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"Bush and company will finally find out that all the countries of the world are not ready for our particular brand of Democracy"


Posted June 3, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

by Dan Dvorak

When is it going to finally be time to tell Bush that enough is enough? Now he’s going after Iran. Iraq didn’t have WMD so Iran must have these illusive little critters. Then Syria, then Jordan then who knows, maybe even Saudi Arabia.

When is the nation of Islam going to finally rise up and tell Bush, forgetaboutit!  You have had your fun, you have exported your death, you have contaminated everything and everywhere you go, you have your goddamn oil, you have your regime change, enough is enough. “We will not allow you to systematically pick off our countries one at a time”

It’s interesting to note how various lawmakers are NOW expressing doubt about the so-called evidence. They say they based their support of the invasion on the evidence presented to them at the time, but there was no evidence. The FBI, CIA (the “I” is for intelligence) both said there is no evidence of a 9-11 connection or WMD. What ‘evidence’ are the lawmakers talking about? What could they have possibly seen that could get them to authorize Bush’s war crimes? Now they want off the hook? There was no evidence. The intelligence (?) community has been looking into the forged documents relating to the supposed purchase of nuclear material, the faked satellite photos, and the plagiarized report given by Powell, everyone on the planet knew there were serious questions, BEFORE the invasion, still the lawmakers and the citizens of this great nation, nodded their acquiescence. The good news is that having been burned once by the lies and deceit of the administration, and by their own lack of intelligence and courage, it is unlikely that congress will approve any future invasions or operations until a full disclosure of the Iraq fiasco is completed. Enough is enough. Even for Bush’s accomplices.

Bush and company will finally find out that all the countries of the world are not ready for our particular brand of Democracy and that Democracy is the result of growth and the civilization of it’s population, and strong armed governments are necessary to control incredibly diverse, religious fanaticism until such time as the population DEMANDS a democracy and gains it internally. He will find out because he and the military will have to resort to the same “dictatorial” tactics as the regime they replaced to even attempt to restore order to Iraq .

Mr. Bush will find out why Iraq armed to the teeth in the first place, being totally surrounded by aggressive terrorist supporting countries including Iran to the East, Syria to the West, Saudi Arabia to the South and Turkey to the North. Add in Jordan and Egypt , a stones throw from Iraq and it’s easy to see what was on Saddam’s mind, not the “imminent attack on the United States ”, but survival in the ‘hood.   America will itself find itself surrounded by those same countries as they try to hold on to Iraq and continued aggression against its new neighbors.

And don’t forget Russia . A mere few hundred miles from the Iraqi border and outspoken critic of the Bush Doctrine of World Domination, Russia is not the toothless pussycats our Government makes them out to be. It has the largest concentration of wealth and natural resources on the planet, has virtually unlimited gas, oil and coal reserves and one third of the worlds gold reserves and half the worlds diamonds. Not to mention a million and a half man military, all the weapons money can buy and nukes. Plenty of nukes! And you thought they destroyed them? Why do you think Bush is ready to “forgive” Russia but not France and Germany ? Guess what? They will all stand together against the U.S. should this aggression spread beyond Iraq .

As the Euro becomes the worlds most stable and valuable currency backed by real gold value, the Dollar and the United States , which this administration has intentionally bankrupted for political purposes, will cease to be a superpower and be without financial power to pay for future expensive military exploits.

Russia will be one of the voices along with France, Germany, the rest of the European countries INCLUDING Great Britain that will tell the U.S. “that’s enough already, get the hell out of here.” They all together, will make it stick. We best go quietly. Enough is enough, already!

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