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"Bush's privatization plans will, as currently estimated by the Congressional Budget Office, create a $2-trillion hole in the system, and require the cutting of benefits up to 45%." 



Posted December 10, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Lyndon LaRouche PAC

Lyndon LaRouche, former Democratic Presidential candidate and leader of LaRouche PAC, has called for Democrats, and others, to start their battle against the insane, unconstitutional Bush Administration with an all-out battle against the voter suppression carried out by the Republicans in the Nov. 2 election. Reiterating his statement during his Nov. 9 webcast, he charged that the Republicans had carried out a "not-so-cold coup" against the Constitution, by violating the Voting Rights Act with a policy of voter suppression, particularly among expected Kerry voters.

At the same time, LaRouche identified George W. Bush's plans to rip off Social Security through privatization, as the second major focal point for a mobilization to salvage the country, from the dangers presented by the insane second Bush Administration. Bush's privatization plans will, as currently estimated by the Congressional Budget Office, create a $2-trillion hole in the system, and require the cutting of benefits up to 45%.

"With these two national focal points of mobilization," LaRouche said, "we have the best chance to revitalize the American political system, both by rebuilding the Democratic Party as an effective force, and building relationships between Democrats and those traditional Republicans, who understand the danger which George W. Bush's election, and lies, represent for our nation."

LaRouche has supported those Democrats, like Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich), who are collecting the evidence of voter suppression, and urged that that evidence be used to bring criminal charges, and jail those who committed this Federal crime. He has urged that the evidence be compiled to be presented to the full House and Senate on or before Jan. 6--which is when Congress meets in Joint Session to certify the Electoral College votes.

To understand the type of mobilization which is needed, it is worth recalling what happened four years ago. In a webcast held by LaRouche on Jan. 3, 2001, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) posed a question about the pending nomination of John Ashcroft as U.S. Attorney General. LaRouche insisted that the Congress had to use every means at its disposal to block the Ashcroft nomination, because it signalled the intent to launch a coup against the Constitution. LaRouche explained that Hitler's ultimate consolidation of power in 1933, after his rise to the Chancellorship, came as a result of a series of emergency measures crafted by Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt. Those measures were enacted under the pretext of the Reichstag fire, which burned the German parliament building, and Hitler's dictatorship was thereby firmly established.

LaRouche's startling response reverberated through Washington, and especially the CBC, and thus, when the time came for Bush's election to be certified by Congress a few days later, members of the CBC staged a dramatic action on the floor of the Joint Session, rising one after another to object to the Florida electoral vote, citing the history of the civil rights movement and the Voting Rights Act. Although the Caucus was unsuccessful in persuading a single member of the Senate to support their valiant cause--as is required to allow an objection to an electoral vote to proceed--they captured national attention. Following Bush's certification, the drive to stop Ashcroft grew. By the time his nomination came to the Senate floor, there were a sufficient number of U.S. Senators organized and ready to block Ashcroft's confirmation. At the very last moment, Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle, in an act of betrayal that probably cost him his Senate seat in 2004, ordered Democratic Senators to halt their resistance, and confirm Ashcroft.

Today, the LaRouche influence in the party is much stronger than it was then. A growing number of Democratic leaders recognize the importance of making a fight on this issue, as LaRouche has specified. One key Democrat noted that making a fight on this point--even if it does not succeed in depriving Bush and Cheney of a second term--will deliver a clear and reverberating message, that the synarchists' attempted coup will not be a "cold" one, but that they had better be prepared to deal with people who are prepared to fight back.

Further remarks by LaRouche on voter suppression can be found on the LaRouche PAC website, www.larouchepac.com, both in his address to the Seattle cadre school Dec. 4, and in the transcript of his Nov. 9 webcast, as well as on the larouchepub.com.


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