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"Additionally, the next glaring failure of our very, very expensive federal government, was the fact that they had over an hour to send up Air Force fighter planes to bring the airliners down to reduce the number of potentially lost lives."



More 9-11 Baloney 

Posted June 7, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

Amid the distractions of Geneva Convention violations and U.S. Military war crime policies designed by our Secretary of War, Donald H. Rumsfeld, and Undersecretary for Intelligence, Stephen Cambone, along with legal guidance from the Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft, the American people have been distracted from the 9-11 baloney produced by the Kean Commission antics, which serve as yet another cover-up for the criminal Bush administration.

While we are all being distracted by the Nazi-type war crimes engineered and produced by our Pentagon under the leadership of the Bushies, the 9-11 Kean Kangaroo Commission had former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on the make-believe inquisitor's rack asking the right questions of the wrong individual - or was it the wrong questions of the right individual?

Of what value are any of the proceedings absent the basic inquiries and answers regarding irrefutable evidence as to both the perpetrators and their motives? And right behind those inquiries, the very next in line should be why our Department of Defense was unable to defend US for over an hour while four "bogies" were on the radar screens of both Air Traffic Control and NORAD. Former New York City Mayor Giuliani's testimony is totally worthless without this basic foundation needed for a really meaningful investigatory effort that could provide even a modicum of useful lessons-learned information. It is against this backdrop of total phoniness that the context of questions directed at Giuliani must be weighed.

Yet, even within the narrow constraint of answering federal inquiries as regards local New York City emergency response communications, members of the public that attended those proceedings, some being relatives of victims and emergency response workers whose lives were lost in the federal government screw-up that was 9-11, angry voices pointed out the City's incompetence as well.

Kangaroo commission member John Lehman, a former Secretary of the Navy, and a former staffer in the National Security Council under Henry Kissinger, laced into Giuliani offering that New York City's communications systems were in emergency-based disarray. Now let me be clear here: I don't like New York City nor do I like Rudy Giuliani and the police state fascism that he employed while mayor; but fair is fair.

If Lehman, a high-level former Secretary of the Navy, wishes to point fingers, maybe the right place to start is with the United States Department of Defense, the operation HE was part of; since when is the mayor of a city responsible for national defense? The most glaring failure of 9-11 is the fact that the United States government had in their possession all the facts they needed to have prevented 9-11. Additionally, the next glaring failure of our very, very expensive federal government, was the fact that they had over an hour to send up Air Force fighter planes to bring the airliners down to reduce the number of potentially lost lives. How about answers to those questions Mr. Lehman and Commissioner Kean?

Back in April, a small private aircraft strayed only slightly off course and encroached in protected air space near the Bush ranch while the president was there for the Easter holiday. Instantly, U.S. Fighter jets, note the plural, intercepted the aircraft and ordered it to land. The corporate media were very reluctant to report this, and then did so with the utmost economy of words. "There was a violation - the fighters did respond," offered the Secret Service.

All aircraft that I am familiar with, including small private planes, are equipped with transponders. These are transmitters that send a signal that can be monitored and confirmed via radar. Air Traffic Control, and North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, both have advanced radar monitoring systems, and it can be safely assumed that the NORAD system is of the highest state of technical and operational capability. Apparently, transponders can be shut off, as was the case with the four hijacked airliners on September 11, 2001. When those transponders stopped transmitting, the four "blips" on both ATC and NORAD radar systems converted to bogies.

These bogies not only deviated from their accepted air lanes or merely strayed only slightly off course, as in the case of the tiny private aircraft in Bush ranch-restricted airspace, but also navigated violent and sudden course departures that would at least have sent an air traffic controller into immediate cardiac arrest. And keep in mind that these were four huge airliners, not quite as large as a Boeing 747, which weighs 70 tons, that being equivalent in weight to the statue portion of the Statue of Liberty, but very large nevertheless.

According to a reader who served in the military the same time I did, but across the street at McGuire Air Force Base while I was doing Army basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey, "We always had two aircraft on the ground and fully operational with fuel and weapons, ready to protect New York City and the Northeast Corridor." He stated that the fighter planes, back then, F106s, could intercept a New York City fly-by of an unknown aircraft in less than fifteen minutes, supported by a chain of command authorized to give "shoot down" orders.

Here's a question from the former Air Force serviceman: "Flight 11 was way off course, transponder off, and then executed a hard 90 degree bank and turn south from Albany. Why didn't the Air Force scramble at least one recon aircraft to monitor? Why no recon on any of the first three flights? Let's look at the second plane. It was 18 minutes until it hit the second building. This plane flew over and past the City, and somewhere around Newark, New Jersey, it performed a 180-degree come about, and then returned. Didn't they [NORAD and Air Traffic Control] know they had hijacked planes in the air?"

The former Airman offers: "An F-15 Strike Eagle is capable of a maximum airspeed of 1,850 mph, or Mach 2.5." Deployed from McGuire at only Mach 2, the Eagle would have intercepted the bogie in seven minutes. There was ample time to block the 18-minute second run at the World Trade Center. He points out that the Pentagon "crash" took place 40 minutes after WTC 2.

Are these questions that should be answered? More to the point, why aren't they being asked? And the Bush sycophants and apologists keep shrugging them off as though they aren't even slightly relevant. But Iraq is?


THEODORE E. LANG 5/30/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.



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