The Killing

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Jeffrey Dahmer, Bush, and Frist, Were All Cruel to Animals December 24, 2002 - "So when he was a kid, George W. enjoyed putting firecrackers into frogs, throwing them in the air, and then watching them blow up. Should this be cause for alarm? How relevant is a man's childhood behavior to what he is like as an adult? And in this case, to what he would be like as president of the United States. Cruelty to animals is a common precursor to later criminal violence." - Myriam Miedzian. As a student, Frist adopted stray cats from Boston-area shelters -- and then dissected them. He later confessed that it had been "a heinous and dishonest thing to do."

Growing up is hard to do Sept. 12, 2000 by Myriam Miedzian The Baltimore Sun -- NEW YORK -- So when he was a kid, George W. enjoyed putting firecrackers into frogs, throwing them in the air, and then watching them blow up. Should this be cause for alarm? How relevant is a man's childhood behavior to what he is like as an adult? And in this case, to what he would be like as president of the United States. Cruelty to animals is a common precursor to later criminal violence. But in rural West Texas, where George W. grew up, it was not uncommon for some boys to indulge in such cruelty. His blowing up frogs or shooting them with BB guns with friends does not have the same significance it would have if, for example, a city boy blew up the family cat. In fact, George's childhood friend, Terry Throckmorton, openly and laughingly admits, "We were terrible to animals." But there were surely many boys in George's hometown of Midland, Texas, who would have been repelled at the thought of blowing up frogs. So how much importance should we attribute to this early behavior? Is boy George's lack of empathy and cruelty not just childhood insensitivity, but rather a personality trait still present in the man? If so, we have much to be concerned about. Last year, George W. Bush gave an interview to a Talk magazine reporter about the execution of convicted Texas murderer Karla Faye Tucker, who became a Christian after her incarceration. Mr. Bush chose to mimic the late Karla Faye begging for mercy: "Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, "don't kill me." Gov. George H. Ryan of Illinois favors the death penalty but has put a temporary moratorium on executions because of recent DNA evidence exonerating a number of prisoners on death rows. By contrast, Mr. Bush has chosen to go ahead with executions in Texas, including that of Gary Graham, whose court-appointed attorney was judicially admonished for sleeping through much of his trial. Mr. Bush's much-vaunted religious conversion seems to have done little to encourage Christian mercy. Can this conservative be compassionate? It takes a certain capacity for empathy for a man born to wealth and social standing to imagine what it is like to live on a $12,000 a year salary and be unable to afford proper medical treatment for an ill child. As president, Mr. Bush would undoubtedly continue to oppose raising the minimum wage or providing health insurance for all American children. Myriam Miedzian is the author of "Boys Will Be Boys: Breaking the Link Betweeen Masculinity and Violence" (Doubleday, 1991; Anchor, 1992) and numerous articles on preventing violence.

Dick Cheney Kills Birds Dead The manly veep has himself a lazy, "canned" pheasant slaughter, and we are so impressed January 24, 2004 By Mark Morford So then about a month ago the vice president of these beautiful and deeply confused United States, he of the struggling defibrillator and the shockingly nefarious wife and the gnarled calluses from working Dubya's puppet strings, he of the thin-lipped sneer that makes babies cry and women wince and foreign policies crumble like feta cheese in the freezer, well, Dick goes himself a-huntin'. Not just any ol' regular, camouflage-wearing, man-versus-nature hunt out in the wild, mind. Dick is far too fragile and unskilled and spoiled and scared of the open woods and icky furry monsters for that. Assumedly. Nossir, our man Dick, he has himself flown over, in Air Force 2, on the taxpayer's tab, accompanied by his most favoritest shotgun, to the exclusive Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier, Westmoreland County, in rural Pennsylvania, to have himself a nice, cushy "canned" pheasant hunt. This is what it was: Dick and about nine other overfed white guys sitting in a comfy luxury blind with their manly shotguns, waiting for the Westmoreland guy stationed behind them on a hill to release clusters of stunned, fat, tame game birds from a net. Then they shoot them. Lots and lots of them. And then they slap each other on the back. And they grunt and say nice shot as the birds drop like flies as dogs race back and forth hauling dead or dying birds into huge piles. Whee what fun. More than 400 birds were killed /

Don't Let Bush Light Iraq Fire December 25, 2002 by Linda McQuaig Shooting frogs with BB guns was apparently pretty standard entertainment for young boys in Texas in the 1950s. But for added amusement, George W. Bush and his friends used to tuck firecrackers into the mouths of frogs, throw them in the air, and watch them explode. The story — recounted with fondness by a Bush childhood friend in a long, flattering New York Times profile of Bush during the 2000 presidential election campaign — never became an issue on the campaign trail. Despite psychiatric evidence that children who are cruel to animals often go on to be abusive adults, the U.S. media apparently decided that the torture of frogs was nothing more than a charming little anecdote from Dubya's early years. (Imagine what the media would make of a charming little childhood anecdote like that, if it were in Saddam Hussein's background.) It should have at least been a clue that Bush — now the most powerful man in the world — has a taste for blowing things up, not to mention an insensitivity to suffering.

Latest government report on Wellstone 'accident' finds its scapegoats, many questions remain December 30, 2003 By: Jackson Thoreau I'm for the little fellers, not the Rockefellers. - Sen. Paul Wellstone Shortly before he died in a mysterious airplane crash 11 days prior to the 2002 elections, Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone met with Vice President Dick Cheney, probably the Bush administration's most evil public face. Cheney was rounding up Senate support for the October 2002 vote on giving the administration carte blanche to invade Iraq, with or without blessing from the United Nations. Cheney strong-armed opposing politicians like the most vindictive of mafioso leaders, and opponents usually gave in. But not Wellstone. Whatever you thought of his progressive brand of politics, he wasn't a wimp. And that's what made him more than dangerous in the eyes of people like Cheney. At a meeting full of war veterans in Willmar, Minn., days before his death, Wellstone told attendees that Cheney told him, "If you vote against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration will do whatever is necessary to get you. There will be severe ramifications for you and the state of Minnesota." Wellstone cast his vote for his conscience and against the Iraq measure, the lone Democrat involved in a tough 2002 election campaign to do so. And a few weeks later on Oct. 25, as he appeared to be winning his re-election bid, Wellstone, his wife, Sheila, his daughter, Marcia Markuson, three campaign staffers, and two pilots died in a plane crash in Minnesota. 

Talk about "severe ramifications." 

My first hunch upon hearing about the tragedy was that the Beech King Air A-100 was tampered with by right wingers, possibly the CIA, either directly or through electromagnetic rays or some psychic mind games. 

And nothing I have heard or read since then has made me drift from that hunch. I'm not alone. The Duluth News Tribune featured a column by Jim Fetzer, a University of Minnesota-Duluth philosophy professor and author, in November 2003. Fetzer wrote that an FBI "recovery team" headed out to investigate the Wellstone plane crash BEFORE the plane went down. "I calculate that this team would have had to have left the Twin Cities at about the same time the Wellstone plane was taking off," Fetzer wrote. 

That apparent prior knowledge was similar to Dallas police putting out an all-points bulletin for accused John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald at 12:43 p.m. in 1963 for shooting a police officer. The problem was the officer was not shot until 23 minutes later. 

Fetzer also noted that Wellstone's plane was "exceptional, the pilots well-qualified, and the weather posed no significant problems." He wrote that "we have to consider other, less palatable, alternatives, such as small bombs, gas canisters or electromagnetic pulse, radio frequency or High Energy Radio Frequency weapons designed to overwhelm electrical circuitry with an intense electromagnetic field. An abrupt cessation of communication between the plane and the tower took place at about 10:18 a.m., the same time an odd cell phone phenomenon occurred with a driver in the immediate vicinity. This suggests to me the most likely explanation is that one of our new electromagnetic weapons was employed." 

Michael Ruppert, publisher of From the Wilderness, wrote that the day after the crash he received a message from a former CIA operative who was familiar with those kinds of assassinations. The message read, "As I said earlier, having played ball [and still playing in some respects] with this current crop of reinvigorated old white men, these clowns are nobody to screw around with. There will be a few more strategic accidents. You can be certain of that." 

Ruppert also interviewed two Democratic Congress representatives who said they believed Wellstone was murdered. One said, "I don't think there's anyone on the Hill who doesn't suspect it. It's too convenient, too coincidental, too damned obvious. My guess is that some of the less courageous members of the party are thinking about becoming Republicans right now." 

Even National Transportation Safety Board officials found aspects of Wellstone's accident puzzling. An article in the Duluth News Tribune a few days after the tragedy said that "for some still unexplained reason - [the plane] turned off course and crashed." It quoted Carol Carmody, the NTSB's acting chair and reportedly a former CIA employee, as saying, "We find the whole turn curious." 

Weird cell phone interference reported 

John Ongaro, a Minnesota lobbyist, wrote to Fetzer about his experience the day Wellstone died. Ongaro said he was driving to the same funeral that Wellstone and his party were flying to in Eveleth, Minn. While traveling north on Hwy. 53 near the Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport in the same area as Wellstone's plane, he received a call on his cell phone at precisely the same time Wellstone's King Air veered off course. 

"This call was in a league of its own," Ongaro said. "When I answered it, what I heard sounded like a cross between a roar and a loud humming noise. The noise seemed to be oscillating, and I could not make out any words being spoken. Instead, just this loud, grotesque, sometimes screeching and humming noise." 

What he heard may very well have been electronic interference from an EMP or microwave weapon. 

One writer to talk show host Jeff Rense suggested a scenario involving "black op specialists" in a van or truck full of radio/instrument landing jamming equipment. "As Wellstone's plane approaches the airport, the VOR/ILS jamming equipment is activated, and a 'decoy' VOR signal is sent to the plane, thus tricking the plane's instruments [and the pilot] into believing the airport is somewhere several degrees off the true course to the runway," S.H. wrote. "The pilot follows that signal straight into the ground. The non-descript van, full of covert electronic jamming equipment, casually leaves the area, looking just like any other TV repair truck or moving van." 

Witnesses hear an explosion, see a flash of light 

One witness of Wellstone's crash, Megen Williams, who lived near the Eveleth airport, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that she heard "a diving noise and then an explosion" as she prepared for work as a nurse in her home near the crash site. At first, she thought it was blasting at a nearby iron ore mine, and she didn't call authorities. 

Another local resident, Rodney Allen, said the plane flew right over his house. "It was so close the windows were shaking," Allen said. He added that the craft was "crabbing to the right," then less than a minute later, he felt an impact and heard what he thought sounded like a loud rifle shot. St. Paul Pioneer Press, Oct. 26, 2002 

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board said the plane was last seen on air traffic control radar at 10:21 a.m., flying at an elevation of 1,800 feet. Radar tapes indicate Wellstone's plane had descended to about 400 feet and was traveling at only 85 knots near the end of its flight. 

Another person saw a blond-haired man on CNN saying he observed a flash of light at the rear of the plane. 

Don Sipola, a former president of the Eveleth Virginia Municipal Airport Commission, said "something" caused Wellstone's plan to veer off course at low altittude. "This was a real steep bank, not a nice, gentle don't-spill-the-coffee descent," Siploa said. "This is more like a space shuttle coming down. This was not a controlled descent into the ground." 

Wellstone was target of apparent assassination in 2000 

Wellstone was the target of an apparent assassination plot before. In 2000, as he visited Colombia to survey conditions there, a bomb was found along his route from the airport. He was also sprayed with the herbicide glyphosate by a helicopter above him while watching the Colombian police demonstrate its fumigation of coca plants. Officials called the incident an accident. 

Wellstone was a vocal opponent of military aid to the Colombian government. While there, he visited human rights activists who said the government did not protect civilians. Wellstone told reporters he thought his Colombian hosts created the bomb story to dissuade him from traveling to certain areas of the country. "I don't know whether I was targeted, but I certainly know that the human rights activists are targeted," Wellstone said. 

Among the weird events since Wellstone's death was that his successor in the U.S. Senate, Republican Norm Coleman, was named chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. As Fetzer said, that's a practically unheard of position for a freshman senator with no previous experience. Could that be why Congress has not opened a formal investigation into Wellstone's death? 

For my part, I'm not a big conspiracy nut who worries about this kind of thing all the time - just an average one like Oliver Stone who knows there's something sinister and weird going on in our world. I have done extensive research into the JFK assassination in Dallas. The right wing of the CIA was heavily involved in that, from Oswald's CIA connections to the Dallas mayor at that time being the brother of the former CIA deputy director who lost his job after the Bay of Pigs fiasco and blamed that on JFK. The Dallas mayor may even have approved the change in the parade route on that fateful day so it would go right by the grassy knoll and building where Oswald and probably other snipers were, where JFK met his death. 

I have interviewed numerous people who reported weird things that occurred during that time, such as key witnesses dying in strange ways like mysterious plane crashes and being run over by trains in the middle of the night. I have written numerous stories on this and covered it in my book on Dallas history - and have received my share of threatening phone calls, mail opened, and the like to know I was stepping on some powerful toes. 

There were also numerous JFK murder witnesses committing suicide in the months after that tragedy. The CIA has done extensive mind control work for decades - I know at least one psychic personally who started working for the CIA in the 1980s - and could possibly convince someone through such mind games to commit suicide. Could they psychically work on making a plane crash? Who knows? Anything is possible. 

Similarities with Carnahan, Kennedy crashes 

What about Democratic Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, who was killed during a close Senate race when his small plane crashed right before the 2000 election? What about John F. Kennedy Jr., who had intelligence, political ambitions, charisma, and the name, dying in a 1999 plane crash? 

In both of those cases, the planes were already descending towards their landing and then suddenly wandered off their approach paths and crashed, similar to Wellstone's craft. In all three cases, radio contact appears to have been cut off while the planes were still in the air, possibly indicating electrical failures on board. 

In Kennedy's case, at least one witness saw a flash in the sky and heard an explosion before the plane went down, as in Wellstone's situation. Kennedy's plane was also left unguarded at Teeterborough Airport in New Jersey, and almost anyone could have placed something inside it. 

The list of high-profile Democratic politicians killed in plane crashes goes on - Commerce Secretary Ron Brown in 1996, Rep. Mickey Leland of Texas in 1989, Rep. Jerry Litton of Missouri in 1976 [who was also involved in a hard-fought election at the time], House Majority Leader Hale Boggs of Louisiana and Rep. Nick Begich of Alaska in 1972. High-profile Republicans have died in crashes, including Sen. John Heinz of Pennsylvania and Sen. John Tower of Texas in 1991, but not as many as Democrats. 

In fact, of 22 air crashes involving state and federal officials, including one ambassador and one cabinet official, From the Wilderness found that 14 - 64 percent - were Democrats and eight - 36 percent - were Republicans. 

Add to that Raytheon Co., one of the biggest U.S. military contractors and manufacturer of the plane that crashed with Wellstone in it, being a huge donor to Republicans, and the mind continues to wonder. U.S. House Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas, for instance, received $48,201 alone from Raytheon in 1997-98. The Republican National Committee received at least $170,000 from Raytheon since 1999. Raytheon donates to Democrats, too, but more than twice as much money goes to Republicans. 

Raytheon has all kinds of CIA connections, as does Bush, whose father, remember, was once director of the CIA. One of the more intriguing discoveries that emerged from the NTSB's own investigation of this case was that Raytheon not only not only manufactured EM force and EM pulse weapons, but also manufactured the King Air A100. No other entity would have been better positioned to have taken it down. See for more details. 

Bush, for his part, issued some strange comments immediately after Wellstone's crash, even for him. He called Wellstone - who was an articulate, energetic, intelligent political science professor for 21 years before he was a senator - a "plain-spoken fellow." He said he wanted to issue his "condolences for the loss of the Senate." Did he mean the Democrats' sudden loss of the Senate, which occurred the day Wellstone died? Did he know something more than he let on? 

Bush once called Wellstone a 'chicken shit' 

There was no love lost between the Bush clan and Wellstone. In 1990, as Wellstone challenged the Persian Gulf War preparations, Bush Sr. even referred to Wellstone as a "chicken shit." When Wellstone first met Bush Jr. in 2001, the latter disrespectfully called him "Pablo." 

As The Nation said in May 2002, getting rid of Wellstone was a passion for Bush, Karl Rove, and Cheney. "There are people in the White House who wake up in the morning thinking about how they will defeat Paul Wellstone," a senior Republican aide told The Nation. "This one is political and personal for them." 

No senator had a more consistent record of voting against Bush administration proposals in 2001. Wellstone voted against the Homeland Security Act and many of Bush's judicial nominees. He pushed for stronger environmental programs, for genuine measures to counter corporate fraud, and for investigations into Sept. 11 and $350 million that was missing from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The death of US Senator Paul Wellstone: accident or Murder October 29, 2002 By the Editorial Board The neo-fascist elements within and around the Republican Party have already demonstrated their contempt for democracy, first in the protracted campaign of political destabilization against the Clinton administration, then with the theft of the 2000 presidential election. They are now preparing to slaughter tens of thousands of Iraqis in order to grab control of the second largest oil reserves in the world. To imagine that they would suffer moral qualms over a conveniently timed plane crash would be naïve in the extreme.

There is another curious and suggestive factor. Virtually every day the Bush administration issues warnings of terrorist attacks on trains, nuclear reactors, airports or government buildings, to keep the American people off balance and stampede the public into supporting the impending war against Iraq. Government officials are prepared to attribute virtually any act of violence—such as the Washington sniper shootings—to Al Qaeda. Yet there has been no suggestion that the destruction of Wellstone’s plane was the result of terrorism. Perhaps in this case they prefer not to inquire too closely into the causes.

In the current climate of war, repression and right-wing provocation, it is perfectly reasonable to ask whether Wellstone was the victim of a political killing. No investigation deserving of the name can exclude sabotage as a possible cause of the plane crash. And yet, given the cowardice of the Democratic Party and the advanced putrefaction of American democracy, the official investigation will in all probability conclude that Wellstone’s death was the result of an unfortunate but unexplainable mechanical malfunction.

Missouri Gov. Carnahan killed in air crash before Senate campaign stop October 17, 2000 HILLSBORO, Missouri (CNN) Missouri governor and U.S. Senate candidate Mel Carnahan, his son and a top adviser were killed last night in the fiery crash of a private plane about 30 miles south of St. Louis. Lt. Gov. Roger Wilson was named acting governor early today as efforts continued to officially identify the crash victims -- believed to be the governor, his son Roger "Randy" Carnahan, who piloted the plane, and longtime aide Chris Sifford. "I hope that everyone in Missouri will put the Carnahan family and Sifford family in their prayers tonight," Wilson told reporters in an emotional statement. "I'd give anything if the confirmation (of Carnahan's death) did not occur," he added. Carnahan's press secretary, Jerry Nachtigal, his voice choking with emotion, expressed "great sadness" and said Carnahan "always believed that public service was a noble calling. He was the greatest governor this state has ever had."

Difficult conditions hampered more than 100 emergency workers who combed the scattered wreckage of the light aircraft that went down in rain and fog in a densely wooded area about 7:30 p.m. Monday. Members of the governor's security staff were also at the scene.

Carnahan, 66, a Democrat who had been governor of Missouri for eight years, was running for the Senate and was locked in a tight race with incumbent Republican Sen. John Ashcroft.

CNN political analyst Bill Schneider said the race had been expected to be close, and was regarded as one of the Democratic Party's best chances to pick up a seat in the Republican-dominated Senate. U.S. President Bill Clinton, in Egypt for the second day of a Middle East peace summit, contacted Carnahan's wife, Jean, after hearing the news, Clinton aides said. Vice President Al Gore, in St. Louis for today's scheduled third and final presidential debate, also telephoned the governor's wife.

The governor and the other two men were aboard a twin-engine Cessna that had been headed for a campaign stop in New Madrid, in southeastern Missouri. Kansas City Flight Service said the governor's plane took off at 7:06 p.m. from St. Louis Downtown-Parks Airport -- a small airport across the Mississippi River in Illinois -- for New Madrid, where the governor was due to attend a fundraiser, St. Louis television station KMOV reported. At 11 p.m., the governor's office summoned Wilson and State Treasurer Bob Holden to return immediately to the Statehouse in Jefferson City for an emergency, the St. Louis Post- Dispatch reported. Wilson, 51, will serve out the remainder of the governor's term. Holden, a Democrat, is facing Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Talent in the November election for governor.

Both Carnahan and his son were licensed pilots. Randy Carnahan normally flew the campaign plane for political events, The Associated Press reported. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in St. Louis was tracking the governor's plane, which disappeared from radar at 7:33 p.m. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said a plane crashed about 25 miles south of St. Louis in a hilly, wooded area near the towns of Goldman and Barnhart. Capt. Ed Kemp of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department said wreckage from the accident had been found, "but it's in very small pieces because it's a heavily wooded and rocky terrain and it's spread over a large area."

Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer said remains had been found, but had not been identified. Asked if the plane belonged to the governor, Boyer said, "It's a possibility, but I most certainly couldn't confirm it." He said a tail number could not be distinguished to positively identify the aircraft. Jefferson County resident Tom Hunter heard the crash. "I thought, 'What a crazy person in this kind of weather.' Next thing, sounded like it was in a very steep dive, the engine was just screaming." Hunter said he heard a loud explosion and the sky turned red. "That was it. It was total silence. I told my wife to call 911."

Monday's crash was eerily reminiscent of a 1976 tragedy that claimed the life of Missouri Congressman Jerry Litton. Litton was running for the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Democratic incumbent Stuart Symington. Litton won the primary on August 3, 1976. That evening, Litton, his wife and children were killed when their plane crashed en route to a victory celebration in Kansas City. Carnahan won his first public election at age 26 as a municipal judge in his hometown of Rolla. He was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives two years later and served two terms, and later served as state treasurer. In 1988, Carnahan was elected lieutenant governor. In 1992, he won the governor's office in a landslide. He won a second term in 1996.

Night reminds Missourians of Litton tragedy in 1976 October 17, 2000 Gov. Mel Carnahan's plane crash Monday night revived memories of a similar twin-engine plane tragedy involving another popular Missouri Democrat 24 years ago. It was an August election night in 1976. Jerry Litton, a two-term congressman from Chillicothe, was winning the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Litton climbed into a twin-engine plane for a short flight to Kansas City, where his victory party was planned. Shortly after takeoff from Chillicothe, the plane crashed into a field and burned.

"He was presidential material," a friend, Jim Stubbs, said the next day, as Democrats across the state grieved. Litton had beaten two strong opponents, Rep. James W. Symington and former governor Warren E. Hearnes. Litton's wife, Sharon, their two children, the pilot and the pilot's son died. Republican Jack Danforth, who at the time was Missouri's attorney general, won the election. Pilot error and a problem with the crankshaft in the plane's left engine were blamed for that crash. Decades later, Democrats in northwest Missouri said they still had not recovered from losing such a popular politician. "He was one of the greatest young speakers of his time," a Northland civic leader, Jay Dillingham, was quoted as saying in 1990.,local/3774d78c.a17,.html

Farewell To A Leader Commerce Secretary Ron Brown dies April 19, 1996 WORLD REPORT EDITION Last week Americans gathered to remember this remarkable, charming man, Brown had a knack for success. He became an influential lawyer in Washington. He was the first African American to head the Democratic Party and the first to serve as Secretary of Commerce. He played a key role in the election of President Bill Clinton. As Secretary, he helped American industries in the U.S. and abroad. Brown was buried last week at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Thousands waited in line to pay their respects. "Ron Brown's incredible life force brought us all joy in the morning," said Clinton. "As we remember him, may we always be able to recover his joy."

The Ron Brown Plane Crash Death - Did CIA Hawks Kill Ron Brown? On April 3, 1996, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 others were killed when their Air Force Boeing 737 crashed into a mountainside in Croatia. One day after the crash, before any real investigation had begun, Defense Secretary William Perry told the Associated Press that the plane crash was "a classic sort of accident that good instrumentation should be able to prevent." The Air Force soon agreed and, in its ensuing investigation, determined that the tragic event was due to navigational error. Since that time, certain anomalies and evidence have come to light regarding the crash: Ron Brown was found with a .45-inch inwardly beveling circular hole in the top of his head, which resembled a gunshot wound. Despite this suspicious wound, the Air Force medical examiners decided not to order an autopsy.

Ron Brown May Be Victim of Foul Play Cogswell: "This Whole Thing Stinks" PROBABLE CAUSE, a phrase nestled in the Fourth Amendment of America's Constitution, describes the essential prerequisite for the issuance of a warrant - by a magistrate - ordering the arrest of suspected law breakers or the search and seizure of "persons, houses, papers and effects." It also describes the defining test that law enforcement must meet before beginning a criminal investigation, detaining or arresting someone or conducting searches. As new information emerges surrounding the death of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, prudent persons must ask themselves if there is probable cause to believe he may have been assassinated.

Bush Family Babysitter Killed in Fairfax October 15, 2003 A babysitter for the family of Marvin Bush was found dead Monday night outside the family's Fairfax County home, and police said that she had been crushed when her car rolled into her, pinning her between the vehicle and an outbuilding on the property. Fairfax County police said Bertha Champagne, 62, had worked for several years for Marvin Bush, President Bush's brother, and lived at the family home on Fort Hunt Road in the Alexandria section of Fairfax. Officer Courtney Young, a police spokeswoman, said Champagne had gone outside the house about 9 p.m. Monday, reportedly to retrieve something from her car. The vehicle had been in gear, police said, and appeared to have rolled in her direction when Champagne was in front of it. After pinning Champagne, Young said, the car continued rolling toward Fort Hunt Road, near the intersection of Edgehill Drive. Champagne was taken to an area hospital and declared dead that evening. Young said she did not know the cause of death.

BUSH RAPE ACCUSER FOUND DEAD OF GUNSHOT November 12, 2003 Woman who filed sexual assault lawsuit against bush confirmed dead, cause of death listed as "gunshot wound to head"... I finally got some confirmation from an obit in the Houston Chronicle that Margie Schoedinger, the woman who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Bush last year, died in September. I called the Harris County Medical Examiner's office, which lists her cause of death as a "gunshot wound to the head" and "suicide." Anyone versed in CIA/Mafia lingo knows that "suicide" sometimes means "murder" or at least carries with it some pressure to commit suicide by outside parties, such as those against whom that person has filed a lawsuit. I'm not yet saying this is a murder - you draw your own conclusion. Schoedinger in July sounded in good health. She was only 38. It's another weird tragedy surrounding the Bush administration - and this one has received NO mention from the media. Paper: Houston Chronicle Date: Saturday 09/27/03 SCHOEDINGER MARGIE D. SCHOEDINGER expired Monday, 9/22/03 . Visitation: Friday, 9/26/03 , 7 to 9pm, McCoy & Harrison Chapel. Funeral Service: Saturday, 9/27/03 , 1:30pm, McCoy & Harrison Chapel. Interment, Houston Memorial Gardens. /

The strange and convenient death of J. Clifford Baxter—Enron executive found shot to death 28 January By Patrick Martin - Without anything that can be called a serious investigation, local authorities in a wealthy Houston suburb have whitewashed the death of former Enron vice chairman J. Clifford Baxter, calling it a suicide. Baxter, 43, was found shot to death in his Mercedes Benz in the early hours of Friday morning, January 25, near his home in Sugar Land.

The Robert F. Kennedy Assination Why was RFK assassinated, and who was behind it? Was it simply the act of another lone gunman, as the establishment drones would have you believe, or was it something far more diabolical? Consider, that it's likely he would have exposed the secret forces behind the military involvement in Vietnam, since the final straw that pushed our own government to assassinate JFK was his intent to put an end to our involvement in Vietnam. He would likely have let people know that on October 11, 1963 his brother signed national security memorandom no. 263, which ordered 1000 American advisors home from Vietnam by Dec. 25 1963, and that the remainder of the U.S. military be withdrawn by 1965. And how, on the day after JFK's funeral, on November 26 1963, Lyndon Johnson signed national security resolution no.273, which completely reversed Kennedy's plan for a withdrawal from Vietnam, and how Johnson fraudulently used the gulf of Tonkin resolution as a blank check to fund the massive military buildup in Vietnam, an agreement Johnson made with the CIA, in exchange for them taking out JFK, and handing the presidency to him. Consider that RFK would have likely used the power of the presidency to seek out, expose, and bring to justice those responsible for his brother's assassination. Consider that it's also likely he would have carried out JFK's plans to abolish the unconstitutional Federal Reserve system, and that he would have likely carried out JFK's plans to abolish the diabolical CIA's right to conduct covert operations, and eventually dismantle it. Clearly, they had to stop RFK before he became the next president of the United States.

Not long after midnight, on the morning of June 5, 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy finished up his victory speech at the historic Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. He had just won the California primary in his effort to secure the Democratic nomination to be that party’s presidential candidate in November. As Kennedy was about to leave the stage, a fateful event occurred. As Kennedy left the podium, he walked down a ramp and entered a pair of swinging doors, heading east. Between the stage and the press area was the kitchen pantry, where food for guests at the Ambassador was prepared.

As they headed east through the room, Kennedy stopped every few feet to shake the hands of hotel workers. The last hand he shook was that of busboy Juan Romero. The tiny kitchen held, by official count, 77 people, including Sirhan Sirhan, the alleged lone assassin, and the shooting victims, who were possible witnesses to what happened next.

Busboy Juan Romero and waiter Martin Patrusky saw Sirhan Sirhan approach Kennedy, as did Lisa Urso, a San Diego high school student. Urso saw Sirhan push his way past her towards the Senator. She thought he was going to shake his hand, then saw a movement that made her stop in her tracks in frightened anticipation. Vincent DiPierro, a waiter who had observed Sirhan standing and talking to a pretty girl in a white, polka dotted dress earlier that night, heard someone yell "Grab him" a split second before the shots were fired. Somebody reported Sirhan saying, "Kennedy, you son of a bitch," and then firing at Kennedy with his hand outstretched.

Kennedy fell to the ground. Screams were heard as bystanders Paul Schrade, William Weisel, Ira Goldstein, Erwin Stroll and Elizabeth Evans were hit by flying bullets. Kennedy suffered gunshot wounds in three different places, with a fourth bullet passing through his coat without entering the skin.

A swarm of men descended upon Sirhan, surrounding him, holding the gun. Decathlon champion Rafer Johnson, Rosie Grier, George Plimpton and others formed a barricade around Sirhan, one holding his head, another with a finger in the trigger to prevent additional shots, another grabbing Sirhan in a crushing bear hug.

Sirhan was eventually subdued, and taken into police custody. The police created a unit—originally named "Special Operations Senator," and renamed a week later "Special Unit Senator"—to investigate the circumstances surrounding the assassination. The unit put together the evidence that became the basis of the prosecution’s case against Sirhan.

Sirhan’s defense team stipulated to his guilt. The trial of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was a trial solely for the purpose of determining his sentence, not whether or not he really was guilty of the crime. Sirhan himself, to the belief not only of his defense team but to the belief of the prosecution as well, truly could not remember the incidents of that night. His defense only offered that he had not been in control of his senses at the time of the killing. Not surprisingly, given such a defense, Sirhan was sentenced to death, a sentence which was commuted by the abolishment of the death penalty in California. The illusion was complete. A deranged lone gunman had killed another Kennedy. Most people, even those fairly knowledgeable about the John Kennedy assassination, assumed that this time, the truth was self-evident.

It is due to the success of this grand illusion that to date, there has never been a serious official investigation of the strange facts surrounding this case. It is the most politically incorrect of all cases. So many people saw Sirhan firing, and Kennedy fell just a short distance away. How could the truth be other than what it seemed? Could that many people have misrepresented the case to us, including Sirhan’s own defense team? Could officials now serving at the higher levels of our state government have really been accessories after the fact to a deliberate cover-up? Ironically, it was the efforts of those who—by any means necessary—strove most to prove Sirhan guilty, who created the evidence that may yet serve to set him free.

Photos told a story that was opposite what the police and the District Attorney’s office was telling. There were too many bullets to be accounted for. To limit the record to the maximum number of bullets Sirhan’s gun could have fired, eight, the official account of what transpired had to be stretched in some extraordinary—and ultimately dishonest—ways. The trajectory study conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department was so superficial for a case of this enormous magnitude and complexity as to be embarrassing to the professional reputation of that Department.

One of the most ridiculed aspects of the John Kennedy assassination is the preposterous claim that one bullet created seven wounds. In that case, we are asked to believe that a bullet entered Kennedy’s back at a downward angle, exited from his neck (at an upward angle), turned around and went back down into Connally’s back, exited Connally’s chest, entered and exited (and shattered) Connally’s wrist to land, in near pristine condition, in his thigh, only to work its way out and to end up, undiscovered until by accident, on a cot in the hall of the hospital. This bullet, known among researchers by its Warren Commission exhibit number, CE399, has been called, appropriately, the "magic bullet." Science had been changed. No longer did bullets fly in straight paths; they imitated instead the paths of stunt pilot barnstormers such as the Great Waldo Pepper of movie fame. The Robert Kennedy assassination requires not just one but several magic bullets to reduce the bullet count to eight. Without even getting into the evidence that there were more bullets than Sirhan’s gun could hold, let’s focus first on the route those eight supposedly took, according to the official LAPD summary. Five people were shot besides Kennedy, one of whom was shot twice; Kennedy himself was shot four times. Doesn’t that add up to ten bullets? Not if the LAPD could come up with some magic ones.

For Sirhan alone to have made all the shots, we are asked to believe that one of the bullets that entered Kennedy’s coat just below the armpit exited up and out of the coat just below the seam on top of his shoulders, and then pulled a U-turn in midair to hit Schrade in the head. Schrade has been one of the most persistent in calling for a new investigation of this case for precisely this reason. He knows the report is incorrect, and if it’s incorrect, there had to be at least one more gun firing in the pantry.

Bullets do not create bullet holes in wood frames behind victims, exit those holes in the reverse direction, and then circle around to enter victims from the front! There is no way to account for these holes using the existing victim wounds. Two bullet holes in the doorframe would make 10 bullets overall at a minimum.

Ten bullets (and likely more) would indicate that at least two guns were being fired in the pantry that night, and that a conspiracy had been at work. But if more guns were firing, why didn’t anyone report this? Or did they? Obviously Sirhan shot at Kennedy, but it is clear someone else was firing too. And once a second assassin is established, this adds far more than just another lone individual to the murder gang (because of the way many powerful branches of government instantly swung into action to protect the second assassin). Indeed, any second assassin virtually proves that powerful branches of U.S. Government were behind the murder itself - not only because of their stiff resistance from the get go, but because of their ongoing, coldly calculated, and otherwise inexplicable manipulation of evidence for keeping Sirhan as the singular decoy/patsy.

On Jun 2, 1968, Sirhan was identified as entering Kennedy's Campaign headquarters on Wilshire Blvd. Larry Strick asked Sirhan if he needed help, and Sirhan pointed directly at Khaiber Khan and replied "I'm with him." Khaiber Khan is pronounced "K(eye)ber" Khan - perhaps the greatest world-wide secret agent at the time. Supposedly, when Sirhan pointed at Khan, Khan was a brand new Kennedy volunteer worker, which lasted June 1 - 4, a total of four days. In the extreme highest levels of the CIA, Khaiber Khan was a very leading figure when the U.S. toppled the government of Iran by taking out Iran's most powerful person (this was in 1953, when Mossadegh was replaced by a more corrupt Shah of Iran). When questioned about Sirhan, Khaiber Khan gave misleading responses that were more like decoys. U.S. intelligence then quickly left him alone, concentrating instead on inexplicability hounding innocent witnesses & tearing to shreds what they simply saw.

Immediately following the assassination, a police All Points Bulletin was put out for a shapely, well-built woman in a polka dot dress (and the man with her) - based on a married couple who reported them fleeing the scene, the female suspect with a smile on her face, and who excitedly stated "We shot him." The APB was quickly canceled by the highest echelons of the LAPD, and all information taken down about these eye witnesses disappeared (one can only imagine if the witnesses themselves soon disappeared). Sandra Serrano was on the back stairs at assassination time. She saw Sirhan walk up the stairs with the polka dot woman and another man, and later saw the polka dot woman & man coming down the stairs alone and the woman saying "We shot him!". A remarkable number of people still claim that a polka dot woman "appeared to be with Sirhan " just prior to the assassination.

On June 4, the day leading up to the just-after-midnight assassination, Sirhan signed in at a firing range and was soon accompanied by a man and a shapely well built woman, according to the range master of the gun club. What a lead!, for not only did they share the a gun and a rifle between them, but the range master distinctly heard the woman say to Sirhan "Goddamn you, you son of a bitch, get out of here or they'll recognize us", as Sirhan helped her with her gun. Sirhan thinks that he acted alone, and yet what Sirhan "thinks" isn't important at all. He cannot remember the assassination at all. It's as if a segment of memory was entirely erased. Until after the shooting, the last thing he remembers is having coffee with a woman. He also wrote about killing RFK in a trance-like state called automatic writing. Interestingly, all of the trance-like states are a group of memory segments that are entirely erased as well - even under hypnosis, he can't remember a thing about them.

In 1968, 400 pound Bill Bryan was said to be the "evil genius" of hypnotism, the most powerful person in his field. Supposedly "hypno-seducing" up to a dozen women a day and also working for the CIA, he bragged that Sirhan was among his clients. Combining special drugs and hypnotism, would it be possible to implant suggestion? Indeed, in Sirhan's automatic trance-writing that he can't remember, he repetitively wrote "Pay to the order of one hundred thousand dollars" and "My determination to eliminate RFK is becoming more the more of an unshakable obsession". When a powerful branch of government commits such a murder, it only makes sense if it's top people are involved, along with as many others, as needed in going downwards toward the more hands-on, lower chain of command. The branches involved in the RFK assassination are at minimum the LAPD, FBI, CIA, & Military Intelligence with deepest roots in the Pentagon. And if indeed such a group coordinated the murder of the next President of the United States, it is hard to imagine that other power centers of the U.S. would have been dangerously left out of the decision as well: such power hubs as the Federal Reserve (with it's control over money itself), the largest media puppeteers, the controllers of oil, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the outgoing and incoming Presidents.

As was his brothers murder, this was a government hit. The evidence of Sirhan's teamwork with Khaiber Khan and the Polka Dot Woman, along with the overwhelming certainty of another gun pumping the fatal shots into Robert F. Kennedy from behind, prove that Sirhan did not act alone, and played the decoy patsy for an assassination network that clearly extends to the very heights of U.S. power. It should be known by all that RFK's assassination was planned, and executed, by the very same forces that were behind JFK's assassination.

Did Radical GOP Right Get Chandra Levy? Posted February 22, 2002 Contributed by Bob. The disappearance of Chandra Levy has been a bonanza for the Republican Party. The corporate media, particularly Fox news, "unfair and imbalanced", has used this non-event to blot out the important issues. Talking heads have endlessly explored every slanderous scenario imaginable to connect Gary Condit with the disappearance of Chandra Levy. This attack on Condit by the right wing GOP and their media stooges has gone largely unanswered because any response would only dignifie the preposterousness of the accusations. No DNA or fiber evidence exists to pin this crime on Gary Condit. Searching all the basements in Washington DC and demanding Condits resignation as Trent Lot has done plays well for the Taliban GOP right, but perhaps the police should consider another possibility. What if individuals in the radical far right GOP used professional hit men to kill Chandra Levy? Certainly they had the motive. Their old scapegoat Clinton was gone, they needed a new scandal, a smoke screen to cover up globalization, the fake energy crisis, the reawakening of the cold war, the rape of the environment, the theft of social security, the Tax giveaway to the rich etc. GOP Paid professionals may have been watching all the democratic congressmen searching for an opportunity, a weakness. Condits association with a young intern certainly presented possibilities. Had they been watching her and bugging her phone they would have discovered that her internship was ending unexpectedly and she was going home to California. Their window of opportunity was closing and they would have to move fast. Getting her in California wouldn't mean nearly as much as getting her in Washington, close to Condit where it would set of a media frenzy based on guilt by association.

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