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"Americans are not only losing jobs, but those jobs are being sent overseas and permanently disappearing.”


It’s the Stupid Bush Economy!

Posted February 24, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

The Bush administration wrongfully manipulated US into a war with Iraq, the primary beneficiary being the only nation in the Middle East that has weapons of mass destruction; namely, Israel.  And now we have an illegal alien amnesty plan in the works for Mexico’s benefit.  And of course the latter amnesty plan will also benefit large corporate agricultural combines that can heavily line the Bush crime family’s pockets with “campaign” cash.  Is anyone in Washington working on a plan to benefit Americans whose taxes are supporting all these schemes?

The war production is enriching the corporate citizens of the military-industrial complex, to include lots of cash for the Bush family patriarch’s deep pockets and financial interests in the Carlyle Group, as well as Vice President Dick Cheney’s interests in Halliburton.  Gee, looks like a lot of folks are getting a lot richer than they already were by launching illegal wars and legalizing illegal aliens.  Kinda cool, no?

I’m glad to see this spirit of international cooperation, especially when so much wealth is changing hands from American taxpayers to foreign investors and big defense contractors.  It’s good for the economy, don’t you know?  The more cash gets spread around, the more it gets invested, and the more invested, the more business opportunities open up, and the more business opportunities open up, the more jobs we all can have.  That’s America for you, and increasingly, for everyone else as well.  America: Land of opportunity!

But just like one celluloid Doubting Thomas famously proclaimed: “Show me the money,” where is it – the money?  If our fascist police state and its governing crime family are going to conquer the planet, of course we must have a strong and powerful military, with the finest and best technological weapons taxpayer money can buy.

It is important, therefore, to ensure that large, lucrative defense contracts, funded by taxpayer money, be awarded to Boeing, General Dynamics and General Electric, and such.  It is important that food prices be kept down, for even a “Blitzkrieg” army travels on its stomach.  Cheap alien labor for the military-agro complex is also a fascist consideration in the never-ending quest for a perfect world founded upon Pax Americana.

But as economists keeping touting a new global economy, their primary caveat of “all other things remaining equal” encompasses also the evaporation of nation-states and their artificial borders.  When economics professors in college are trying to get students to focus upon an economic dynamic in a world of choices and scarcities, they urge students to block out temporarily the coincidental interaction of other dynamics by using that phrase.  The economic theory that dismisses politics and the interaction of the state in these equations can be described as “half-baked” at best.

The state is not about to go quietly into that night!  Although the global economy increasingly makes the state – national sovereignties – increasingly irrelevant, what is relevant is the life expectancy and economic condition of each and every individual human being on Earth.  Global capitalism is spreading like wildfire, and to many anarcho-capitalist economists, that’s a good thing.  But even these visionaries admit to a transition period.   It is this “transition period” that can be most taxing to the human spirit.

The transitioning of world economies to socialism created national sovereignties that brought about the untimely slaughter of 190 million of the planet’s inhabitants in the prior century.  What kind of transitional suffering will we, the people of the United States, be subjected to before all things really become equal and balance out?  Our chief executive genius has created a huge bumbling bureaucracy of TSA airport security buffoons and goons that are severely damaging air travel, which in turn is causing cutbacks in the airline industry, which is severely cutting back on passenger airline manufacture and resulting in layoffs.

Our wondrous president is forging ahead with a foreign policy dictated down to him to serve the interests of Israel, and combining foreign and domestic policy that benefits the nation of Mexico, and caters to illegal aliens who are in violation of our laws.  He intends to spend our hard-earned taxpayer-provided funding on curing Aids in Africa, and of course, in rebuilding Iraq, which didn’t need rebuilding till he blew it up.  Military contractors are using scientists and engineers emigrating from Asia and India, and are farming computer work back out to these nations via the Internet.  He saddles US with the corrupt and incompetent TSA to hassle law-abiding Americans to protect US from terrorists, and opens up our borders for illegals to serve his agro-complex contributors.

Americans are not only losing jobs, but those jobs are being sent overseas and permanently disappearing.  Outsourcing no longer means farming-out jobs within corporations and the government to another American corporate entity, but completely out of the country.  This will indeed abolish national sovereignties, especially our own.  But certainly, the power brokers and bankers have another form of government in mind.  As for our own present situation, it looks like it’s time for a “regime change!” 


© Copyright THEODORE E. LANG 2/22/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.



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