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Bush, or Hitler?


Is George W. Bush trying to become another Hitler?
Posted June 6, 2002 at the thepeoplesvoice.org

Contributed by: K&J LEVENS

Hitler and Bush in the same sentence? Is it possible? Many people didn’t take Hitler or Bush seriously at the start. They have both been described as having a charismatic personality. Hitler and Bush were both poor students. Both men thought they were doing the Lord’s work and promised to get rid of their country’s "enemies." Hitler and Bush made use of people’s fears and insecurities. Both men used "them/us" thinking in their speeches. Both show that style mattered more than substance. Flags, banners, zealous patriotism, heart-warming speeches were used by both men, along with the chanting of simple slogans. Both men have secret government policies and a military agenda. Both men support Big Business. (War is only good for corporations and for increasing the budget of the Defense Department.) Both men came to power in a controversial manner: Hitler with the Reichstag fire, Bu$h with the Florida vote controversy. Both men demanded blind loyalty and obedience. They both declared war on one country after another. Bu$h, on June 1st, at West Point, announced that the U.S. will strike first at our enemies (which now numbers sixty, or a third of the world.)

Last week, Bu$h gave the FBI new surveillance guidelines that allows the FBI to monitor all Internet sites, libraries, churches and political organizations. It’s time for us to read George Orwell’s "1984."

A government that puts business above people is called fascism. Government and the media should be serving the people--not the military-industrial complex that General Eisenhower warned us about. If we don’t start putting citizens before corporations, we will inevitably be kept in war and have a century of real turmoil (space weaponization, problems in Peru, Colombia and the Philippines, the list is endless).

Bu$h won’t need a war tax, he’ll just keep increasing the Defense budget and endanger Social Security, Medicare and other Federal programs. We’re already back to deficit spending! (A predicted 10-year surplus shrank by $4 trillion since last year.)

Use the Internet for your news. If Hitler had Fox News we’d all be speaking German. Corporate interests control the radio. We must all become informed by using the Internet, local library or bookstore. Register to vote and vote!

Share this page with friends and relatives. It’s okay to question authority, we’re not a nation of sheep. Inform your elected officials of your views. A democracy becomes something else when dissent isn’t allowed. Well-informed, critical, and open discussions are essential to a free society. Terrorists can’t destroy our democracy--but we can, simply by surrendering it, by keeping our mouths shut while it is dismantled by the authorities.

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