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"Let’s focus on “Perle Pot!”  Richard Perle is one of the architects of the now exposed Pax Americana, the “new American century,” which calls for US to don our jackboots, mount our Panzers and climb into our Stukas, and conquer the world.”


Perle Pot

Posted February 21, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

Whoa!  What’s goin’ on?  Richard Perle, one of the Bush crime family’s top dog secret PNAC war criminals is now hand-wringing and finger-pointing, and calling for “heads to roll” in the Bush administration’s spook bureau?  Is this unbelievable?  Does anyone out there still have a problem trying to figure out why the revelations of former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill were so quickly dropped and relegated to a non-event by our captive and dependent corporate media?

Not only were O’Neill’s revelations made to disappear; they were overshadowed by the David Kay assertions concerning the non-existence of Iraqi WMD.  And of course those morphed into “intelligence mistakes.”  Again the question: Why weren’t FBI Director Robert Mueller, III and George Tenet of the CIA fired when it became apparent that there were massive intelligence breakdowns at the time when 9-11 vulnerability was being discussed?  Why wasn’t Tenet’s resignation sought on the heels of the David Kay revelations that led to the assessment that our intelligence agencies were incompetent?  We all know why – the latter was just smoke!

The O’Neill revelations confirmed what most of those who obtain their information via the Internet already knew: War with Iraq was plotted the day Bush took office by the secret, behind-the-scenes PNAC cabal to advance the military interests of Israel, seize Mid East oil for America, keep both the Russians and the Chinese out, and to secure sweetheart government contract deals for Bechtel and Halliburton.  And Richard Perle “Pot” was right there in the thick of things.  As we all know, Perle “Pot” is a member of the PNAC war criminal gang, and now that the PNAC scheme is getting more and more focus in spite of FOXNews and their “opposing” corporate media, “Perle Pot” has decided to distance himself from the burning Bush beans in the black kettle.  It’s the “Pot” calling the kettle black!

It may be recalled that Tim Russert had queried President Bush on precisely this issue.  It was something along the lines of Russert asking, “Is CIA Director George Tenet’s job in jeopardy?”  Bush offered that it wasn’t even being remotely considered.  This response calls for dual analysis.

First, the effective date of dealing with Tenet has long since passed.  When the so-called “intelligence breakdown” was floated, most Internet-wise news consumers already knew that there never were any Iraqi WMD.  But it was at that point when Tenet should have resigned or been fired.  Neither having happened then, it is improbable for that to happen now!

The second consideration is, of course, what I call the “J. Edgar Hoover syndrome.”  Hoover was such a powerful, influential behind-the-scenes king maker and dethroner, what with all the dirt and blackmail advantage he held over the rich and powerful, that no one dared cross him.  Consider the political storms created by O’Neill and Kay, and just think what would happen if an enraged George Tenet decided to spill the Bush beans!

Tenet gets along very well with President Bush in spite of the fact that he is a holdover and a survivor from the Clinton administration.  And let’s never forget the Bush family’s connection to the Central Intelligence Agency – Bush’s father was a former director.  But “Perle Pot” might goad Tenet into a wild reaction.  And although this is a possibility, it is at best remote.  In all likelihood, Tenet will roll with the “Pot” shot and President Bush will ignore it!

So let’s focus where focus is being diverted.  Let’s focus on “Perle Pot!”  Richard Perle is one of the architects of the now exposed Pax Americana, the “new American century,” which calls for US to don our jackboots, mount our Panzers and climb into our Stukas, and conquer the world.  Pretending that he is totally disconnected from the Iraqi war crimes he helped to plan, Perle offers, “George Tenet has been at the CIA long enough to assume responsibility for its performance,” he says in a quote carried in reporter Eric Rosenberg’s February 18th article entitled “‘Heads should roll’ over Iraq” in the Toronto Star.

Then the article sneaks in the purpose of Richard’s “Perle of wisdom.”  It offers, “U.S. President George W. Bush, Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell have said they relied on intelligence from the CIA and the DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency] in their assertions that Saddam had stockpiles of mass-casualty weapons.  The claim was the main rationale for the U.S.-led invasion.”

No it wasn’t.  The main rationale for invading Iraq was Richard Perle and his PNAC plot.   


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