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Bush's Social Security Privatization: A Foot in the Door for Fascism Intrioduction: PDF HTML / PDF of Full Pamphlet
Posted December 29, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


I. The Chile Story

Interview: Chilean Leader Tells Americans: Say No to Fascist Pension Plan PDF HTML
Child: A Synarchist Showcase PDF HTML

II. Theft Plans for the United States Bush's Assault on Social Security:

Beware of Negotiating with a President Who `Won't Negotiate with Himself' PDF HTML
Pat Robertson on Social Security PDF HTML
Pinochet and Pinocchio: President George `Enron' Bush Lies About `Enron II' PDF HTML
Arnie Rolls Out the Coming Fascist Economics in California PDF HTML
More Than Social Security Theft Binds Bush and Pinochet PDF HTML

III. Dossiers of `Economic Hit Men'

John Train: Portrait of an `Economic Hit Man' PDF HTML
José Piñera: Architect of Bush's `Ownership' Society PDF HTML
George Shultz, the Man with the `Chile Model' of Fascism PDF HTML

IV. LaRouche's Solution
Maintain a Strong Social Security with a Strong Physical Economy PDF HTML


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