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This situation cries for an answer to the question, “what is war?”


Posted March 20, 2003

by Dan Dvorak 

As I sit here and await his majesty Bush’s “order” to let the games begin full well knowing I will be unable to sit through the smirking chimps lies and deceit as the beat of the war drum goes on. I am sick to death in my heart down to the pit of my stomach at what we are about to become. Yes Iraq screwed up when they invaded Kuwait. You could make a case for that action in that Kuwait was slant drilling into Iraq's oil fields, and Kuwait was ‘stolen’ from Iraq in the first place. But be that as it may, Iraq became invaders and the world lined up against Saddam and he paid a terrible price. The country suffered as the coalition bombed them into the stone age with a cable CNN light show worth billions. In the end most of Iraq was under no fly zones and UN inspectors destroyed what few weapons remained after the US military was finished, and there has been an embargo of most everything except medicine and food for 10 years, leaving Iraq a mere shell of the country it once was.

Now enter Junior with a mandate from Dad and the oil companies what brung him. Determined to finish what Dad did not, Bush has amassed an Army of a quarter Million troops, effectively surrounding Iraq. Over the past 6 months, war planes, flying into Iraq have been striking and taking out anti Aircraft batteries at will. Ground troop’s are already in Iraq setting up bases unchallenged, readying for the attack. As the Bush war inches ever closer, 750 unopposed aircraft sorties are flown over Baghdad daily and will be expanded to 1,000. America is mapping out the bombing of key targets in broad daylight, filming and plotting for the coming invasion. In the meantime, Iraq is forced to continue to destroy weapons and missiles banned after Gulf I,  in the hopes of averting the massacre that is certain to follow, leaving a toothless sitting duck of a country, defenseless, and weapon-less, confined in a small area and sure prey to much more feared neighbors such as Iran.

This situation cries for an answer to the question, “what is war?” anyway. Seems like there should be at least two formidable foes shooting at each other. Bush and the UN have taken all Iraq’s weapons away, right up to a few days ago destroying rockets that exceeded the acceptable limits by even a few miles. They have dropped millions of leaflets urging Iraqi soldiers not to fight and have made it known that anyone who does resist will be treated as a ‘war criminal’ (that’s the pot calling the kettle black). This is especially funny if you consider he would have to try them in Austin TX. Because he pulled the US out of the world court and recently snubbed a new international court in The Hague.  

This is not “WAR” this is going to be a massacre. It’s a preemptive deliberate, unprovoked and handicapped disaster. It’s an attempt to murder the leader of a sovereign nation. It’s G.W. Bush’s version of shootin’ fish in a barrel. Bush ignores Saddams past destruction of weapons and biological agents and his current efforts. Bush has ignored the UN, the people of the world.

Today figures to be the blackest day in our 227 year American history. This is the day we become the aggressors, the invaders the ‘bad guys’. We have no real "authority" or "support," as the right likes to refer to it, for this war except that acquired though coercion, bribery and blackmail, all carried out with money we don’t have, money picked from the pockets of social programs and the working poor, money gleaned from curbing environmental regulations and raping the earth, money acquired through lies and deceit. Today is the day to be ashamed to be an American, because the whole world will see the actions of the few as the actions of the many.

And the victims? Iraqis? No one has ever heard even one of them on the corporate media wishing to be liberated. Estimates have stated that over a million will dii at our hands, half under the age of 18. Perhaps our actions will result in the creation of three new generations of terrorists. The US military? Now I understand why they pack the military with 18 year old children, pliable, malleable and incapable of individual thought. Puppet responses like YESSSS SIR! NOOOO SIR. “Go in there and burn out those families…..they want to attack America” Gung Ho! YESSSS SIR!

Imagine trying that action on us old timers. “Why? What for? How do you know that? What are you talking about? Get the hell out of here! For my military children, I wish them to come home and live. Grow up in peace, and only go to war when it is real war and unavoidable. And when it REALLY threatens the peace in the world and that same world stands behind the US without having to give them anything but the peace we win.

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