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Photograph courtesy of Derek Hudson/LIFE magazine Jayce Hanson's birth defects may stem from his father's Gulf War service. But like hundreds of other families, the Hansons face official stonewalling--and a frightening future. life.com/Life/essay/gulfwar


Posted January 18, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

by Dan Dvorak 

When Bush told the troops that they would have to make a sacrifice, he wasn't just whistling Dixie Now it comes out that from Gulf I there are over 100,000 casualties of some strange sickness that totally incapacitates you, FOREVER. It takes six months to see a VA doctor, and new cuts in the budget are going to make VA services not available to anyone who can afford to pay for medical help. There is set in place a maximum wage the veterans can earn before they qualify to wait 6 months to see a doctor about something the government says doesn't exist.

Not having any luck getting the US Government to even ACKNOWLEDGE this sickness, lawyers for the past soldiers are now attacking the corporations that manufactured the deadly chemicals for Saddam in the first place.

This is likely to be an uphill fight. The list of manufacturers and corporations Iraq did business with was given to the lawyers by Iraq and it appears that most of them have closed down or been swallowed up by other corporations. Besides, the components could have been manufactured and sold without knowledge of their final mission.

This is NOT Iraqis or the corporations responsibility.

The US Government KNEW what weapons there were out there and they either knew or should have known what would happen after 30 days of continuous bombing of these sites, spewing millions of tons of toxic EVERYTHING into the atmosphere, likely creating new compounds in the process.

If you think for a minute that the US Government really gives a damn about their troops and wouldn't sink that low, how about this:

New reports regarding munitions used by the US Military show a propensity for using armor piercing bullets and shells made from spent nuclear fuel rods, that will slice through tank armor like butter and ignite everything within the tank. The description of the dead enemy combatants was joked to be called "crispy critters". Tons of spent uranium salted the Iraqi earth after the Gulf war. And our GI'S handled and breathed the stuff, and mixed with all the bombed out weapons Saddam had, became an inferno of death and destruction, not only to the enemy but the offspring of the enemy for a thousand years, and more horribly, the United States soldiers themselves, 100,000 of them, and a 'grateful' government who won't even acknowledge the disease.

Not only that, but they are all fired up and willing to go through it all over again, this time for oil.

Who will be the first one on the block, to have their son come home in a box? Worse yet, what is going to happen to those of the past war, and the current war who will instead of dying on the spot, can come home broken and sick, for the rest of their pitiful lives, and be ignored by their grateful nation?

How low can we go?

Copyright 2003 All rights reserved by Dan Dvorak



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