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"it is to be expected that if you instill, encourage and start terrorism yourself, one day, the same terrorism may come back to haunt you”

Welcome to the world of terrorism 
Posted February 18, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Vern Muir

An illustration of US Foreign Policy,

In WASHINGTON -- From 1970 to 1973, the United States sought to overthrow the government of Chile and its democratically elected president, Dr. Salvador Allende, whom it deemed a Marxist threat to U.S. interests. Under orders from President Richard M. Nixon, the CIA mounted a full-tilt covert operation to keep Allende from taking office and, when that failed, undertook subtler efforts to undermine him. Those efforts "never really ended," the CIA's director of operations at the time, Thomas Karamessines, later told Senate investigators.

On Sept. 11, 1973, the Chilean military seized power, in a coup sponsored by the CIA, The junta, under Gen. Augusto Pinochet, ruled until 1990. Its death squads murdered more than 3,000 people, and it jailed and tortured thousands more. Chile is still trying to come to terms with the damage done to its democratic institutions.

Well, well, well. The USA installed a brutal military dictatorship to rule and kill, instead of the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leader of that nation. What did the US public think of this evil action? Well, in reality, of course, Americans had no choice because the American government got involved in changing the course of another countries destiny without it's public consent, or the consent of the people within the country that it destroyed. The lives of millions in a foreign country we deeply affected, to protect the USA's own financial interests. After all, the richest country in the world couldn't risk becoming the second richest country in the world. If people had to die unfairly, so be it. So, for twenty years, people were killed and kidnapped under the USA installed military dictator, and yet, luckily for the Americans, no Chilean ever took arms against the USA. Even a Chilean protester who had his wife and children taken from him, tortured and killed never thought to hurt an innocent American civilian.

Then there was Panama, Cuba, Vietnam, Grenada, the list is enormous. No other country including Germany in 1930-1940 has such an impressive and extensive list of invasions. Yet, strangely, and even luckier still, none of these countries citizens ever took arms against the USA. Their husbands may have been killed, their children shot, their houses bombed by US planes, but life went on the USA as normal. Then, we come to the middle east. Oil, money, wealth. In all abundance in the Middle East. The question is, how to tap into it. 

The USA has a huge weapons industry. The biggest in the world. The USA sells jets, missiles, bombers, helicopters, you name it. hundreds of thousands of jobs and Bush's presidential electoral campaign funds depend on it. It was extremely profitable to sell arms to Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war, because the war was long and expensive, and the USA was making great profits. So the US happily sold weapons to Saddam. Even giving him Biological and Chemical weapons programs. LINK: Report: U.S. supplied the kinds of germs Iraq later used for biological weapons [USA TODAY] - 09/30/02 http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2002-09-30-iraq-ushelp_x.htm However, even more profit could be made by selling arms to Iran at the same time!! That was a win win situation for the USA. So that is exactly what they did. 8 Million people died in that war. (Recap of Iran-Contra. We (the good ol’ USA) sold weapons to Iran (even though we were publicly supporting Iraq and Saddam), and used the profits to fund Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Both actions were illegal.) Did anyone from the US government apologize for the act of selling arms to both sides for so many years? Of course not!!! Are you crazy!! That would be Un-American!

What greater act of deception could you imagine? 8 million lives!!! 8 million deaths for US weapons sales. Even if you don't like the middle east, you can understand why they would hate the USA, when such a rich country could betray their "friends" so badly. Of course, not every death is attributed to the USA, but in reality they did a terrible terrible thing. Any rightly so, anyone who had a loved one killed by a US bomb during that time could be rightly justified for hating the US government that profited so crudely from this war. So, finally, after years and years of corrupting other nations sovereignty and leadership the USA has terrorism.

Am I surprised? NO! Of course not! Do I agree ? NO! Of course not!! Acts of terrorism are hideous abominations, however, it is to be expected that if you instill, encourage and start terrorism yourself, one day, the same terrorism may come back to haunt you! Know that the USA can act with evil and greed.  Recognize it.  See it, and LEARN from it!! Afer 9-11, a journalist asked Mr. Bush, "why do you think they hate us?" And Mr. Bush replied, "I don't know. I don't know! These people need to know what a free and caring nation we are....." So, Mr. Bush is totally unaware of the US's foreign policies!! What a terrible leader! Or terrible liar!! One of the above MUST be true.

Because EVERYONE outside the USA understands why the USA is hated the way it is. Yet, everyone INSIDE the USA refuses to understand it, believe it, or worst still, HEAR it. The war in Iraq could serve a great cause in highlighting the appalling and corrupt nature of the US foreign policy, and HOPEFULLY will be a catalyst for change. The USA have been invading and inciting wars for years and years, yet this one was just extremely controversial because no evidence was forth coming, before, during or after the war. You see, most people don't know about their own country's previous invasion histories, so they actually believe Saddam was a grave and imminent threat. So much for bravery. Kill 'em quick. JUST IN CASE!!! The USA can either embrace terrorism as new addition to daily life that will be with them forever or:
  • 1. Understand your history!!!
    Teach our children about the coup in Chile! About the war in Vietnam, the invasion of Grenada.
    Tell our children WHY we killed these people. (The Germans teach their children about WW2). Let them know about Americans dark and evil side, because it exists and it is now jumping up and biting you on the backside.

  • 2. Protest US foreign policy!!
    To be rich is fine. But at the expense of other nations is truly evil. I thought those wearing white hats didn't shoot unless they were being shot at! But, not in US foreign policy. Their policy is to shoot whoever could upset your financial situation. Know that the USA acts as badly as the people it portrays as villains, (because the world knows it).

  • 3. Stop electoral donations.  (this is the tough one).
    Americans often elect the richest candidate, because THEY had the most money to promote themselves. If you cannot see how that leads to corruption, then we are truly beyond saving.

God help America, because he sure as hell aint gonna bless a lying, killing evil nation. No matter how many good and great things the US does (and it does do many a wonderful thing), if it murders, deceives, and corrupts, then it will ALWAYS be called a killer, and will attract those with revenge and justice in the mind, those who will commit equally hideous acts of terrorism). If a murderer is a great helpful caring person for 50 years, and then kills someone, do we call them a wonderful person? Or a killer?

To prove to the world we are not as ignorant as we seem, vote out George Bush. Elect a monkey, elect anyone or anything, but prove to the world and yourselves that you are not brain dead fools who will believe anything that you hear from the oil businessmen who run the government (Bush Administration) Please take a moment to look at your history, because if you do not know the facts, and form opinions based on lies and deception then you truly cannot care about the future of your nation, and instead must want terrorism as part of your ongoing lives.


© Copyright Vern Muir 2004 All rights reserved.



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