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"How long are we going to put up with this kind of manipulation? We all need to get some BACKBONE about ourselves and start demanding change!"



Posted September 3, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

Michael D. Wayne 

What more atrocities are in store for the citizens of this great nation? Isn't it bad enough that about 57% of our income goes out in taxes in one form or another, be it in noticeable deductions or in a hidden form we can't see and most don't even know about?

This article is mainly aimed at the citizens of the State of West Virginia. I can't say that it is happening in other states because I've not done any research on it, but it most likely is in some. I have first hand experience in the following LEGALIZED THEFT by the State Government that most are completely unaware of here in West Virginia.

People, did you know that it is LEGAL for the state to seize your personal or real property after you die to offset your long term medical care if you were covered under the states MEDICAID program? 

Do you know what this means to your heirs? It means that they cannot inherit the property that you may have WILLED to them, therefore denying them the property that should be rightfully theirs. 

So this little known LAW renders your LAST WILL and TESTAMENT null and void! 

If you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home or other long term health care facility that is covered by the MEDICAID PROGRAM, and they own REAL ESTATE or other VALUABLE personal property, they might want to consider transferring ownership to the heirs BEFORE they pass on.

This next issue isn't exactly a LAW, but it can get you into some problems if you aren't careful. There are some unscrupulous insurance peddlers going around selling ACCIDENT INSURANCE door to door. As far as I know, it's legitimate and may be worth the money. BUT AGAIN, if you are covered by the state issued MEDICAID CARD, and you buy into this insurance, you are just throwing good money away because if (God forbid) you have an accident while covered by this insurance AND have the MEDICAID card and use it to pay your hospital and doctor bills, don't try to put in a claim to this ACCIDENT INSURANCE. If you do, you might find yourself facing charges of WELFARE FRAUD. You aren't going to get a dime out of this insurance, and the peddlers aren't going to tell you that you shouldn't buy it if you have a MEDICAID CARD. 

A suggestion would be, if you have the MEDICAID CARD, and this ACCIDENT INSURANCE, cancel the insurance. If you are approached by these peddlers, and you have the Medicaid card, tell them you do and you don't need the insurance. Don't let them sell you something you don't need.

Want another new wrinkle on how the state is ripping you off? Check this out. If you go and buy a fairly old used vehicle from an individual, (not a dealer) and go to get it registered, you are going to pay taxes on what the DMV thinks the vehicle is worth, not what you paid for it. An example: you go buy this old 1988 car from a private owner, and you give the person $350.00 for it. You take the title in to get it registered at the local DMV and the person behind the counter tells you that you must pay taxes on $700.00, not the $350.00 you paid for it! This to me is outrageous! It would be like finding a good sale price on an item listed in a department store ad, and going to the store to buy it, and when you get to the checkout register, the cashier tells you that you have to pay taxes on the full retail price, not the sale price. What's the difference?

I don't have any documentation to add to this article, but if you want to check it out with a known, trusted, honest attorney, he or she will tell you about these little known LAWS. This is just a very small example of the "BEHIND THE SCENES" lawmaking that goes on behind our back. How long are we going to put up with this kind of manipulation? We all need to get some BACKBONE about ourselves and start demanding change!

Remember the old adage "IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE."? Well, I was never told about these things, nor did I read about them in a newspaper or other publication available to the public. I was never asked to vote on them either. Were you? I'm not an attorney or other public official that might have access to the new laws. The only way I know of them is if I run afoul of them in my everyday life.

People, it's past time to wake up and start speaking out about these injustices that the government is doing! If EVERYONE doesn't start speaking out about these injustices soon, we are going to find ourselves living in a CORPORATE FASCIST POLICE STATE!!!

If you want to make your voice heard in government, go to this website and lodge your complaint. www.FirstGov.gov Follow the links to find who you're looking for.

It's going to take us all to tell the government that we are tired of the underhanded manipulation that is going on, and we want it to stop! WAKE UP AND SPEAK OUT!!!!!!!


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