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Osama Bin Laden

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Tuesday September 11, 2001, Day of Terror and Infamy, The Tribulation Begins
Posted October 8, 2001, thepeoplesvoice.org


The third antichrist has risen, America is doing exactly what he wants. The media describes it as "America's New War", like a new car or a new TV show. We see Bin Laden as just another wild eyed middle eastern terrorist, but he could be much more than that. From nothing, the sands of Arabia, he has arisen to be idolized by one billion admirers and captain a multymillion dollar empire. This man who lived in the caves of Afghanistan, an evil financial avatar and hero of the Moslem people.
        Sadam Hussain possessed the third largest army on earth and America crushed it in one week. We suffered only 150 casualties, most of those from so called 'friendly fire'. Using only box cutters this evil genius, Osama Bin Laden killed over 3500 innocent Americans on our own soil. Six days latter he shorted the American stock markets doubling or possibly tripling his fortune. Like a grand master from some dark realm, Bin Laden uses the destruction of the World Trade Center to achieve multiple goals.
        Stephen Paulus writes that The term Mahdi translates literally as "the guided one," meaning guided by Allah-God. He will be guided so directly that he will be divinely protected against all error and sin in everything that he does. His every action will be believed to be Gods will. Incapable of sinning it will be his duty to interpret Islam to all men. Muslims believe that the Mahdi will speak with the voice of god in all matters, not only religious matters. They believe that he will not only be a religious leader but a political leader of military conquest as well uniting all of Islam under a single fundamentalist Islamic government and later subjugating the entire world. Muslims believe the Mahdi will make his appearance just before the end of the world. In fact he is the foundation of Shiite Muslim beliefs concerning end time prophecy. They believe he will interpret and apply the Koran rightfully and restore gods rule over all the earth. His appearance is so important to them that the most repeated Shiite Muslim prayer is: "May god hasten release from suffering through his rise." Islamic tradition holds that "The Mahdi will appear just before the end of the world during a time of dissention and difficulties to once again restore a fallen and securlizized world to the true Islamic faith." Earliest prophecies say that he will come "from the east" from beyond the river (Oxus), which is today known as the Amu Dar'ya. The river boarders Afghanistan flowing from east to west and also divides Turkmen and Uzbek as it flows due north towards the tiny Aral Sea. other traditional Islamic beliefs state that "He will promote the "true faith" and make justice triumph. He will make law replace lawlessness and chaos." He will find the world filled with ungodliness and evil and he will beat men and they will return to Allah." Those who question his polices will die. Muslims will follow him and he will reign over a single united kingdom of one billion Muslims. The antichrist will appear shortly after the Mahdi, near the end of the world. Muslims believe that a great deceiver will arise. He will seek to lead the faithful into a "false religion."  Muslim fundamentalists consider any religion other than Islam to be false. Of all religions including Buddhism and Hinduism, Christianity is the most offensive "false religion" to Muslims. They expect the antichrist to arise in a country like America with strong Christian beliefs. The Muslims have a dislike of Christianity that goes back to the middle ages and the invading Christian Crusades.
        The Koran states that people will follow the Antichrist "only because he gives them food." Source: Nostradamus by Stephen Paulus.

Bin Laden alive and healthy despite shrapnel wound: July 16, 2002 Osama Bin Laden was wounded in a US bombing raid in Afghanistan last year but is in good health, a London-based Arabic newspaper said today. smh.com

OSAMA BIN LADEN: "Abandon Your Follies And Rein In Your Fools"
October 19, 2003        We remind our viewers that the statements, opinions and points of view expressed in this article are those of the author and shall not be deemed to mean that they are necessarily those of Jihad Unspun, the publisher, editor, writers, contributors or staff.
       "This is a message from Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden to the American people regarding your aggression in Iraq.
       Peace be upon those who follow the righteous path.
       Some have the impression that you are a reasonable people. But the majority of you are vulgar and without sound ethics or good manners. You elect the evil from among you, the greatest liars and the least decent and you are enslaved by your richest and the most influential among you, especially the Jews, who lead you using the lie of democracy to support the Israelis and their schemes and in complete antagonism towards our religion (Islam).
       These schemes are paid for in our blood and land, and your blood and economy. This has been proven by recent events. And the war on Iraq, which has nothing to do with you, is proof of that.
       Bush and his gang, with their heavy sticks and hard hearts, are an evil to all humankind. They have stabbed into the truth, until they have killed it altogether in the eyes of the world. With this behaviour they have encouraged hypocrisy, and spread vice and political bribes shamelessly at the level of heads of state.
       This gang and their leader enjoy lying, war and looting to serve their own ambitions. The blood of the children of Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq is still dripping from their teeth. They have fooled you and deceived you into invading Iraq a second time. And they have lied to you and the whole world.
       Nations are nothing without ethics and morals. If these are gone, the nations are gone.
       Bush has sent your sons into the lion’s den, to slaughter and be slaughtered, claiming that this act was in defence of international peace and America’s security, thus concealing the facts.
       On one hand he (Bush) is carrying out the demands of the Zionist lobby that helped him to enter the White House. These demands are to destroy the military strength of Iraq because it is too close to the Jews in occupied Palestine, regardless of the harm that will happen to your people and your economy.
       On the other hand, he (Bush) is concealing his own ambitions and the ambitions of the Zionist lobby and their own desire for oil. He is still following the mentality of his ancestors who killed the Native Americans to take their land and wealth. He thought that this time it would be an easy task and a lie that would not be exposed.
       But God sent him to Baghdad, the seat of the Caliphate, the homeland of people who prefer death to honey. So they (the Iraqis) turned his profits into losses, his joy into sadness and now he is merely looking for a way back home. Thanks be to God Almighty who has exposed the lies of George Bush and made his term as president a term of continual catastrophe.
       To Bush I say, you are begging the world to come to your aid, begging mercenaries from every corner of the world, even from small states. This begging has destroyed your pride and revealed how trivial and weak you are after claiming to defend the whole world. Now you are like the knight who was trying to protect people from the Sword of Malik, and ended up begging someone to protect him.
       We reserve the right to retaliate at the appropriate time and place against all countries involved, especially the UK, Spain, Australia, Poland, Japan and Italy, not to exclude those Muslim states that took part, especially the Gulf states, and in particular Kuwait, which has become a beachhead for the crusading forces.
       And to the American soldiers in Iraq I say, now that all the lies have been exposed and the greatest liar has been revealed, your stay on Iraq’s land is compounding the oppression and is a great folly. It shows you are selling your lives for the lives of others. And you are spilling your blood to swell the bank accounts of the White House gang and their fellow arms dealers and the proprietors of great companies. And the greatest folly in life is to sell your life for the lives of others.
       In conclusion, I say to the American people we will continue to fight you and continue to conduct martyrdom operations inside and outside the United States until you depart from your oppressive course and abandon your follies and rein in your fools.
       You have to know that we are counting our dead, may God bless them, especially in Palestine, who are killed by your allies the Jews. We are going to take revenge for them from your blood, God willing, as we did on the day of New York. Remember what I said to you on that day about our security and your security. Baghdad, the seat of the Caliphate, will not fall to you, God willing, and we will fight you as long as we carry our guns. And if we fall, our sons will take our place.
       And may our mothers become childless if we leave any of you alive on our soil."

Osama bin Laden
Saturday 22, Shaaban 1424



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