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Where do they get this stuff? Who came up with this “trickle down economics” anyway? It’s not new. It happens every time a Republican gets elected.


Posted February 14, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

by Dan Dvorak

It seems like pure insanity or even ignorance to suggest that giving “incentives” and tax breaks to corporations and rich people will somehow magically STIMULATE the economy. STUPID comes to mind.


For business to make investment in their companies there must be demand for products. For business to hire more employees there will have to be a need for more employees, like demand for business and products. Can you picture General Motors hiring MORE workers when they can’t sell cars? Can you imagine Ford buying and building more equipment when they can’t sell the cars they manufacture  with  existing equipment.


Where do they get this stuff? Who came up with this “trickle down economics” anyway? It’s not new. It happens every time a Republican gets elected. Better question is how do they sell this crap to the press, the Congress and the almost half the people who vote? Someone somewhere is having themselves a good laugh.


Everyone in my family and my wife’s family have been in business for three generations, as we are now. Business has been terrible of late. We are beginning to get the pattern, Carter and Clinton provided excellent business, Regan, Bush I and Bush II have turned the economy to a dump. If Bush II were to give me cash money, refund prior taxes, or eliminate current taxes, I would love it. And I would put the money under the mattress. Meantime I’m afraid I would have to let a few people go because there is nothing for them to do. At the same time I have no interest in expansion or purchasing ANYTHING else but thanks Bush for the money.


Do you really want to stimulate the economy? Eliminate federal income tax to anyone who earns less than $35,000/year single or $50,000/year couple. These people NEED THINGS. There will be no mattress action for them. But every dime they don’t have to pay Bush, they will spend…on cars, appliances, clothes, food and virtually everything else.


The economy will take off like a rocket. Businesses will need new workers to handle the extra loads, new equipment will be needed to keep up with the increased demand. Businesses will flourish, our citizens will be employed, the tax base will be extended and the Federal government will get back TWICE its investment and the rich will get richer. What could possibly be objectionable about that? Everybody wins in the end.


It’s INSANITY I tell ‘ya.

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