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Posted June 23, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

by Dan Dvorak

THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS THE BURNING BUSH UNDER CONTROL IS HIS NEED FOR RE-SELECTION. A one term Presidency is out of the question for W. He MUST best his old man and set the tables for his baby brother. From the instant of his 5-4 Supreme (?) Court "mandate" Boy George's only real concern has been the 2004 re-selection campaign. Maybe so he can get another shot at "election" or maybe just so that he can take off the gloves and finish us off once and for all.

CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT all the death and destruction visited on the country and the planet has been a 'tempered' (by re-selection aspirations) George W. Bush? If this resident could do the things he did the first time around, packing the courts with right wing morons, lies, subverting the Constitution, abridgement of our Civil Rights, intentionally collapsing our economy, lying to Congress, the nation and the world, isolation of America in the world, the destruction of a Sovereign country and the murder of her people, the killing of American kids for fun and profit, the causing and maintaining of permanent war, crushing dissent, destruction of the environment, more lies, pulling out of international treaties, cutting social programs, cutting military benefits, running the most secretive American Government in history, sleeping with big oil and his friends that put up the cash to get him to Washington, proliferation of nuclear weapons and finally having the United Stated of America and the current administration feared worldwide as the greatest threat to global peace. I may have missed a few things, but we all know what he has been up to these past two and a half years, an eternity in terms of destruction to the 250 year old American fabric he inherited.

HERE'S THE FRIGHTENING QUESTION: WHAT WOULD HE DO IN HIS SECOND FOUR YEARS IF HE HAS NOTHING TO LOOSE? Now with Iraq safely tucked away and military plans for phase II Iran unfold our humble but stupid President Select has managed the time to announce his candidacy for re-election, like it comes as a big surprise to us all I'm sure.

In recent "fundraisers", Bush and the Republican special interest groups raised a whopping $22 million, more than quadrupling the money raised by all nine Democrats combined thus far. The far right figures to double last year's record haul, certainly a huge advantage in what promises to be a close election, even if the Democrats field Mickey Mouse. What a race. Mickey Mouse against Goofy!

A mid June 2003, a $2,000 a plate luncheon of hot dogs and beans netted additional millions to what is expected to be a $200 Million war chest for the '04 Presidential re-selection of GW Bush, which the GOP vows to accept Federal matching money this time around, something they passed on in Y2K. It's just hard to imagine $200M, a fifth of a Billion dollars for a Presidential campaign. Historically, $25,000,000 was considered obscene. Where is all this money coming from? What has Bush promised to those donors? How much and what will this cost the American people if he wins.

When Bush talks however, there is a certain amount of risk. In a flash his arrogance and combined ignorance can raise its ugly head. Recently he spoke. (This was months AFTER the invasion of Iraq failed to turn up any of the nasty weapons Bush claimed Iraq had "tons"). He said "I told Saddam Hussein to disarm. He chose not to so we disarmed him." Is he kidding? How would Saddam "disarm" if he had nothing? And exactly what did they take away from him when they "disarmed" him? Latter he said that we were missing the point. "The people of Iraq are free" Interesting enough, considering the Iraqis have been denied the right to vote, hold office, go to school, go anywhere for that matter, go back to their jobs, protest, assemble, neither do they have the right to medical attention or basic necessities of life like water, food and electricity. How about a free press? Forget it! They're FREE alright, my behind. And if the U.S began looking more like Iraq it wouldn't bother Bushco at all.

But to be on the safe side, Rove hedged his bets by giving Bush strict orders, just in case.  Bush announced to the august crowd that he would not be campaigning for himself and that his entourage would be campaigning for him. "I have the important business of Government to tend to and my time will be limited"

Baloney! Rove and company are trying to keep our fearless leader from shooting himself in the foot. Rove likely told him to keep out of sight and shut up! If pressed, nod politely, and if he must speak, say these words and these words only. 9-11, Saddam Husein, Iraq, Osama and Al Queda. Rove and company truly believe that they have the money, media and the propaganda to win. It's theirs to win; only Bush hisself can lose it for them.

By-the-by, has anyone actually SEEN or HEARD from boy George lately? Must be the important business of Government he was talking about. Once in a while, he comes out from behind his rock to insist that he is not AWOL. But we know better.

Maybe we are doing this wrong. Maybe we should let anyone who wants the job, be President, but vote on the Vice-President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and the rest of his cabinet. These are the people who pull the strings and do the damage. That's our problem. We elect (or select) our president based on something, not taking the time to understand the excess baggage our "choice" will bring. So some otherwise benign, glib and easily recognizable name gets elected and then we find out LATER what we did.

Maybe we should force each candidate to select his or her cabinet and appointees in advance of the election so that the voters can factor those most important choices into their decision. Maybe we could also hold him accountable for the campaign lies he told us to get selected, as "impeachable offences"

The best thing that can happen is that Bush's benefactors LOSE their $200M "investment" in BUSHCO and America is turned back to its people. One thing is certain. Regardless of what we have to do, or who we have to do it to, we can't allow Bush another four years. This great country will not survive him. I would be happy to survive until the 2004 election!

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