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"Our founding fathers cried “we the people” and yet I see not “we the people” but instead “we a few of the people”. 



Observations On the Race
Posted September 9, 2004

By: Jeanette Kreczmer

How on earth could this be? Less than two hours after the announcement of the Independent Parties’ nomination, President Bush only acknowledges 1 opponent in the presidential race. ONLY ONE! Is this a signal of myopic sight in a leader of this country? Or is it an indication of refusal to see the real world beyond the boundaries of those two people?

In watching Kerry’s rally, the very same thing was noted! Apparently not a thought has been given to any other opponents – as if in America there are only two choices, two people to choose from in filling this position.

Our founding fathers cried “we the people” and yet I see not “we the people” but instead “we a few of the people”. I also see buttons being pushed in the Bush/Kerry campaign. The story line concentrates on telling people what they want to hear while contradicting those words through their actions, such as the recent increase in Medicare charges. Is this how it is proposed to help our elderly by charging them more, knowing full well that the extra money has to be pulled from the already tightly stretched budgets of elders? It usually means that their grocery money has gone from $20.00 every two weeks to $15.00 every two weeks. Has anyone watched elders shop? Has everyone come to the realization that they to will one day be in that position?

Does anyone know of someone who has lost their health, way of life, home? Does anyone know of someone who is working several jobs just to keep a roof over their head, or food on the table? Does anyone know of a rancher or farmer who has had to fold their business, or foster their herds out? Does anyone know of someone who has lost their job through no fault of their own? Seems to me like a great many of us are already in that position, or knows of someone that fits these descriptions. How much was spent on kicking of the Bush or Kerry campaign, and where in America might this money have been better spent? Is this an example of the type of leaderships’ fiscal responsibility that will help America? 

How about the other guy? What was his kick off, modest or in excess? I mean the one that neither Bush nor Kerry acknowledges. Apparently, any other opponents are not even considered, meaning it is not “we the people”, its Bush & Kerry. For potential leaders’ vision to be so closed that they only see each other, it should probably be concluded that they do not see you, me, the guy next door, the family on the other side of town, the elders in the poor-house, or the American public they seek to lead. We need a reality check in this race for the presidential seat. We need to check out the other running parties, such as the Independent Party’s nominee. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to America.


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