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You name the law, he’s broken it, from insider trading to the murder of thousands.


Posted May 21, 2003

by Dan Dvorak

How does he do it? You name the law, he’s broken it, from insider trading, to AOL (maybe even desertion), drug and alcohol abuse, extortion, perjury and what’s worse, lying to the American people, bribery, corruption, falsifying documents, lying to Congress, lying to the world, manufacturing evidence, destruction of an entire country, the murder of thousands and the murder of American troops. Add to that the starvation of millions and the responsibility for the theft and destruction of priceless artifacts, and a gift for the future Iraqi generations, the extension of pops war policy, the dumping of thousands of metric tons of DU (depleted uranium) which will sicken and kill millions over the next 4.5 billion years. Bush is also willing to scrap 200 years of friendly relations with whole countries who oppose his maniacal militarism, punishing them with lies and innuendo, using his stooges in the media to deliver the strop.

And he gets away with anything and everything clean as a whistle thanks to a pliant media, frightened lawmakers and a stupid, very stupid public. It’s no accident that the Republicans call themselves “education Presidents” or “education Governors” while they slash education programs and budgets. They DON’T WANT Americans to be too smart, as a matter of fact, the dumber the better to the Republicans. Keep ‘em dumb, keep ‘em hungry.

Who else could get a book banned, recalled and burned like Fortunate Son by J.H. Hatfield, even BEFORE his election. Book Burnings! In America ! A biography of G.W. Bush that the public NEEDED to read before voting.

Make no mistake about it, no one seriously believes that Bush is even close to smart enough to accomplish these super-human feats on his own. Bush is a boob on a string, strings pulled by a full time criminal enterprise that is bent on ruling the planet. Whether you call them the council of a hundred, New World Order, or the Project for a New American Century, one thing is clear. The purpose and goals of this cabal of right wing nuts is Global Domination, control of all the worlds’ resources, the repeal of the bill of rights, the bankruptcy of the United States , the privatization of EVERYTHING, and the merger of big business with big government.  For all we know, that top secret “energy policy” meeting (with the full complement of top secret attendees) that has been so elusive to the public was a meeting to direct the yet to be announced Iraq invasion and the theft of their oil. That was the “policy”.

This “Teflon” resident doesn’t gave rats behind about public opinion (real public opinion), the law, ethics, world opinion, fiscal responsibility, clean air and water, education of our children, or the health and general well being of our population. How does he get away with it? What kind of hold does the Republican Party have on the Media?

When he’s called out on it one of his robot spokespersons will say “that’s past history, we are more concerned with the future” End of discussion. Or if he is confronted by a citizen on the street, his comment would be “I don’t CARE what you think”

This man Bush is so incredible, he somehow got Faldwell’s far right “Christians” (who stated on the air that ALL Jews were going to hell) to support the Israelis (for the moment) stand against  Palestine and all other Muslims who coincidently, were also all going to hell! What kind of power is that? Where does this guy come from? And the media doesn’t even attempt to make the connection.

How he avoids investigation into the dozens of questionable actions he instigates is another mystery. He doesn’t want to answer questions, he doesn’t. He doesn’t want to turn over documents, he doesn’t. He doesn’t want anyone or anything investigated, he classifies it, buries it or stonewalls. And he does it smoothly with impunity like that’s the way it should be. He is answerable to no one and he and his handlers control the news in all the mainstream media. He has the ultimate racket and the most awesome power. He rules the world.

And just how does he control the media like he does? It’s frightening. They follow his bidding, crush dissent, color the news, delete important stories and now the McCarthy type “blacklists” threaten free speech by actors and artists. They publish lies en mass like those stories relating to France and their complicity in hiding Iraqi ‘fugitives’, following the Bush plan of punishing those who opposed the invasion. The press and TV Media are merely stooges of the President, dutifully reprinting the Whitehouse Press Releases. How frightening is it? During the invasion, even the press itself was targeted for death. Many journalists and commentators were killed by “friendly Fire”, some of them even the ‘good ones’! If you thought that would anger the media you would be wrong. Accepting the death of their colleagues, even knowing that American tanks purposefully took aim at known press locations, they still follow in lockstep the Residents orders. What kind of power is that? Can this man be stopped? What is it going to take?

His fiscal prowess amazes the world. He has somehow managed to convince a stupid and pliant Congress that tax cuts for the rich was the way to economic recovery, even if it meant throwing the deficit into many trillions over the next generation and beyond. Even if it meant raiding and dissolving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Even if it meant the end to all social programs in America . Even if history has demonstrated that trickle down economics has NEVER before worked and it will never work because the ones who get the money, just take it and run as they did with Regan and Bush’s daddy.

The people of this country deserve special mention. How ignorant they are draped in their Taiwan made American Flags, not having a clue as to what they are losing, what they are giving up and what they will never have again.  How dumb can you get, bowing down to der Fuhrer, proclaiming their phony patriotism as they ride around in their Hondas, watch their Sony’s while the country imports a half trillion dollars more goods than it exports each year. How patriotic. How pathetic. Where is the natural skepticism that was prevalent during President Clinton? What makes the pathological liar Bush so much easier to believe especially the unbelievable which is always found out to be a lie?

Until we discover the secret and neutralize it, we cannot ever hope to make Bush and his criminal empire accountable. Whatever it is, we better find it soon. We don’t have long before Bush becomes irreversible. We must take back the media. Even if it means getting in trouble to get coverage. Anything, everything possible to get the truth out to those twenty percent of swing voters. Maybe those 9 Democratic hopefuls had it right at the union meetings in Iowa .

No matter who wins the Democratic Primary, all the rest will support that candidacy. Differences will be set aside for the bigger picture. Getting rid of Bush... Rove, Cheney, Rumsfield and the rest of the oil people and weapon manufacturers that make up this administration. Maybe we should open up and include third party candidates. Surely they have the same fears.  The common denominator, the battle cry must be...BUSH GOTTA GO!

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