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"We're at WAR!" shouted the Great One.  And obviously, once at war, anything goes; dead toddlers and babies, innocent civilians, peoples' homes and businesses, hospitals and mosques, and even our Constitution and Bill of Rights."


LIP Service
Posted April 13, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

Talk radio's Rush Limbaugh totally lost it early on his "Open Line Friday" show this past April 9th.  Being it was the day immediately following that great sitcon, the Condoleezza Rice Show, I made it a point to defer preparing my income tax returns that facilitate the sending and spending of my money to and by Halliburton, Bechtel, Israel and the Carlyle Group, and tuned in to the Excellence in Bombast [EIB] network.

Limbaugh insists he's a conservative and that he shouldn't be typecast as a Republican.  That's nonsense!  But many Republicans will never again vote for Bush because of his illegal war in Iraq, his use of our military to advance the interests of Israel over our own, his reckless deficit spending that has saddled our nation with record debt giving increasing control of our nation's assets to the international bankers, and his "Patriot Act" abolition of our precious Bill of Rights.  No conservative in either his right or wrong mind supports Bush on these issues.

But Limbaugh keeps insisting he's conservative, and touts the "Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies."  As explained, Limbaugh is anything but conservative, and nowhere near the old Robert Taft/Barry Goldwater strain of libertarian conservatism.  His "institute" needs renaming.  Here's a title that just can't miss, comes right to the point in enabling all to instantly identify Limbaugh's professional offering, as well as his real broadcast specialty: the Limbaugh Institute for Propaganda, or simply LIP.  Limbaugh bills himself as "America's broadcast specialist," and "America's Truth Detector."  But even a broadcast specialist can lose it now and then while providing LIP service and propaganda for the current administration.  And perhaps Limbaugh was at one time trying earnestly for the truth, but somewhere in his American adventure, he woke up and smelled the cash.  He is now billable as America's Truth Defector!

"Ensconced behind the golden EIB [Excellence in Bluster] microphone," as he is wont to say, Limbaugh began his day of thunder totally flustered at the unfairness of the "liberal" media.  This of course is the same liberal media that kept Sibel Edmonds under wraps, and allowed the Bush team to smear Paul O'Neill, and to virtually ignore David Kay.  All their testimony and public announcements, many coinciding with the claims of Richard Clarke, were dismissed as just politics anyway; yet, the media didn't grab the ball and run over the Bush administration with it.

Limbaugh started off his tirade by lambasting the "biased, liberal media." He didn't like the way the media over informed the public with trumped up reports and articles about the seriousness of the situation now escalating in Iraq, a situation bound to hurt his Fuehrer.  It's the Bush doctrine that Rush really loves: "Either you're with US or you're against US."  That of course targets anyone and everyone that disagrees with Bush and his secret Zionist war cabal.  They are now all "enemies of the state!"

How dare the media over report the carnage in Iraq?  "We're at WAR!" shouted the Great One.  And obviously, once at war, anything goes; dead toddlers and babies, innocent civilians, peoples' homes and businesses, hospitals and mosques, and even our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  "We're at WAR, and we're kickin' ass!" says he.  He also advised he was sick of "this crap" from the media - real professional, no?

And to protect Condoleezza Rice, he cited poll numbers showing a small spike in the Bush/Rice public confidence level.  Remember how he used to criticize former President Bill Clinton for over indulging in public opinion polls? "They don't mean anything," he used to say when in the past they favored Clinton.

His first caller sucked him right in and criticized him for saying that the media had politicized some of the 9-11 families against Bush.  Realizing that he wasn't talking to a "Dittohead," Limbaugh quickly and skillfully re-directed the conversation, causing the caller to start laughing at his panic.  Limbaugh pulled his usual maneuver and kept talking as though the caller was still on the phone, making it seem that the guest was being out thought and out flanked by the Great One. The caller started laughing and the LIP started sputtering.

He changes topics and conversational direction as easily as does a politician.  In fact, he can rightfully be called a broadcast politician, or BP.  He certainly emits a high level of gas.  But what else can be said of a guy that analyzes the words and promises of politicians and ignores their actions?


Copyright THEODORE E. LANG 4/09/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.



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