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Posted August 3, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

by Dan Dvorak

I couldn’t make this up.


Tossing and turning all night has become the norm these past few months so nothing unusual was happening or so I thought.


The story of George Bush telling the world that he was carrying out God’s directives in bombing Afghanistan and Iraq suddenly popped into my mind and there is where it started. What kind of god would order the destruction of life and property, the massacre of women and children and the poisoning of life for all future generations, especially when it turns out there was no reason for action of that kind? Surely God knew there was no connection to 9-11, and for sure He knew there were no weapons of mass destruction. What Christ would lend his name and authority for such atrocities and what followers whose belief is symbolized by the word which bears the name “Christian” could possibly believe that Bush’s claims are consistent with the Word and teachings of their Lord and Savior?


In a flash I was answered.


“Why cannot everyone see that which you say is true?” My minds voice boomed out. It was the voice of God Himself. "I never instructed George Bush to do anything, ever. I have never spoken to him and he has never spoken to me. He has borne false witness against his people and me".


Sitting straight up in disbelief I shook my head and rolled over to the other side and as soon as my head hit the pillow, it continued. The conversation had no sounds, no voices just an implant of sorts, so I stopped fighting it and laid still. The voiceless words continued.


“The people must be told that Bush’s words and actions are not of my doing”  Feeling a little silly perhaps I told God that no one would believe that I talked to God. The voice said “Yes I know. I saw the movie too. I’m not asking you to do this; I will come to everyone in the world in their dreams as I have done to you, and tell them personally. It disturbs me to have to tell everyone. It disturbs me that the people to whom I gave intellect, reason and my word need to be told that I could not ever instruct such horror. I am very upset. 


“I know that God, and so do many others. What would you have me do?” I asked. “Work with all of your skills and energy to remove this abomination from power and influence and do it now.” He replied.


“Can’t you just make him disappear or something?” I continued. “You know I don’t work like that. Whether this man Bush survives to carry out his crimes against my people will depend on those who know me. They alone will decide if they should follow him or not. This will be my greatest test ever. Do the people of the world understand me and all that I have taught them? Do they make the connection between Me and the good I demand and expect, or do they follow the false prophet? Do they know the difference?


“And” he said “you are forgiven”


As quickly as it began, it ended. It could have been a dream, but it made so much sense. That’s what God WOULD say I thought. The ‘you are forgiven’ part of what he said to me stumped me for awhile but it occurred to me that my conscience had been in turmoil over my observations about the invasion, economy and environment at the hands of the monster Bush.


My faith required me to confess my sins to a Priest from time to time, and to ask God for forgiveness. While I don’t practice Religion these days I still harbor deep guilt for some of the things in my life and these trying times have caused me great pain for thinking some of the things I think about and what’s worse, get actual pleasure from. It has also occurred to me that others may also have the same internal conflicts.


Bush didn’t waste any time in destroying the Country and un-doing all the good of the previous eight years. From being at peace to a healthy economy to real progress on a clean-up of the environment, we could not ever have predicted the destruction one man could visit on our country. We the people were shocked and awed all right, in utter disbelief of the downturn in every facet of life with no exceptions.


Okay, I understand 9-11 and its impact. But that was a terrorist act and not the act of any nation which merely served to accelerate the Bush agenda, laid out years in advance of the current Bush with remnants of the senior Bush’s criminal enterprise.


As time went on, things started going wrong for the Administration. It gave me great pleasure watching the stock market crumble and that Enron collapsed and opened the floodgates of the corrupt practices of big corporations many tied to Bush himself. We shared jokes and stories via e-mails. “...see? What did we tell you, Bush is no good” and all manner of I told you so’s. What would he do next? What new scandal would further justify our hatred? I couldn’t wait to get on line in the morning and read about someone or some group recently screwed by Bush policies? It didn’t take long to find out that my joys and excitement at every tragedy that visited Bush meant that people were losing their savings, their jobs, health and even their very lives. Those things that brought me joy because it marked problems for Bush, and increased his chances for defeat had a horrible human cost. How could I rejoice at the suffering of others for any reason?


No one but God Himself could have known the turmoil within. And he forgave me without being asked. Such is the nature of God. The true God.


Who could make this up? Is this story any less credible than the claims of George W. Bush that God told him to kill innocent people and destroy countries, economies and the environment for (as it turns out) no particular reason?


I think not. He spoke to me and told me he would speak to everyone. Pay attention and listen to your heart. That’s where it will come from.

© Copyright 2003 All rights reserved by Dan Dvorak



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