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Australian PM jumps to the demands of Murdoch
Posted March 7, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

By G.C.Reid 

From my observances, the Australian PM jumps to the demands of Murdoch when it should be the other way around. But then, Murdoch is an advisor to the Tasman Institute in Australia, a think tank that writes up the oppressive agendas which have run the country and its people into unpayable debt via deregulation, free trade, and speculation, then selling it out cheaply by a process called privatization. Thus the country has been placed under the thumb of the City of London Financers who have always exerted a major influence over the government, by their control of credit. This is why they oppose a national banking systems in favor of a central system which is easily manipulated. In this way the elite exert their influence over countries. 

The policies are not written by ordinary people for the good of the people, but rather, by the elite for the advantage of the elite over ordinary people for the sake of greed and power of the elite which are the gods of the elite. The elite also control political parties, and choose as candidates, whoever represents their interests. The parties then stand them in for the people who will be oppressed by them, to elect. The elite tag all this as democracy and freedom but there are surely more accurate words which could be used. 

The elite controlled main media's job is to play the elite controlled political parties against one another as if their ideas which the elite control, are the only ones --They do this to the exclusion of decent candidates and decent parties which have the country and public interest at heart. That was proved in the 2000 Presidential election beyond any doubt. But the strong influence Murdoch has over the news regardless of where he has citizenship, is surely in any case, enough grounds for the American people to say, ' react.' But unless the same media tells them that -- which it won't, it is hard to see things changing quickly. 

The item regarding the court in Florida which upheld, that lying and distortion of truth by the media -- (not to mention the plain omission of essential information which is being purposely withheld from the public),  is quite legal and acceptable,  is an indication of what is, and has been happening. For oppressive and depressive agendas to succeed for the elite, it is essential that the elite control the financial system the media and key government positions, and that is what has happened. So the question is How can evil be replaced with goodness. 

The fact though,  is that the elite are in a minority -- to protect their power, it is essential that the public is not informed of the truth. I know for an absolute fact that there are decent people running for government who would change things overnight almost, but their message is oppressed by the media which controls such news. But basically, change must come from ordinary people using the intellect which has been given them -- those ordinary people who have been dumbed down for the purpose of them being easier to control as dummies. 

Don't think that I am having a go (so to speak) at Americans because I'm not. The same applies in Australia and elsewhere also. But people are starting to wake up. All they need are the pieces of the puzzle they have been denied. The Florida court case decision is a major piece.

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