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"How is this "democracy?"  How is this the "will of the people?"


Funnel Takes 
Posted March 12, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: Ted Lang

There was a time in America when the waging of war was for a reason.  The primary reason was for the protection of our nation and its peace-loving people.  It was a matter of defense to ensure survival.  Not any more!  We are a capitalist society, which means everything we do is not even remotely connected to either reason or justification.  Wars are now being initiated by "we the people" not to secure our protection and well being, but to generate profits for the warmongering capitalists and their representatives and stakeholders in Washington, D.C. 

Of course we are speaking of the Bush crime family and its cabal of warmongers.  They are the military-industrial complex President Dwight David Eisenhower warned US about.  They create unnecessary wars, which result in massive unbid contracts that generate huge and unbelievable gains for the Bush family co-investors and stockholder friends that are enriched by these special behind-the-scenes interests from profits generated by the deaths and maiming of our military heroes.

How dare we question the loyalty and dedication of our military? Criticizing the actions and military execution of our defenders is completely unpatriotic.  Anyone that points out our immorality in unjustly and unconstitutionally invading other sovereign nations is obviously a traitor.  President George [W]ehrmacht Bush has received both his authorization and marching orders directly from God.  Therefore, anyone who is not with Bush's conquest of planet Earth is the enemy, and therefore needs to be "processed."

And as soon as Minister of Justice, Herr Johann Trashcraft, receives the required surgery to re-install his gall, ve shall overcome und instill loyalty in those that are too ignorant to see the God-given directives to the American Empire and its Wehrmacht to lead all in the world to follow the directives originated by our leadership in Washington, all of whom follow the divine authority and superior intellect of Unser Fuehrer, President George [W]ehrmacht Bush.

War isn't hell, it's orchestrated pell-mell!  It's orchestrated pell-mell that funnels big-time taxpayer funds to Bechtel, Halliburton and the Carlisle Group.  And these are Dick Cheney and George Bush cash profit centers enriching themselves and their fellow investors.  This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with installing our brand of democracy. In fact, there was probably more democracy in Iraq before our Imperial Wehrmacht arrived to dictate down to the conquered masses of Iraq our closed-door decisions as to what we think should be the terms and conditions of Iraq's governmental compact with its people.

How is this "democracy?"  How is this the "will of the people?"  Doesn't Iraq have the same right of "self-determination" that every nation on Earth should have?  Isn't this how we obtained our former human rights which have been totally abolished by AG Johann Trashcraft and his Ministry of Justice?

This is what "American" politics is all about - raising trillions in cash from schemers, plotters and the hopelessly wealthy clueless dimwits who think there is meaning to the election process.  Funneling trillions to the political frontrunners, who in turn ship the money off to the corporate controlled media, which run the stupid and meaningless mudslinging campaigns that inform no one of the real issues.

Stupid, worthless, meaningless campaign pronouncements that do not even come remotely close to enlightening the electorate as regards real issues to serve the vital interests of continuity as regards individual freedom and prosperity.  Money, money, money!  That's all it's about.  Help the ruling class b.s. the populace.  Declare war on nations that never harmed US.  Look at the profits.  Who cares about the caskets?  Drape 'em with an American flag, play the national anthem and taps, get everybody to jerk a tear, and it's chi-ching, chi-ching for Bechtel, Carlisle and Halliburton.  And hail to the chief, our chief executive thief!

All that taxpayer-earned money going for commercials to our controlled corporate media for expensive advertisements telling US how great Medicare is.  How many millions in taxpayer dollars is Bush funneling for these commercials?  How many millions are being funneled to Boeing, Halliburton, Bechtel and Carlisle to enrich the Bush-Cheney crime families?

Now when all things are considered, isn't that the real purpose of campaign financing and donations?  Isn't it to propagate a ruling class that can enrich itself by creating unnecessary wars to enrich the stockholders of the military-industrial complex?  Needn't we, a free nation of individuals and taxpayers, question these "arrangements?"  Of course not!  We've got the real criminals on the run - Martha Stewart, Leona Helmsley and Marge Schott [God rest her recently-departed soul!].


Copyright THEODORE E. LANG 3/11/04 All rights reserved. Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.



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