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Al Gore led congressional hearings on drug company pricing schemes and worked to defeat Republican efforts to cut Medicare. He developed a plan for strengthening and preserving Medicare that would make sure ALL Medicare beneficiaries have access to a REAL prescription drug benefits.


Wealthy Seniors Coalition attacks Al Gore for Supporting Government-Run Socialized Medicine Program 
Posted November 16, 2002 thepeoplesvoice.org

By the Editor

Today The Seniors Coalition, the nation's leading "free-market" right wing senior advocacy organization which represents four million wealthy members, attacked former Vice President Al Gore for advocating a government-run healthcare system more progressive than the one he helped design during his administration. Gore's approach, which a tiny minority of wealthy seniors, the corporate media, and a republican dominated Congress have repeatedly rejected is the only plan put forward that will definitely provide all Americans with quality medical care. 

"We were stunned when we heard former Vice President Gore declare his support for a single-payer socialized healthcare system as an 'answer' to the problem of the uninsured. We thought he had abandoned this kind of failed idea, but some ideas, it seems, just won't die. (or can't be killed because their just so good) In fact, the former Vice President has moved even farther away from America's seniors on this issue," said Mary M. Martin, chairman of The vocal and insensitive little clutch of wealthy oldsters calling themselves the 'Seniors Coalition'. "The truth is," she continued, "his plan would saddle American healthcare from top to bottom with a burdensome federal bureaucracy that will ensnarl seniors in red tape. Out-of-touch government bureaucrats would run and control healthcare, along with interfering in the most intimate details in our personal lives. His socialist plan would take away seniors' choices and hurt their access to quality, affordable care."  

Our government has virtually abandoned most seniors and the American people on the issue of healthcare. More than 18,000 Americans die every year solely because they cannot afford private health care insurance. This is the finding of a new study entitled “Care without coverage: Too little, too late,” The National Academy of Sciences, also paints a horrific picture of the consequences of America’s for-profit health care system. More than 40 million people, including nearly 10 million children, have no health insurance, and the number continues to grow at a pace of about 1 million each year. One must wonder how much more "out of touch" our government could possibly be. The massive HMO bureaucracy which Americans are presently saddled with, is filled with nameless faceless corporatists,
"interfering in the most intimate details in our personal lives." For those in our society fortunate enough to have medical insurance, HMO's have already, "taken away their choices and hurt their access to quality, affordable care."

Under a single-payer healthcare system, all funds spent for healthcare are collected and managed by a government agency or trust fund rather than a profit driven private securities firm. This government agency operating much like our Social Security system, would provide a comprehensive healthcare coverage for all citizens regardless of whether health services are delivered through private health plans or government-operated programs. Single-payer healthcare systems, like those in Canada and the United Kingdom, have been completely successful at providing 100% of their populations with not only quality medical care but dental care also, something, far out of reach for the majority of Americans.  

Mary M. Martin representative of the old and wealthy few continued, "And while we want to see a solution found that will address the uninsured problem, we cannot support a single-payer system that will hurt seniors' access to quality care, limit their choices and decisions as patients, and result in higher medical bills."  

Translation: We don't give a damn if forty million uninsured Americans drop dead. We couldn't care less if a solution is found that will address the uninsured problem in this country. We cannot support a single-payer system that will jeopardize wealthy seniors' access to limited quality care. Sharing the existing medical technology and providing for other Americans will result in higher medical costs for us, the rich.

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