-style power of George Bush not only parallels that of Adolf Hitler, but their endgames are exactly the same - the creation of a one world government New World Order. Additionally, and even more disturbing, are the revelations I have pointed out in this space that irrevocably link President George W. Bush's grandfather, former Senator Prescott Bush, to Adolf Hitler and his Nazis' as their primary funding and industrial support through the Bush family control and involvement in Brown Brothers, Harriman, the Union Banking Corporation, and the Hamburg Amerika Line. Clearly, this Nazi connection in our nation's White House must be forever broken!

That said, even after pointing out the oneness of Democrats and Republicans in this year's presidential election, a third party alternative to rescue our worse-than-useless voting process is now just as much a futility as our two-flavored, single agenda Democrat-Republican Party. The Democrat-Republican Party is motivated by one agenda only: The New World Order. As such, no real purpose is served by continually referring to Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, and so on. Liberals are not real liberals, but classic socialists. And conservatives are no longer conservatives, but neo-Nazis. Henceforth, the term best served by America's un-American Democrat-Republican Party is to simple substitute a better-suited moniker, coined I believe, by Dr. Ralph Raico: "the welfare-warfare party."

Third parties are a total waste! If ever there was a better chance for a third party to take advantage of not only the greatest opportunity ever offered, but also of the greatest need that could ever be filled, it is this year's presidential election. So who have the third and fourth runner-up political parties produced to challenge Bush and Kerry? Who cares?! Everyone knows they don't have a chance - the individuals they picked have no name recognition with the American voting public. Why didn't they simply go after a Mel Gibson, or a Jesse Ventura? These individuals would have given US a very exciting election: two bumbling incompetent liars and political parasites versus two real men!

You may pedantically query: Lang, are you daft? These people have no real political experience! But that is all to the good - what precisely are we talking about as regards "real political experience?" Let's take a real look at the oxymoron, real political experience.

First of all, what is so real and so germane about political experience? Is it the ability to give a speech? Is it the ability to give a speech, smile, smirk, and lie directly into your audience's face? And what has that produced? It has given US a completely unnecessary war in Iraq and the suspension of our Bill of Rights. Is that the kind of political experience we need?

Do we need experienced politicians who pretend for women's' rights, and then turn out to be skirt chasing accused rapists and draft-dodgers? Is that the kind of experience we need? Do we need a Rhodes scholar and a Harvard MBA, the first who cannot write, and the second who cannot speak, in the White House? Look at all the problems we're having with women in the military, a policy created by a skirt chasing womanizer and a draft-dodger. Obviously, Clinton is the Pentagon's number one advisor in these matters.

What happened to the "weapons of mash distraction," the Niger yellowcake, the 28 redacted pages of the 9-11 Commission report, and who originated POW torture such that the whole world now hates US because of our neo-Nazi methods? Who was so totally incompetent so as to allow the 9-11 terrorist attacks to take place, and then failed to get our air defenses up and running in response? This is experience? This is competence? Then Dear God, spare US from being so further blessed with such "human assets."

And while we're making such an ecclesiastical appeal, consider Mel Gibson's international influence selling the entire world on the love of Christianity through his production of The Passion of The Christ, and compare that to the seething hatred spread around the world by Bush and his Zionist backers, the very same ones that tried to prevent distribution of Gibson's passion. And consider his previous movies, especially The Patriot. I'll take Gibson's Patriot over Bush and Ashcroft's so-called USA Patriot Act anytime!

The fallaciousness of voting in America, always consistently propped up as a "patriotic duty" and as a "necessity in a democracy" by our lying, government and Zionist-controlled media, is merely a placebo enticing voters to gleefully continue the process which is robbing them of their earnings, their private property and their freedom. Our Constitution has been gradually and quietly abolished, abolished by those with an agenda, an agenda that recognizes the threat posed by a free America. And our president and Congress are indeed staffed by those elected but never selected in precisely the same way; namely, by the people. Behind-the-scenes power groups select the candidates.

As such, those that are elected know that the moneyed power groups that picked them to run are the only ones to whom they are really accountable. This, of course, precludes responsibility to the electorate; there is no corrective measure voters can take until the next election. That is why Bush must be voted out - the transgressions he committed easily qualify for his immediate impeachment, but our politicians will defer to the election. What have they got to lose? It's a one party system anyway!

The only possible hope is to work your votes locally. Communicate with your locally elected officials. Write them often, and copy the local newspaper editor. That is precisely what I am about to do. The USA Patriot Act must be rescinded, and the Bill of Rights re-established. Perhaps state assemblymen and senators might prove to be of some help. But running to the polls and then picking the lesser of two evils because Dan Rather and Peter Jennings tell you to do so, well that's a no-brainer. Your vote doesn't matter because the people selected don't care at all about you. As always, they only care about themselves and how much they can steal from you through the system, as well as how much of a reward they will receive from the Illuminati that selected them.


THEODORE E. LANG 6/27/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.



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