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As the tanks roll down the streets the people stand helpless, unable to do anything but watch and wonder where their freedom went.


Executive Order #11000: Authorizes the splitting up of family units
Posted March 25, 2002 thepeoplesvoice.org


The Bush administration used the September 11 terrorist attack as an opportunity to implement a "shadow government," based on old plans prepared during the Cold War. More than 150 officials were initially evacuated by helicopter to different locations in mountainous regions of the eastern United States.

In late October the temporary arrangement was made permanent, officially establishing the new regime. Since then Bush has added hand picked people from top levels of the civil service who will carry out his commands unquestioningly. Legal documents have been drafted to give these officials the full powers of government in the event of a catastrophe.

The sinister and illegal "shadow government" consists entirely of executive branch officials. No members of the legislative and judicial branches of government are included in the secret plan. In television interviews Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, confirmed that neither he nor any other congressional leader had been consulted about the plan. When asked whether this constituted a secret government, he replied, "I don't know. I don't know what their role is, what their current authority is, because we haven't been informed."

This is a flagrant violation of the concept of "Separation of Powers" as embodied in the Constitution. In the event that this "shadow government" seizes power, it will function as a dictatorship exercising military and police powers, without any legislative oversight or judicial control.

Public Law 101-647, signed by daddy Bush in November 1990, allows boy George to declare a national emergency for almost any reason. If America suffers a major earthquake, an economic crisis, or a terrorist attack, FEMA is empowered to implement Executive Orders 10995 through 11005.

The power to issue Executive Orders allows the President of the United States to unilaterally create law without congressional oversight and approval.

Col. James Ammerman, 40 years an Army Chaplain, gave a talk at The Granada Forum in southern California on March 20, 1997. He outlined the details of Executive Orders 10995 through 11005 as follows:

Executive Order #10995: Authorizes seizure of all communication equipment in the United States.

Executive Order #10997: Authorizes seizure of all electric power companies, fuels, fuel sources, and minerals (public and private)

Executive Order #10998: Authorizes seizure of all food supplies, food resources, all farms and all farm lands (public and private).

Executive Order #10999: Authorizes seizure of all means of transportation- including personal cars, trucks, or any type of vehicle; Total control over all highways, roads, seaports, and sea ways.

Executive Order #11000: Authorizes forced conscription of all Americans for work duties under supervision of Federal agents. This section also authorizes the splitting up of family units if deemed necessary by the government agencies in charge.

Executive Order #11001: Authorizes seizure of all health, education, and welfare facilities and their administrations (public and private).

Executive Order #11002: Empowers the Post Master General to register all men, women, and children in the United States for government purposes.

Executive Order #11003: Authorizes seizure of all airports and all aircraft, public, commercial, and private.

Executive Order #11004: Authorizes seizure of all housing and finance authorities and permits government agents to establish forced relocation sites. The government can declare any area of its choosing as "unsafe" and force the entire area to be abandoned of all persons. Authorizes establishment of new "relocation" communities; building new housing with public funds.

Executive Order #11005: Authorizes seizure of all railroads, inland waterways, and storage facilities, both public and private.

Executive Order #13010 (New): This Executive order is entitled Critical Infrastructure Protection. It established a commission made up of members from Federal government departments and agencies, which will be granted dictatorial powers when an emergency is declared.

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