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The State of The Union Lie Fest 
July 19, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

First, let's start off with the title of the website where they keep scum sucking George Bush's 2003 State of The Union Address.

These images  are copied from the White "whore" House web site today. We'll see if they leave the ironic title up there. Denial and Deception is  an excellent description of the content of Bush's speech.

It's becoming pretty clear that Bush, the most lying, most despicable president in US history, knowingly lied about Saddam and Nigerian Uranium. But let's take another look at this joke of a state of the union address and go a bit deeper.

He said (on opednews.com, right wing, biased sources are hi-lighted in green:)

"During the last two years, we have seen what can be accomplished when we work together. " This lying Yale grad who was given favored, unequal treatment to get in his alma mater does not work together. He is a viperous, total partisan.  One of his leading advisors calls bipartisanism "date rape." There's no working together with this rapacious thug.

To lift the standards of our public schools, we achieved historic education reform -- which must now be carried out in every school and in every classroom, so that every child in America can read and learn and succeed in life.  Education reform? Let's start with the real story. In Houston, the schools that were lauded as so wonderful are now rated the worst because of FRAUD. They lied about dropouts, saying they transferred to other schools. Now, we have the guy who ran this lying, crooked operation running the nation's school policy as secretary of education. He's Rod Paige... a Bush appointee. The thought of putting into place an education program with results based on lying and fraud is frightening, terrible... so.. Bush-like.

To protect our country, we reorganized our government and created the Department of Homeland Security, which is mobilizing against the threats of a new era. He hasn't adequately funded it. He hasn't adequately funded the 9/11 investigation, and is actively sabotaging it. He's protecting his Saudi friends who obviously have nasty connections to the original 9/11 attack. By attacking Iraq  he has starved the nation of funding and resources that are desperately needed to protect us from terrorism. Anyway, the real threats of this new era come from within-- from Bush, from the neocons of the PNAC. These brainiac smart guys are, as they say in Texas, “all hat and no cattle.”  But they have outrageously endangered and hurt America, causing scores of deaths, ruining old, long term international relationships,  and causing losses of billions of dollars and millions of jobs.

"To bring our economy out of recession, we delivered the largest tax relief in a generation."  Well, the second half is true. But this wasn't about bringing our economy out of a recession. The experts agree. It's going to do little if anything to help the recession. It will help very rich people. I'm all for class war. Tax the hell out of the top one percent. Make it retroactive. Tax the hell out of anything over $25 million in inheritance. So it'll break up the family plantation or 10,000 acre ranch? Tough shit.

To insist on integrity in American business we passed tough reforms, and we are holding corporate criminals to account. LOLROTFLMAO (That means Laughing Out Loud, Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Ass Off) To say that Bush is like a Mafioso is an insult to the Mafia. They used to complain about Clinton putting a price tag on the Lincoln bedroom of the Whitehouse.  Bush has sent out his minions to put price tags on every asset, every resource the USA possesses. As far as holding Corporate Criminals to account, this is probably true. I have no doubt that the crooked corporate criminals Bush deals with, entertains, hangs out with, does business deals with (Harkin Energy, for example) are all required to make an accounting to the "Don" Bushioni. I'm sure that the reforms are being used to decrease corporate liabilities and smooth the path for corporation multi-tentacled, unrestricted growth. Growth of business is sometimes good. But we're talking about the worst corporate abuses.

After recounting his accomplishments, he went on to ask for support in a slew of new or ongoing projects. You can be sure that they are all, every one of them. loaded with fraud, deception, trickery and of course, his stock in trade-- lies.

When I was a senior in college, I remember realizing that Nixon was a total F-ing liar too. He could happily stand up and state "I am sitting down."  just as easily as George Bush can say, I am not screwing America. I am not sending American soldiers to their deaths because my leadership failed totally to anticipate or plan for after defeating Iraq. But then we know Bush isn't very good at apologies. After Bush has been convicted for treason and war crimes, the judge should consider his lack of regret and inability to apologize,. There's a symmetry in this world that should give Bush a sentence comparable to those he allowed to be carried out for over 150 prisoner while he was governor of Texas. After all, Bush has caused the deaths of thousands. But, then again, Bush might appeal to the Supreme Court and they might go and appoint him president all over again.

It is unlikely that "Texas" justice will prevail. But the Watergate scandal pales before this president's actions. Our best hope, and not an unrealistic one is that the lying scum bag president will bring down many of his slavering, hyena cronies with him, that after the hellish conflagration of republican corruption in the congress, a Nor'easter will howl through and clean out the stables. Pardon my mixed metaphors. But I assure you I have tempered, edited and deleted my language here. When it comes to Bush and Cheney and the neocon brainiac fools, there are not enough cuss words, not enough expletives until they are out of office, out of power, in jail and exposed to the light of day.

Remember. You are drafted. There is a countdown. It has started. The 2004 elections are getting closer every day. What did you do today to make a difference? It is never too late to decide, to do something, anything.

I found out about the title of the State of the Union Website address from www.buzzflash.com


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