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Jail the monkey!


Posted August 14, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

by Dan Dvorak 

I don’t know If anyone has been keeping score lately, but in baseball parlance BUSH has just had strike three called on him and it’s time he’s called out. 

Strike one of course was the advance knowledge that the Uranium/Africa story was a lie but it was used anyway in the Bush SOTU speech and by inference by Ms. Rice and others publicly painting images of ‘mushroom clouds’ and an end to life on the planet if Iraq wasn’t invaded immediately,

which of course it was.


Strike two was the total lack of evidence, sometimes referred to as ‘fuzzy’ to substantiate Bush claims that Iraq had ‘hundreds of tons of chemical weapons’ and had disobeyed U.N. resolutions to account for them and destroy them. As it turns out, Saddams version was accurate and there was nothing left to report or destroy. It’s hard to destroy something that doesn’t exist. Saddam was telling the truth and Bush was the liar.


Strike three and most telling was the 28 pages redacted from the 9-11 report that Bush has dragged and stalled on for almost 2 years. Reading all the reports on the blank pages, it is now certain that they relate to Saudi Arabia ’s complicity and financial support for the 9-11 mostly Saudi terrorists that changed America forever.


The media and even the ‘net bristled with the news (or lack of it) about the Saudi connection, but most Americans (those who weren’t in perpetual denial) knew that connection almost from day one. But nowhere was it written the implication about that official revelation, and most likely the main reason Bush tried so hard to stall the investigation and finally black out that which he could no longer control.


If it was the Saudi’s participation and support, both in terms of unlimited money and a bunch of ‘patriots’ who would give their lives for Allah or whoever, then by logic and definition, if it was Saudi Arabia IT WAS NOT IRAQ !  Bush’s last remaining bastion, the intentional miss-connection of the 9-11 events with Saddam’s Iraq is now HISTORY.


No runs, no hits but plenty of errors. Bush and his administration are guilty of murder. Not just ordinary murder, but murder in the first degree, premeditated and most foul.


Bush has struck out, his impeachment is more than warranted and his conviction in the Senate should be sure and swift.


The media needs to be made to know that the jig is up, that they have been willing dupes of a very professional team of liars and con men, and the only way out for them as news people, to save their own asses and the asses of their bosses is to start calling high strikes and open the floodgates to purge the country of those forces who would destroy it for fun and profit.

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