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"As tragic as September 11th was, what is going on is not about fighting terrorism, it is about deception, power and greed. We are being lied to, cheated, robbed and murdered. It cannot be viewed any other way." 



America wake up!
Posted October 11, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Patrick Johnston

The American people are being assaulted at all levels and it is not about foreign terrorists. The terrorists are among us. We are being attacked by our own government. Make no mistake about this, it is a very real, strategic and calculated effort by miscreants in our government to intentionally polarize us against each other and marginalize anyone from the ability to organize to put a stop to it. How is it so few in government have managed to shackle so many tens of millions to the political pillory and do so with impunity they have built into a system they have manipulated to their singular advantage and for those they favor? 

The American people and their children on the home front are being attacked, just as those of our family members in the armed forces, who have been misled and lied to and sent astray into harms way in so many foreign lands, to fight any number of the asinine, inane and nefarious politically motivated and instigated wars and conflicts that serve nothing more than to protect and further the agendas of those seeking greater control, greed, power and wealth. Take a closer look at it America, take a look at the cold, hard facts. As tragic as September 11th was, what is going on is not about fighting terrorism, it is about deception, power and greed.

We are being lied to, cheated, robbed and murdered. It cannot be viewed any other way. 

Look at the facts: Our trade and budget deficits are at all time staggering highs and are unsustainable. Our defense budget is beyond all reason and is truly perverse. Think of the freedom, democracy and goodwill that the hundreds of billions of dollars we spend each year on defense could provide if we spent it fighting poverty and funding humanitarian causes worldwide. That is the best and most effective method to offset terrorism, before the seeds of hopelessness, despair and resentment set in that fester into open hostility as a result of abject poverty and people lash out. Scandals and misappropriation of funds at all levels -public, private and governmental - are out of control. Homelessness is increasing, as are poverty levels, as are the hungry and children at risk. The ranks of the uninsured are swelling, wages are going down, jobs are being lost and outsourced. Pension funds and 401K plans are insolvent and bankrupt because of corporate pillaging and misdeeds. Social Security entitlements are in serious jeopardy. Unemployment insurance and entitlements are being eliminated. Taxes for the wealthy are being cut and a larger tax burden placed on middle and lower income earners and now talk of value added and national sales taxes are being brought into the open that will put further disparity between worker and wealthy incomes and tax burdens. The wealthy will be given greater and greater advantages and the workers and poverty stricken will be demanded to do more and more. Family debt is increasing and bankruptcies increasing. Gaps in income and distribution of the wealth are increasing at alarming rates. Fuel costs are unjustified and profits of the petroleum companies are obscene and all at the expense of the American public. Costs of medicine and medical treatment is skyrocketing -- children are at the highest and gravest risk. What will we do to protect their future? What about our environmental and endangered species safeguards that are being voided and rewritten?

The question that needs to be asked is, where is all of this money going, who are the beneficiaries? We know who the benefactors are. These aren't phantom sums of money, but actual money misdirected from the public into accounts well hidden from public scrutiny; hundreds of billions of dollars. This money didn't just evaporate. It was real, it existed and now it is gone. 

Do you want more America? What I can speak upon and challenge any politician to debate, is the rights and status of veterans and the struggle wounded and disabled veterans face upon return from miscalculated and illogical politically inspired battles and that I intend to do. Veterans will not be the pawns in any political debacle and no politician is excused as having done enough for securing, or protecting veterans rights.

You support these repugnant and vile political wars and conflicts and be seduced by the invoking of tainted calls of patriotism by politicians and send your family members proudly off to battle and then see how well they are provided for and tended to by our government when they return wounded and damaged and seek the medical care and treatment they were promised that won't be there. It won't be coming your way anytime soon. In case it has escaped notice, funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs has been cut, budgets axed and medical facilities and regional offices closed and others vastly and intentionally understaffed. You look your wounded and emotionally spent loved ones in the eye and tell them that you supported the war and their wounds and pain are justified and worthy and that they will have to wait their turn in line to get the medical treatment that was promised to them when they left for the war you believed in and supported and what help they will get they will have to fight for over and over and it will never be enough, it will always be withheld. That is a guarantee.

Ask these questions of the politicians you are planning to vote for: What was your military and war record? Have you ever been shot at, or shot another human being? What precisely did you do when wars and conflicts were being fought by others? Why haven't your own children served in the military and fought in battle? What did you do to secure and enhance medical and entitlement programs for the veterans you enthusiastically sent off to battle?

Not one of them, neither Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Feith, Bolton, Abrams, Libby, Card, Rove, Perle, any of them, were ever in a battle, were ever shot at, yet are directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of human beings. Yet these politicians of self professed sound mind and clarity sound the bugle charge for the rest of us to go to war and to fight their dirty conflicts and do so by making us feel less worthy, less American and unpatriotic by telling us lies and fairy tales and challenging our integrity.

And for the record, American service personnel were in Cambodia and Laos during the Viet Nam conflict. And ears were cut off and tallied after battle to affirm body counts and civilians were fired upon and atrocities did occur.

The choice is ours America; the world is watching and our children relying on us and November is rapidly approaching.

It is the patriotic duty and responsibility of all veterans, of all citizens, to speak out loudly and clearly against and to resist all political, misdirected and preemptive wars. You only hear the voices of those that have been carefully chosen to be heard from -- crafted and choreographed -- you are not allowed to hear the voices of those veterans opposed to thoughtless and mindless politically inspired wars and conflicts and their travails upon returning home and trying to secure medical care and benefits promised by the politicians but never intended to provide.

We have allowed ourselves to get into a very sad state of affairs America -- resist and fight back. There is a war being waged against all of us. 

Vote America! When November comes, get out and vote as if your livelihood and life are at risk -- they will be and that includes all of our children. Send a message to all of your constituents, members and friends to get out and vote, there has never been a more critical point in politics in America.


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