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"Gee, could George H.W. Bush have been involved in the JFK assassination?...Remember this -- Bush was a CIA field agent stationed in Texas at that time and, when questioned by the Warren commission he would not divulge his whereabouts at the time of the killing." 



Election Countdown: "The Gloves are off"
(How the Bush cartel stole our eyeballs and are coming back for the sockets)

Posted October 4, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Vincent L. Guarisco

"If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves."~~Howard Zinn, historian and author

The sand in the hourglass is rapidly disappearing in the run-up to the 2004 Election, and so is our opportunity to expose the Bush mafia for the crimes its members have commited -- crimes that have lain dormant in the shadows for decades. Of the many scary conspiracy theories floating around out there, all pale by comparison to the evil legacy of the Bush family cartel. Unfortunately, few Americans are aware of the shameful -- even criminal -- behind-the-scenes activity by generations of one of the most powerful, ruthless, influential families ever to seize the reigns of power in American history.

The tide must change! Our future literally depends on it. I want to see some political coals ignited! I want to smell the aroma of conspiracy-marinated bush-meat on the grille -- makes me salivate just to think about it. It's time the mainstream media quit serving their illegitimate masters in the White House and joined the rest of us at Truth's dinner table.

Enough is enough -- The media brazenly attempted to drown us in a river of swift boat lies such as how John Kerry purposely pulled-the-pin on his grenade in Vietnam so he could self-inflict some shrapnel into his leg to receive a Purple Heart for future political gain. The media didn't begin to ask real questions until Dan Rather (our hero on CBS) exposed George Bush for the coward that he is. Then, the investigative journalistic machine cranked up...

Let's keep the media machine going -- let's hear some real closet skeletons rocking and rattling. If the truth unseats the Bush family's prodigal son, so be it. It's past time that the media informed American citizens about Prescott Bush, Shrub's grandfather, about how he made a fortune on Wall Street during the 1930s selling war bonds for Nazi Germany and 'cloaking' American assets owned by German companies.

The British newspaper, The Guardian, guardian.co.uk recently obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm (Union Banking Corp.) of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism. Prescott Bush's business dealings, which continued until his company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, treas.gov.pdf has led -- more than 60 years later -- to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave laborers at Auschwitz.

Where is the US media on this "breaking news" story?

Where is the rallying call about Rodney Stich's book, "Defrauding America" defraudingamerica.com that tells of a "deep-cover CIA officer" assigned to a counter-intelligence unit, code-named Pegasus. A unit that supposedly "had tape-recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy" from a tap on the phone of J. Edgar Hoover. The people on the tapes were "[Nelson] Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, [Lyndon] Johnson of Texas, George H. W. Bush and J. Edgar Hoover."

Gee, could George H.W. Bush have been involved in the JFK assassination? I say yes, quite possibly. In fact---many people (myself included) suspect that he was the actual triggerman on the grassy knoll that fateful day. It's believable that he may have hid a high-powered rifle in his ragged trench coat while dressed as a "hobo." That would perfectly explain how he covertly got into firing position.

Unbelievable? Well, I suggest you research the "magic bullet theory," and after doing so come back and let's discuss if the official explanation is any more "unbelievable." Remember this -- Bush was a CIA field agent stationed in Texas at that time and, when questioned by the Warren commission he would not divulge his whereabouts at the time of the killing. The issue was never pressed because of "national security" reasons. Indeed.

Here's another "conspiracy" tidbit for you to pass around -- Remember the 1981 assassination attempt by John W. Hinckley Jr., the man who shot President Ronald Reagan? Check this out -- Neil Bush, son of then vice president of the United States, was scheduled to have dinner on March 31, 1981, with Scott Hinckley, brother of John Hinckley, the day after a bullet came within an inch of making Neil Bush's father the new president of the United States.

Even though John Chancellor had let it slip out, this most remarkable assassination coincidence shortly after John Hinckley tried to kill President Reagan, NBC News and the other organs of the national news media censored it during the subsequent 10 years. And even in the several months of extensive coverage of Neil Bush's part in the massive savings and loan fraud, no mention was made of his role in the continuing cover-up of the most significant story of the 1980s.

Be it past or present, the Bush regime can be indicted on many fronts. More recent -- and more startling is the revelation that Stanley Hilton, who was Bob Dole's former Chief of Staff, has just launched a Federal lawsuit http://www.rense.com/general57/aale.htm against top members of the Bush Administration in a case alleging that George W. Bush personally ordered 9/11 to take place. According to Hilton, 9-11 was an operation that had been planned for over 35 years to gain political advantage and to push the neocons' agenda.

This is a taxpayer Class Action Civil lawsuit representing 400 members of the families of the many victims of the attacks as plaintiffs to claim the Bush Administration violated the Constitutional Rights of the victims of 9/11. The suit will be launched under the Fraudulent Claims Act and the Rico Statute for being a corrupt entity.

Hilton claims the19 hijackers were actually FBI/CIA double agents who had originally been brought into the US to spy on Arab groups. He also said Al Qaeda was created by the CIA, and states he has fully-documented proof of both charges. Hilton believes, as I have contended, that Patriot Acts I and II were designed to prevent the kind of political dissent over the government's complicity in these events such as the very lawsuit Hilton represents.

Shortly after the recent 2004 presidential debate, Senator Joseph Biden gave a stinging rebuttal on CBS when he stated, "Bush is a one-trick pony." Perhaps Joe was simply humoring the whim of a half-wit in saying so, but he should have added that Bush is just a one-trick pony -- in an extraordinarily large corrupt family stable. In fact, it's accurate to say that "junior" (like Poppy and granddaddy Prescott) is only one bad pony in a long list of phenomenal animalistic stallions that have already churned our nation's sod with unrelenting force.

Yep, and the same can said of brothers Neil, Jeb, and Marvin as well, the Bush family herd has not the slightest hint of benevolence; they are absent of any prevalent moral convictions. Bottom line -- this one-trick pony must be lassoed and led back to his Crawford stall, or better yet -- perhaps brought to Bush style "Texas" justice...

If we are not successful in getting rid of the Bush regime on November 2, there will be no dissent nor freedom left in this country after four more years of the same. Americans will be silenced into quiet, obedient servitude. We should all be aware of the possibility of the ongoing neocon plan -- if George W Bush falls too far behind in the polls before election day, delaying or canceling the November election could be their sick contingency plan, or perhaps they will launch more terrorist events or attacks as needed to attain their goal of remaining in power.

God help our country. We must at least try and, as a minimum, do our best to stop this madness. Literally, for God's sake -- for our sake -- we must flock to the polls in droves on Election Day and cast our John Kerry votes!


Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City, Arizona, a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Replies welcomed at vincespainting1@hotmail.com



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