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"People, we are being systematically deprived of our basic freedoms... WE ARE ALL, THE ENTIRE EARTH IS BEING FUNNELED INTO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! Is this what you want? To be governed by a fascist communist state?"



I Feel Sorry For You!
Posted July 29, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Michael Wayne

I'm referring to those of you that come to some of these websites, read a few opinions and think people here are just malcontents and are making this stuff up or writing it just to gripe. Maybe you think we hate this country and want to see it destroyed. Parish the thought! I for one love this country, and I'm sure that the majority on here do too. I just don't like the idea of the so called elected officials that are supposed to govern the people slowly eroding the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for.

Does anyone stop and think about what the world is REALLY like? Why we see all those new "REALITY" cop shows on TV recently? Do you think it might be to stir up fear of guns so the masses will demand disarmament of the general population? Or how about this tidbit? The ongoing debate about how bad smoking is for everyone. Keep the argument going on so people won't see the glass lined hose being shoved up their posterior end by the ruling class.

Ever heard the term "DIVIDE AND CONQUER"? How about the "MUSHROOM EFFECT"? "Keep em in the dark and feed em crap." How about M K Ultra? Know what that is? Do you believe everything you see and read in the mainstream media?

People, we are being systematically deprived of our basic freedoms while the majority of the people are out playing, or bickering over little things like the smoking issue, abortion, gay rights and things of that like. Do you know why? BECAUSE WE ARE ALL, THE ENTIRE EARTH IS BEING FUNNELED INTO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! Is this what you want? To be governed by a fascist communist state? If you don't, then I urge everyone that may read this to visit a website to get some answers to the questions I've probably raised in your mind.

Go to www.davidicke.com to find out about this and more information on real world events. Find out about the 911 fiasco, how it started, and who orchestrated it. Find out who really rules the world and why. We need to get our heads out of the sand and start looking at the REAL WORLD! We're not a united country any more. We're a group of individual people living in this great country. Too busy playing and acting like a bunch of spoiled kids with all our games and activities. We don't even take the time to know the name of our next door neighbor. It's time to wake up America! 


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