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Posted March 10, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

by Dan Dvorak

“…under the USA Patriots act, we’re looking at subversive groups within the community and we will be turning them in to appropriate authorities under ‘HOMELAND SECURITY’ “- Samuel Mutch, Waldo Florida city Attorney


Subversive groups my behind. There are exactly 3 groups of people in the 800 citizen city of Waldo. The elementary School kids, the senior citizens from the community center and the Waldo Area Chamber of Commerce. Who do you think Mutch is referring to?


Now comes before us the real danger of the Bush Administrations assault on the U.S. Constitution and our civil rights. The “USA Patriots Act” was never meant to be an anti terrorist tool, but a tool to undermine the rights and liberties of the American People. It is a tool for harassment, snooping and crushing dissent and frightening off criticism of government activities, originally adopted by our National Government and the current administration, but now even small corrupt communities can take advantage of the Bush assault. Before it’s over the administration and governments big and small will find more and more creative uses for the Nazi Manifesto known as the USA PATRIOTS ACT.


Its approval by the United States Congress was accomplished by Bush threatening “exposure” to the people of anyone refusing to sign the Act into Law. Lawmakers were told “don’t read it, just sign it.” Given only a few hours to digest hundreds of pages, complicated legalese the compliant frightened Congress gave Bush his “ACT” and forever changed America .


In Waldo Florida, the Nations biggest “speed trap” a group of citizens has been working to change the corrupt town into a city that would welcome tourists, visitors and new business. They have fought bogus law enforcement, neglect of the city’s children recreation needs, punitive and unfair ordinances designed to harass Waldo citizens. Recognizing that there needed to be changes in leadership to break the ‘grasp’ that the small clique of lifetime politicians had on the city, these citizens put up and supported two candidates this past election one of which won and the other losing by only two votes. Now some things that were suspected, that city funds were missing and the budget was bloated and unrealistic, yearly mandated accounting proved the citizens concerns.


Life ceased to be FUN for the officials of Waldo. Several quit or took leave of absences. The rest are up against the ropes trying to fend off attacks and bad publicity which is a regular occurrence and the city council is backtracking and attempting to fix those things they messed up.


But the citizens, Chamber of Commerce and other outside interested parties won’t back off until the city becomes friendly to the outside and calls off the rogue police force which supplies 25%-30% of the entire city’s income.




Frustrated and backed against the wall, the newly appointed Mutch is operating under a directive from the corrupt Mayor Louis Davis and some of the old guard city council to intimidate and frighten the Waldo Area Chamber of Commerce and it’s supporters in the hopes that the ‘bad people’ will somehow go away and restore the fun of city government in the shadows, a highly lucrative and entertaining exercise enjoyed by Waldo’s lifetime politicians over the last quarter century.


Guess what folks? Won’t work! The people who would demand change to the highly destructive “business in Waldo as usual” will NOT go away anytime soon. The group has already retained council and wish to warn anyone seeking to use fraudulent charges to disrupt the citizens group in their lawful exercise of their rights to free speech and to monitor government in the sunshine would be guilty of filing a knowingly false report under the Patriots act and would be subject to imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine of $50,000 or both.


We WILL be hearing plenty more from governments big and small who will seek to crush dissent through this unconstitutional tool. Also the threat of this bogus “Act” will be used to intimidate and frighten Citizens of the United States from their duty to keep government within the framework of their charter and within the Constitution itself, the very document the USAPA seeks to circumvent.



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