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Why the Oligarchy wants War in place of Economic Development
Posted March 13, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

By G.C.Reid

They tried to force President Clinton to support a war against Iraq in accordance to the war policy they had drawn up, but he wouldn't do it; and they cooked up the Lewinski Affair against him.

The war against Iraq which Clinton rejected, was to be based on the very same weapons of mass destruction grounds being pushed at present. Elapsed time since then, has proved what a fraud this reason was back then, just as it obviously still is a fraud now.

But the real problem though, is not Saddam Hussein, but the unpayable debt implosion and collapse of the many times over bankrupt, globalized financial system. This has been brought about by the effects of deregulation, speculation and free trade.

The bankrupting outcome of these agendas, must have positively been realized by the leaders and controllers of governments that participated in introducing these agendas, which were dictated by policy writing 'think tanks' -- of which there are some 166 in some 38 nations including the U.S.. These think tanks were set up under the authority of the British Crown in the 1970s to push the above mentioned nation bankrupting deregulation and free trade policies globally. International financier control of nations due to this debt, is the true intention of the Globalization agenda. Indeed the true title of the predicament is not Globalization but rather, Oligarchism.

To fulfill the planned agenda, in the already established method of the financier elite, and of those who dictate policy for governments, war is an essential ingredient. This is to conceal the inherent bankruptcies of the financier oligarchy themselves who have necessarily speculated in derivatives, the face values of which collapse due to fall off of production which in turn, is a direct a result of the same speculation they themselves live by. By such policies, which result in inflation, they live on monetary profits rather than on economic profits that would result from nation building and employment creating production.

Their policies thus are de-industrialization policies which they push due to free trade by which cheap labor in developing countries, is utilized for the purpose, and currencies of nations further down the scale are collapsed via financial de-regulation, in order to make products imported from them, cheaper still. This simultaneously ruins the economy of the exporter country as because the debt is payable in U.S. dollars, more of the exporters currency has to be found to make up the difference. This occurrs while the nation importing the goods, is itself living cheaply until the financial stock market bubble which is where much of the debt owed is placed, starts to collapse as the capital owed is withdrawn after the realization of reality.

The debt owed has been mushrooming, and for this reason, Anglo-American leaders have been prospecting for and attempting ardently to provoke war. People however, are not as silly to think that such war as they call for is valid. But as the financial system is collapsing at an increasing rate, and the anglo American leaders i.e. U.S. President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and even Australia's Prime Minister John Howard, are more than obviously desperate. The latter two, Blair and Howard, are Queen's Privy Councellors and Bush's father who was a former U.S. President and was knighted by the British Crown for starting the so named Gulf War in the early 1990s.

The urgent necessary for a war on behalf of the requirements of the invisible British Empire which has its octopus like tentacles into all nations in various ways, has never been so urgent as it is at present. For precedents to the present situation, we only have to look at true history which has been kept from the people by the elite regarding such matters. For example, Adolf Hitler was financed to power by the City of London and Wall Street Financier Oligarchy.

History shows that Germany was bankrupted due to unsrupulous debt reparations being demanded by the financial oligarchy, which led to the debt becomong unpayable and blowing out in devaluation of the currency, and the consequent completely unpayable increases in prices of goods. This as is what is happening now but now it is happening on a global scale. The financier oligarchy, nevertheless, as in Germany, are calling for debt reparation. In effect, unobtainable non existent funds with interest, are required by the oligarchy to cover the othewise bankruptcy of the same oligarchy.

These are similar to Conditions under which Adolf Hitler came to power. Hitler's rise to power was financed by the City of London and Wall Street; by such as Montagu Norman, head of the Bank of England, and the Averell Harriman Company and friends in New York who were controlled by Montagu Norman. George Bush himself, is the great grandson of the person, who together with his grandfather, worked with Averell Harriman, to bring Adolf Hitler to power under the leadership of Montagu Norman.

During this period, the Germans had brought the The Kurk von Schleicher government to power and this government was thus overthrown. If the Kurk von Schleicher government had remained in power until Franklin Roosevelt became president in the U.S., then World War II would not have happened, and the Nazi party would have evaporated because Germany would have been a partner with the U.S. in a worldwide recovery program; a program similar to the one presently proposed by American Statesman and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche who is purposely kept out of the spotlight by the elite controlled main media.

Had LaRouche been permitted by the elite to debate Al Gore and George Bush publicly prior to the 2000 Presidential Election -- allowed to compete on a level playing field, there would surely today be a far greater President of the United States.

As LaRouche himself said: "The U.S. would be over run with friends who are now looked on as our enemies." Not only that, but the world would be well on the way to long overdue economic recovery through agreements, development, production and employment growth.

Nevertheless, the present situation has a precedent as described above. The agenda of the financier oligarchy which controlls our governments, is push war onto us rather than economic development, in order to cover their own bankruptcy, to exert power over the people, and also to reduce the global population to some one billion people while reintoducing feudalism, a system which existed in medieval times, under which 95% of the population is controlled by the top 5% who are the elite.

It is because of such purposes that economists such as Lyndon LaRouche who propose economic development against the oligarchy's bankrupting agendas of de-regulation, speculation, free trade and de-industrialization, are purposely kept out of the spotlight by the elite controlled media; Such development plans as proposed by LaRouche on behalf of the ordinary people, would destroy the despotic plans of the financier oligarchy and other elite for their world control and even their world ownership.




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