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"How can Israel, a small nation of about five million, along with about six to nine million Jewish supporters in the United States, have such a high level of total control over American government? Obviously, the answer is money." 



A Deteriorating Image

Posted July 20, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

As world opinion turns increasingly sour towards Israel, and its powerful enabler, the United States, more and more people in this country and abroad are beginning to become cognizant of the real source of evildoing and warmongering. In the oft-quoted words of Pogo, "We have met the enemy and they is US!"

Astonishingly, even after the findings of the 9-11 Commission and the Senate Intelligence Committee investigations were released, President Bush continues repeating the same nonsense citing a connection between Iraq and 9-11, as well as the falsehoods of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. American government has rarely been in worse shape as regards credibility abroad, and the former international acceptance and sense that our foreign policy was built largely upon a foundation of integrity and morality has now completely disintegrated.

The brutal genocide and imperial land grabbing Israel is now engaged in, propped up and supported by President George Bush and Congress via the president's guarantee of unlimited protection for Israel no matter what their actions, along with the House of Representatives' Resolution 460 saying much the same thing, Israel is encouraged to once again defy world opinion, the UN and the World Court as regards the barrier wall in the West Bank.

As Israel continues its brutal, unjust, genocidal rampage of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, committing mass murder and stealing Palestinian land, Israeli intelligence is working feverishly in Northern Iraq with the Kurdish leadership to affect internal strife and to create a divide with the new US-installed Iraqi administration. Not that this administration represents any modicum of integrity or morality itself; the US-installed Prime Minister Iyad Allawi is a proven murderer and butcher, according to the Sunday Herald. http://www.sundayherald.com/43458

The ultimate objective of Israel's Mossad and Sharon's Likud Party is to first cause a civil war within Iraq, and then to facilitate a new Kurdish state that will in effect divide the conquered, colonized nation. Israel intends to profit from this new alliance via oil rich lands, but will still experience problems as regards its transport. Undoubtedly, Sharon and his Likudniks are working on a solution. And if this kind of activity is being undertaken inside Iraq, obviously other intelligence actions are in the works right now to cause new military incursions against Syria and Iran, probably also on Sharon's "things-to-do" list for our military, our president, and our Congress.

How can Israel, a small nation of about five million, along with about six to nine million Jewish supporters in the United States, have such a high level of total control over American government? Obviously, the answer is money. Jewish Americans are, for the most part, quite wealthy and politically very active. And as has been previously reported in this space, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] is an extremely effective, rich and powerful lobby. Unquestionably, other Jewish organizations also combine to bring pressure on legislators and political leaders at all levels of American government to generate policies favorable to their agendas.

The deteriorating debacle in Iraq, which for all practical purposes was a war initiated to benefit Israel on their "Eastern Front" in the upcoming all-out Middle Eastern War, has turned world opinion against the US and Israel. But many people, including Jews in both the United States and Israel itself, have been objecting to and protesting against Israeli atrocities which continue to exacerbate a rapidly deteriorating situation. Jews in Israel that have protested the Likud war party's atrocities against Palestinians have also been ruthlessly dealt with by their own police and military. Israel is rapidly becoming a police state where dissent and disagreement with government policy is simply not tolerated.

What Jews lack in numbers, they more than make up for in wealth and organization. But organization and political activism are key. As I had reported previously, even our upcoming elections are subject to heavy Zionist scrutiny. A simple, honest and truthful remark concerning Israel made by Dr. Howard Dean, the Democratic Party's one-time runaway front-running candidate for president, caused him to be removed from consideration because he simply offered that the United States should be more "even-handed" as concerns Israeli and Palestinian hostilities in the Middle East.

Representatives of Congress, whose members questioned Dean's position offering that he was questioning Israel's "right to exist", sent angry letters to him. And a Zionist-controlled media blew his war cry totally out of proportion to humiliate him, thereby eliminating him from contention. Dean never offered that Israel had no right to exist; he merely offered an even-handed approach. Our Congress never got that angry over the twenty-six children murdered by our government at Waco in 1993. As previously cited in the article "The Jewish Divide on Israel," posted on The Nation website June 24th by Esther Kaplan, "Hannah Rosenthal, executive director of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs [JCPA] and one of the few liberals invited, said she had her hand in the air, ready to ask questions about civil rights, poverty and the erosion of the church/state divide, but she was avoided by the facilitators, and the meeting shaped up as a single-agenda affair. 'The central issue, no matter how they came at it, was, 'Are you going to be there for Israel in these difficult times?' Rosenthal recalls'" The occasion was a New York City political gathering for John Kerry.

What is particularly disturbing is that as Ms. Rosenthal is so concerned with "the erosion of the church/state divide," she and her Zionist JCPA organization are working feverishly to expand, nurture and intensify the fusion of synagogue and state. And in the July 9th issue of Forward, a weekly Jewish New York City newspaper, an article entitled "Pro-Israel Activists Start Media Campaign" leads off with, "Hundreds of American Jewish activists launched a concerted pre-emptive media campaign this week to minimize negative publicity for Israel, as the International Court of Justice in the Hague rules on Israel's West Bank security fence." The article continues, "The activists set off a newly created network and applied skills that they acquired during a three-day pro-Israel media advocacy conference, held last week here. Graduates of the seminar contacted local news organizations across America to argue - in advance of Friday's ICJ's decision - that Israel has the right to fend off terrorists, and that polls show most Americans support Israel's security barrier. Their messages were carefully crafted and orchestrated by the Israel Project, a Washington-based pro-Israel advocacy group, which organized the seminar. 'When the news cycle gives you lemons, you need to make lemonade,' said Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, president of The Israel Project. 'By using proven sound-bites and images, we can take what could be a bad press situation and turn it around.'"

The article demonstrates the aggressive Zionist methodology: "Last week's conference in Washington brought hundreds of Jewish activists, mainly senior officials in Jewish federations and community-relations councils across America. Participants learned how to deal with the media locally and agreed on ways to distill a coordinated, uniform message to react to developments pertaining to Israel, and sometimes to even pre-empt them.

Shoshana Cardin, national chair of the Israel Project, kicked off the seminar with a declaration of war. Cardin sought to galvanize the Jewish activists who gathered from as far away as Argentina and the Dominican Republic to do battle on behalf of an Israel that she and other speakers portrayed as damaged by its depiction in the press. The event 'is the largest effort to begin to have a war of words,' Cardin said. 'We are in a war. We may not have realized it yet.'"

Likening it to war, the Forward offers that the organized Zionists created an arsenal for the "troops," including role-playing sessions for possible TV appearances; how to effectively deliver pro-Israel messages to call-in radio shows; contact and content methods for news reporters and editors; closely monitoring all the foregoing to detect anti-Israel slants; lists of "positive" stories about Israel, amongst many other methods. [Emphasis added.]

Hannah Rosenthal is cited once again, previously referenced above in the article by Esther Kaplan in The Nation, and now being quoted in Forward: "'We must make sure that all initiatives to approach the media go through the local [Community Relations Council],' said Hannah Rosenthal, executive director of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, which co-sponsored the event with the United Jewish Communities and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Rosenthal and others said that one of the direct results of the seminar would be the establishment of a CRC network that would coordinate media strategies."

Rosenthal continues: "'We often hear from people in the urbanized Jewish community that they feel outgunned' by critics of Israel, Rosenthal told the Forward. She noted that almost every American CRC, which her organization unites and represents, sent a representative to the seminar."

The article concludes by guaranteeing a "bombardment," their word, and media blitz at both political party conventions. The article doesn't explain how such expensive media blitzes and TV ads will be paid for, but I guess our imaginations will fill in the blanks. And obviously, any media outlet that doesn't toe the Zionist party line and support Israel's warmongering and belligerent ethnic cleansing imperialism, "will be detected." Clearly, that 's when the defensive wing of Zionism comes into play; namely, the ACLU, the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal "troops." And considering all the money available to these small crisply focused, highly organized and therefore very effective pockets of insistence, American politicians will cower as usual.

Esther Kaplan's piece referred to the absolute destruction of Democrat Howard Dean precisely due to the highly organized and savage attacks by these groups. He was the Democratic Party's shoe-in frontrunner, a candidate that offered a different choice for Americans in this important election year. He was admired by the NRA, and those Americans who realize that the Iraqi war was created to serve the interests of the Zionist Jews who have shanghaied our Pentagon, Congress, president and our entire military. And this is how they did it, and how they continue to do it. And if you recognize and support this analysis, then you and I are "anti-Semitic."


THEODORE E. LANG 8/20/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer and maintains a website at www.tedlang.com



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