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It has been said that: "A people get the leaders that they deserve", but do we really deserve this?


Tomorrow the Bush Regime Will Steal the Election
Posted November 1, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: the editor

Well Americans if you think we are going to choose a new president tomorrow you are sadly mistaken. The republicans have been busily stealing millions of democratic registration forms over the past four years and rigging the entire election process. Tomorrow the Bush regime will steal the election in front of the world and there is not one damn thing we can do to stop it. 

Reports are already coming in across the country of efforts to confuse, intimidate, and discourage democratic voters from going to the polls. Ion Sancho, the supervisor of elections in Leon County in Florida, told the Washington Post, "In my 16 years as an election administrator I've never seen anything like this." In Florida thousands of students have learned that not only was their party registration switched to Republican but their home address was changed without their knowledge. This means that when they show up to vote at their local precinct their names won't appear on the voting rolls. 

In Pittsburgh, fliers were handed out on what looked like county letterhead that claimed voting had been extended an extra day, "due to immense voter turnout expected on Tuesday." The fliers said Republicans should vote on Tuesday and Democrats should vote on Wednesday. 

In Wisconsin fliers purportedly from the a group calling itself the "Milwaukee Black Voters League", told voters, "If you've already voted in any election this year, you can't vote in the presidential election. If you violate any of these laws, you can get ten years in prison and your children will get taken away from you."

In Georgia's Atkinson County, the Republicans challenged the voting eligibility of 78 percent of the county's registered Latino voters based solely on race. 

In South Carolina, a letter purportedly from the NAACP warned voters they can not vote if they have outstanding parking tickets or have failed to pay child support. Meanwhile in Ohio, Republicans will be challenging the eligibility of voters at the polls tomorrow, based on a law dating back to the Jim Crow era that was originally aimed at disenfranchising black voters. 

According to Elliot Mincberg of the People for the American Way Foundation reports are that an organization that has been funded by the Republican National Committee to conduct voter registration, in both Nevada and Oregon has collected and destroyed untold thousands of democratic registration forms. 

The Ohio Secretary of State republican, Ken Blackwell, just decided that thousands of democratic voter registrations that were streaming into the county offices around the state, brought in by groups like America Coming Together, would be rejected. They came in on paper that was less than 80 pound weight -- a thick paper similar to a wedding invitation. Although there is an ancient election rule dating back to a time when county officials used index card boxes to sort and store registrations, today the actual registration information is stored on computers and the old wooden index card boxes are no longer used.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bush administration lawyers are at this moment attempting to overturn decades of legal precedence by claiming that under the Help America Vote Act which was passed after the 2000 election, only Attorney General John Ashcroft -- and not the voters - has a right to ask federal courts to enforce voting rights. Veteran voting rights lawyers say this would overturn decades of legal precedent and could eliminate any legal challenge to Tuesday's election. According to the paper, since the civil rights era of the 1960s, individuals have gone to federal court to enforce their right to vote, often with the support of groups such as the NAACP, the AFL-CIO, the League of Women Voters.

The Neocon election rigging juggernaut lurches forward unstoppable. Three Republican dominated corporations control over 80% of the vote count in the United States: Sequoia Voting Systems Inc; Electronic Systems & Software Inc. (ES&S); and Diebold" Inc. As this transition has taken place a pattern of election upsets which overwhelmingly favors Republican candidates is obvious. The Neocons have determined that elections can be manipulated easily with the new touch screen voting systems and when accompanied by a media pounding of lies the public will accept the rigged election results as fact. The greatest advantage of the new touch screen voting scam is the removal of a paper trail and the blockage of access to the inner workings of the software. 

When a voter touches the screen to select a candidate there is no confirmation that the machine has actually registered the correct selection. In the old punch-card and fill-in-the-circle paper systems, voters could see their choice marked on the ballot. In the event of any question a record of the vote existed and a recount was possible. Since the new electronic systems leave no paper trail there can be no recount and the results must be accepted as fact. Attempts to examine the code used by the machines in Florida were blocked in the courts by the GOP citing, "proprietary/trade secrecy" protections under a law, which made it impossible for the DNC to ascertain how the machines tabulated votes.

It would be admirable if the American people could resist this rigged presidential election as they did the scam of 2000. Of course the ‘Supreme Court five’ will uphold the
"proprietary/trade secrecy" protections
and the bogus election results will be ruled as legitimate. This election fraud has been so well planned that it probably won’t make it into the courts. With the help of the media, the Neocons will deliver the deathblow to democracy at the touch screen voting terminals.



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