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"Israel has totally converted American government and its military to serve only their policy initiatives and decisions with hardly any visible consequences for themselves for wrong-headed warmongering and international provocation." 



A Nation Compromised

Posted September 6, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

Of course, there is a serious renewed international outrage against both the United States and Israel. Those who would dumb down America will simply offer the justified outrage as anti-Semitism. But something had to happen to ignite international rebuke of both America and Israel, and that something is our unjust, unconstitutional and totally unnecessary invasion and war on the people of Iraq.

If the Bush family, a family that has grown obscenely wealthy over almost a century of war industry profiteering that dates back to World War I, had a personal problem with Saddam Hussein, it would have spared many a life and avoided many a maiming and the horrid loss of the Iraqi peoples homes, businesses and infrastructure, if the CIA just did what it does best: arrange for Saddam's assassination. But our unmerciful slaughter and our rendering of the Iraqi people socially dependent upon our military by deliberately impoverishing them and destroying their country is completely unforgivable. It is an irremovable stain upon that which was once the greatest nation in the world.

We are now a merciless, fascist, police state superpower controlled by a cabal of unaccountable politicians who take ALL their orders from another smaller fascist police state; namely, the ethnocidal, imperialistic and most dangerous nuclear power, Israel. A reader wrote me, "I was never down on Israel, but the Iraqi situation brings Israel's dominance of our foreign policy to a higher, renewed level of scrutiny." Not many, myself included, ever denied "Israel's right to exist." That has never been an issue with me, even though I might have had some misgivings about anything originating as an international policy decision from the United Nations.

But the recent and total transformation of American foreign policy, for the sole benefit of Israel over the Palestinian people's rights, calls into question the chief instigator of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities. Israel has totally converted American government and its military to serve only their policy initiatives and decisions with hardly any visible consequences for themselves for wrong-headed warmongering and international provocation.

The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC], a normally clever and astonishingly effective lobbying group now embroiled in an FBI investigation, is a very curious anomaly. Why must Israel spy on US? is a totally valid question when considering the close ties our intelligence community has had with Israel's. And if they were spying on America, so what? Aren't they after all, our ally?

When considering these queries, one must advance one's thinking to the current state of American international political affairs as well as changed domestic policies. We are no longer a constitutionally limited republic of free men and women; we are a socialist democracy increasingly identified by its secret government manipulations that is converting US into to a dictatorial police state. The recent aggressive police actions at both the Democratic and Republican conventions, and the machine-gun toting and helmeted police in our streets and airports, are proof. Terrorism, primarily generated by Israel, has caused this political conversion in

Our intelligence community now decides America's foreign policy in secret. Secret policy initiatives have replaced not only foreign negotiations and diplomacy protocols, but also our own policy decisions on such vital matters as regards the declaration of war against another nation. That is now decided by a secret cabal and then initiated by a dictator without the previously in-place constitutional requirement of requesting the US Congress to do so. And that secret cabal is controlled by a foreign power, and executes policy by trickery, assassination, sabotage, and deliberately planted false intelligence.

It is the deliberate planting of false intelligence that is at work in this current intelligence investigation by the FBI of AIPAC and Israel. The secret Pentagon cabal, the Project for the New American Century, an outgrowth of a neoconservative war-mongering policy group loyal to Israel, is the generating source of the current clandestine policy and planned event manipulation to justify an attack on Iran. This is precisely the same way PNAC generated false intelligence to invade Iraq. This investigation is precisely what was needed to stop yet another unjust, unnecessary and unconstitutional war against an innocent nation targeted by Israel.

If this opportunity is lost, it will be due to the unconscionable, deliberate downplay and cover-up of this blessed event by our Zionist-led media. Just as was the case with the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, one element of the mainstream media, namely CBS, broke ranks with The New York Times to give US this opportunity. Lets not blow it!


THEODORE E. LANG 9/5/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer and maintains a website at www.tedlang.com



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