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"deviators from Republicanism were characterized as "oddball" individuals whose political behavior was non-conformist within GOP traditions and objectives"



I'm the RABble!

Posted June 24, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

I cannot tolerate blatant stupidity or reactive outrage shielding desired ignorance by those wishing to remain so. They display extreme anger when anyone tries to enlighten them, thereby transforming mere ignorance to irreversible stupidity. Such individuals wish to remain so because they are desperately clinging to that which might have been but is no more.

The Republican Party is dead! It no longer exists! When the term "RINO" was devised to denigrate Republicans-in-name-only, deviators from Republicanism were characterized as "oddball" individuals whose political behavior was non-conformist within GOP traditions and objectives.

Generally, those traditions and objectives can be summed up by this statement: The Republican Party strives to achieve, through political competition for the electorate's support, small government, low taxes, a growing capitalistic business base, a conservative and strict interpretation of the Constitution, a non-interventionist posture in the affairs of other sovereign states, the latter justifying heavy investment in defense of our nation necessitated by the increasing technological capabilities of potential enemy states. Whew! I managed to get that all down in one statement!

See how easy that was? No elaborate legalistics or attorneyisms here - just a plain, simple straightforward pronouncement that says it all. Supposedly in contrast, the Democratic Party was always the "party of the little guy," meaning the worker, laborer and mainstream middle-class American. It was based upon a fear of an increasing control by what is their vision of out-of-control "robber baron" capitalistic profiteers with the Charles Dickens dread of the resultant domination by a cold-hearted plutocracy.

Democrats have long supported unions over business interests, while Republicans were motivated in just the opposite approach. But both parties always had at the heart of their organizations that which was in the best interests of America and the American people; it is precisely this theme that is missing in both parties today. It is precisely this double-dimensioned vacuum within a vacuum that voters are now sensing. There certainly isn't "a dime's worth of difference between the two parties" today, and there isn't' a dime's worth of difference between Bush and Kerry.

In addition to Bush and Kerry having exactly the same platforms, neither is addressing the real issues. And sadly, most of the issues that could be addressed were created by George Bush: i.e. the unnecessary war in Iraq, which is worsening by the day; the burgeoning deficit created by that unnecessary war; the obvious takeover of our Pentagon by Israel and the resultant foreign policy based upon Israeli interests only; the growing educational crisis in the country due to the mismanagement by the Department of Education via its control by the teachers union; government contract award irregularities and regulatory violations; the progressive and continuing destruction of our human rights as individuals [the sole purpose for the existence of this nation and its government] by the Bush regime-created USA Patriot Acts I and II.; etc.

Of course, there are issues not created by the Bush regime: GATT/NAFTA destruction of our jobs and their outsourcing; our seemingly unstoppable rendezvous with the Rothschild Banking Cartel's vision of a New World Order government as envisioned also by Hitler, Stalin, Clinton and now Bush; ever-increasing government laws and regulations choking the life and vitality out of individual freedoms; increasing police brutality, violence and out-of-control murder across the nation; increasing confiscations of private property by all levels of government across America; the increasing prison population of convicts that haven't harmed anyone; the increasing penalties for simple mistakes or improperly filling out government forms, just to mention a few.

How do Bush, Kerry, Democrats and Republicans address ANY of these real issues? How? How about not at all! Neither candidate nor party distinguishes himself or itself in addressing things that are really important to real Americans. We have two flavors of only one political party, and two different personalities in one political candidate. How will voting solve any and all of the real issues when our political system offers US no real choice and continually sidesteps the issues that matter? This is why voting is pointless!

I feel that this would be the crucial election where a third party could really make a difference, but the closest challenger parties have selected "no-names" no one knows and no one will care to know. At this point, I plan to stay home on Election Day. But if I hear more Patriot Acts coming, or more Bush gun control, I'll vote for Kerry for sure, and act out my reactive outrage by becoming a Republican Against Bush!


THEODORE E. LANG 6/19/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.



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