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Recommended"It hit us like a lightning bolt."

An In-Depth Look at GM's "Autonomy"

Engines of Change?

Engler sees new fuel driving Michigan

Honda Opens Gaseous H2 Fueling Station in Los Angeles

Under this new program


RecomendedCalifornia Hydrogen Business Council - HYDROGEN VEHICLES - Page 4 The California Hydrogen Business Council, Page 4. Information on hydrogen technology; the companies creating a sustainable hydrogen economy.

Mercedes Benz V-class
Whisper quiet, the six-seater Mercedes-Benz V-class people carrier oxygen from the air and hydrogen gas to produce electricity.

BMW Introduces 1st Production-based Hydrogen Car BMW Introduces 1st Production-based Hydrogen Car. 31, May 2000 Munich, Germany.

Wankel Rotary Engines - Hydrogen Fueled The view from the driver's seat: Inside the hydrogen car, everything is standard apart from a small pressure instrument - the fuel gauge...

Ford P2000 Hydrogen ICE Car Debuts Ford P2000 Hydrogen ICE Car Debuts. Photo: Ford. DEARBORN,Mich. - Ford Motor Company today is introducing a new hydrogen car.

GENERAL MOTORS FUEL CELL INVESTORS PORTAL GENERAL MOTORS Information regarding the General Motors New Concept Vehicle the AUTOnomy.

Toyota presents its Formula 1 car, the new Corolla and Camry Powered by a Toyota FC (Fuel Cell) stack supplied by hydrogen stored in high-pressure tanks.

Honda's New FCX V3 Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car
Ultimate decider in how soon hydrogen fuel cells may replace piston? The fuel-cell car inches closer.

Automotive Industries - Fuel Cell Enabler. Find out breakthroughs on fuel-cell storage in the car industry. Learn about hydrogen technology and see who's at the forefront.

"This is more than just a technological or design experiment.  Our end goal is nothing short of reinventing the automobile." - Larry Burns, GM vice president of R&D and Planning.

"Autonomy" General Motors' hydrogen vehicle


Hydrogen Car
June 1, 2002, thepeoplesvoice.org

Posted by the EDITOR

We are on the threshold
of an historic opportunity. Instead of the historical evolution of technology by incremental improvements, we now see our way to bold technology advances that will fundamentally change personal transportation for the new century....Once fully integrated into our daily lives, fuel-cell vehicles will be supported by a broadly available, cost-effective hydrogen- refueling infrastructure. Such an infrastructure by its very nature would provide an evolutionary shift of personal transportation from petroleum to a mix of energy sources including renewables.... It is clear that we are in an intense global competition for leadership in this race to establish and commercialize fuel cell technologies. Toyota, Honda, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, PSA, Hyndai, GM and others all have large programs.  In Japan the Kyogikai, which are companies operating under government auspices, is developing a program for the implementation of fuel cell technology.  Now is the time for the U.S. government and U.S. industry to create a partnership that can lead the world in the charge to achieve this vision.... Recognizing this potential, approximately four years ago at General Motors fuel cell activities were consolidated and accelerated.  We were given one mandate by our management:  'Take the automobile out of the environmental debate." 
Dr. J. Byron McCormick,  Director
Global Alternative Propulsion Center, General Motors

H2 go Friday February 1 2002 Friday February 1 2002 Friday February 1 2002 By Tom Koppel, The Sydney Morning Herald - "The next internal combustion car you buy may well be your last." The fuel-cell car, powered by electricity produced from hydrogen, is in the wings. The technology is virtually ready to go into commercial production. The remaining barrier is in making hydrogen widely available and safe to handle." Hydrogen-powered cars to date have occupied the out-there future with holidays in space and house-cleaning robots. But a production version is on the horizon and they will be commonplace within five or six years. The next internal combustion car you buy may well be your last. The fuel-cell car, powered by electricity produced from hydrogen, is in the wings. The technology is virtually ready to go into commercial production. The remaining barrier is in making hydrogen widely available and safe to handle. drive.com

General Motors' "Autonomy" Fuel Cell Platform


"It hit us like a lightning bolt."  We realized that if you could develop a fuel cell vehicle for full by-wire implementation, you could decouple the vehicle chassis from its body." Bob Vitale, a GM design engineer who heads electrical and by-wire system development for the Autonomy program. General Motors Rolls Fuel Cell Vehicle Project by Charles J. Murray - EE Times January 18, 2002

An In-Depth Look at GM's "Autonomy" The GM AUTOnomy combines two state-of-the-art technologies -- PEM fuel cells and drive-by-wire -- to create a vehicle that could get the equivalent of over 100mpg while generating zero air pollution.by Bill Moore EV World January 19, 2002 Breaking Convention The Economist (UK) January 10, 2002 The Turning Point? Proton Energy Systems Developing Breakthrough Hydrogen Products to Fuel DOE 'Freedom Car'

Engines of Change? DETROIT, January 8, 2002; By Frank Swoboda Washington Post Staff Writer GM's Work on Fuel-Cell Cars Could Cause Major Design Shift It has the chassis of a skateboard and a control system worthy of the Jetsons. And if it works, it would be the first major change in car design and manufacturing since the automobile was invented more than a century ago. General Motors Corp. today unveiled the Autonomy, a snap-together concept car fueled by hydrogen cells and powered by small electric motors in each of its four wheels. The car has no pedals and no dashboard. Controls are on a computer stalk that allows the driver to sit in the left, center or right seat. washingtonpost.com

Honda Opens Gaseous H2 Fueling Station in Los Angeles "This is the first hydrogen station established by an auto maker to use solar energy to extract hydrogen from water and it will help verify more efficient hydrogen production methods as well as help us solve the challenges involved with hydrogen production and fueling stations for the future." Ben Knight, vice president Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Honda Opens L.A.'s First Hydrogen 'Gas Station'

Engler sees new fuel driving Michigan Address expected to reveal plan to see state become hydrogen-based auto technology hub. "I propose we seize the opportunity to lay the foundation for the hydrogen economy the same way our ancestors laid the foundation for the auto industry a century ago." -- Michigan's Governor John Engler detnews.com

"Under this new program, which we call Freedom CAR, the government and the private sector will fund research into advanced, efficient, fuel-cell technology which uses hydrogen to power automobiles without creating any pollution. The long-term results of this cooperative effort will be cars and trucks that are more efficient, cheaper to operate, pollution-free and competitive in the showroom." U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham"



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