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Posted October 21, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

by Dan Dvorak

If you are waiting for us to catch Saddam Hussein alive, you are in for a long wait.


It was no accident that the kids were slaughtered instead of captured. What tales would the father and sons have to tell at a public trial? And make no mistake, the world would insist on a public trial.


What tales would they have concerning Bush the elder’s complicity in the poisoning and gassing of so many people? Would Saddam expose the Bush guarantee that he would not intervene in a dispute over Kuwait ? What would he tell about weapons and biological agents supplied by the U.S. ? Backroom deals?


Why do you think W had the records of his father, Bush the first, sealed and off limits although sufficient time has passed that they should be in the public domain? Junior isn’t going to let Saddam or anyone else blow the lid off the crime family’s secrets by golly. No, Bush wants him dead.


Actually, it occurs to some that Bush DOESN’T want Saddam or Osama at all! Once he loses his “bogy man” he loses his excuse to destroy and kill people which would be a major loss for Bush and an extremely great loss for the giant US military industrial complex. There are reports that Saddam was seen being spirited away, limo and all in the belly of a U.S. military plane. The same story for Osama. Most believe he was taken out of Afghanistan through Pakistan with the knowledge and assistance of the U.S. But who knows?


I have another question for you.


If they catch Saddam, ALIVE, what would they charge him with? What crime did he commit? Throwing out the inspectors? No, the US took them out. Failure to abide by UN resolution 1447? No, he did abide by it. No weapons, no nerve gas, no nukes, no nuttin’. If they try him for gassing the Kurds, Bush I would have to be a co-defendant. Invading Kuwait ? You mean like we invaded Iraq ? Won’t play!

He has broken no law or agreement. But we have, Bush and company has broken just about every international law in existence, many times more criminal than the man he’s after.


No, they are just going to have to KILL Saddam. Dead men tell no tales. And you can bet your watch that’s the order.

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