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They Have Been called Nazis
Posted August 1, 2001 thepeoplesvoice.org

By: thepeoplesvoice.org

Since the presidential selection sham, a few brave souls in the American press have stepped forward to denounce the Republicans as Nazis for their heavy-handed brown shirt tactics.

Bush found a large audience for his Reagan era programs of military nationalism. Haters of blacks and women, and religious fundamentalists supported him, and his disdain for democracy.

Hitler found a large audience for his program of nationalism, racial pride in Germanic values, hatred of Jews, France, and other non-German races, and a disdain for the Weimar Republic.

Hitler asserted that only a dictatorship could rescue Germany from the depths to which it had fallen. Compromise with Hitler was impossible.

Bush asserts that only republican leadership can rescue America from the depths to which it has fallen, since his arrival. Bush has arrogantly stated "It will be my way or the highway." Compromise with Bushis impossible.

Hitler used constant propaganda to demonized the Jews and distract people from the important issues.

Bush GOP, uses constant propaganda on Fox and other news networks to endlessly demonize the Democratic Party and distract the people from the important issues.

Hitler soon found the conservative corporate elite tripping over themselves to finance and support him. Even Jewish billionaire industrialists like the Rothchilds supported Hitler. The Mengele family corporate industrial giants of Germany contributed millions in manufacturing. Conservative trillionair Henry Ford with his right wing values was a big fan of Hitler's, contributing not only millions of dollars, but a wealth of manufacturing technology.

According to: "The hitler project", Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George Bush, spent a decade conducting Nazi Germanys banking operations in New York City. Prescott Bush stood faithfully by the Fuhrer funneling supplies to Nazi Germany, including 35.0% of Nazi Germany's explosives. On Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of three of Prescot Bush's Nazi front organizations, under the "Trading with the Enemy Act,"

George Bush has been supported by the conservative corporate elite from the beginning. The American corporations stand united with Bush in their fascist agenda to dominate the world economically and militarily.

Hitler proclaimed himself the supreme judge and leader of the German people.

Five GOP supreme Court judges proclaimed Bush the president over the American people.

Hitler in effect placed himself above the law, making his word the law, and thus instilled a permanent sense of fear in the German people.

Five republican judges in effect placed themselves above the constitution, making their word the law, and thus instilled a permanent sense hopelessness in the American people.

Hitler was not democratically elected by the German people, but appointed.
Bush was not democratically elected by the American people, but appointed.

The young German fascists embraced Hitler's cruel nationalistic doctrine of racism and war.
The young republican fascists of America embrace Bush's doctrine of corporatism and war.

Like the young Germans, The young Americans don't see a political conspiracy, but a fashionable social phenomenon. Being a Nazi was as politically correct then as being a republican is today. 

The Nazis called themselves "The Children of the New World Order."
Bush calls America part of the "New World Order."

The Nazis were as ruthless as GOP conservatives when it came to the welfare of the old, children, and the poor. Those who were not a productive element in the Third Reich were cut off, allowed to die, and Hitler, like Bush, executed the mentally retarded.


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