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"I will not say Bush and bin Laden co-planned the event, (despite that it was mutually and equally beneficial)"



Post 9/11 Commission and the War on Terror
Posted June 23, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Drew Moody

As blame is assessed and debated, and the 9/11 Commission Hearings are digested and expounded upon, some may be content to believe all the events and mistakes were just happenstance, an oversight, flawed strategy, or dismissed as communication failures.  However, let me ask you all to remember how convenient the timing of 9/11 was for both President Bush and the Republican effort in Congress.

This fact, and the degree the Republicans capitalized on the tragedy is no accident. It is either by a shrewd, perfectly executed reaction, maximizing events beyond anyone's control, or perhaps 9/11 was an "event in waiting." Is it possible we were a willing victim appearing helpless, eagerly awaiting the predator's kill?  

Consider the circumstances involved in neglecting or ignoring the pre- 9/11 intelligence warnings. Various elements were in play for an event "to happen," and U.S. intelligence could have simply "stepped aside." Some of these factors include: cutting key players out of the loop - like the FBI's John O'Neil (see:http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/knew/), burying the Phoenix Memo, ignoring warnings from Minnesota’s FBI field office, and minimizing intelligence from other countries. And, earlier that summer, NORAD requested permission to run a war-game scenario of a hijacked plane crashing into the Pentagon. The request was dismissed by the defense department as “too far fetched.”  

I will not say Bush and bin Laden co-planned the event, (despite that it was mutually and equally beneficial). Nor will I suggest Condoleezza Rice is a terrorist operative planted in the White House. But I do assert that, all things considered, there are plenty of GOOD REASONS for suspicion. Suspicion not that there was a conspiracy of action, but rather a "conspiracy of neglect." And, presto, Bush and the Republican “agenda” hit the equivalent of the world's largest lottery with the entire world now paying for it.  Meanwhile, the lies continue. Sadly, the majority of the American public remains in complete denial that as long as we continue to support Israel at the expense of Palestine, along with stationing troops anywhere in the Middle East - particularly near their holy cities - the attacks will continue. 

And there's more: the hardships caused by U.S. sanctions in Iraq, our relationship with the Saudi government, and that our ‘hop-scotch’ foreign policy has historically placed us on “every side” at one time or another to suckle the oil teat. In stark contrast to the initially perfect post 9/11 assault on the world, the Republicans have since bungled virtually all matters relating to ‘terror’ since. This, I contend, is not due to a lack mental acuity. Donald Rumsfeld, for example, is not an ignorant man. Neither are many of the players on the Bush Team. I ask, is the continued bungling by accident or design? Is this yet another mirror of the same strategy which started these dominos of fate in motion? 

Consider events including: the backlash of the Iraq post-war looting, the corruption and bribes involving the Iraqi National Congress, Halliburton, the continuing occupation, the Cuban detainees, and most recently the prison torture scandal. The Middle East does have an unforgettable picture of United States policy.  I'd sum that picture up with a single label: the "Two-faced Self Interest Doctrine in the Early 21st Century of the Failing Empire Known as the United States.” 

The current policy is one embracing a ‘supremacist dogma’ essentially reinventing the disastrous clash of early White American and Native American cultures. America's arrogance declares to the world, “We’ve got it right; follow our path and embrace our cultural.” It’s important to be mindful that we’re making this declaration to civilizations with a 4000-plus year history. We’re peddling the distraction of the ‘trinkets’ of a capitalistic economy, parading it as having substance, and calling it Democracy. 

America is a ‘baby country’ and our arrogance apparently has no limit. Our leaders may as well be saying something like: “As long as we get your oil, we’ll let you eat ‘Big Macs’ and get fat like us. Your citizens can enjoy sleaze on cable too, and become NASCAR fans. And, we’ll all call ourselves a happy Christian democracy. 

If one perceives the goal is peace and equality, or accepts that framework - I can appreciate someone confronting Bush saying, "Can you spell 'INEPT,' Mr. President?" However, if that is not the intent, I can likewise understand an entirely different model. It is a  model of control and military domination. That model may involve escalating conflicts in the Middle East and invading additional countries. It may take the form of endlessly increasing Defense Department budgets. We may be faced with prolonged military action in various parts of the world, depending on who is elected President later this year. 

No matter which model is closer to the truth, the world is a vastly more dangerous place than it was in the late summer of 2001. At the very least we have given our potential enemies a great and good reason to ban together against America's imperialistic designs and ideologically-based aggression. And I still think the free love, stoned 1960s looks pretty damn good right now, by comparison. 

Another outcome might be the militarily induced paranoia phase of world affairs ushering in the Cold War - Part II. This will likely coincide with America's decline as a superpower as China's rapid growth continues and American companies flock to reap shareholder benefits there. China, India and the expanding European Union could easily and significantly cut the United States out of the 'economy loop.' Then, we'll be buying automobiles with American logos, made in China. And, with the trash of our intent visible for all to see, who could blame the world for despising  us?

No matter how you turn this Picasso-esque mess - the picture doesn't look good.


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